Over the past few years, the UAE has been one of the great success stories of global Travel & Tourism. One main reason for this growth is the world-class healthcare facilities that are provided here. If you’re staying in Dubai as a resident expatriate or thinking of moving to Dubai then, how the health insurance for resident expatriates in UAE works might interest you.

Here’s your guide, read on.

How Health Services work in the UAE

The healthcare system in the UAE varies in different regions, but the health services you will receive throughout the UAE are one of the best healthcare in the world. Healthcare is governed at both the Federal and Emirates level. Government-funded comprehensive health services are provided here in the UAE.

Expats are eligible to avail of both public and private facilities. However, expats have to pay a fee that is typically provided low costs to nationals.

Do you need Health Insurance in the UAE?

Yes. It’s crucial for you to have health insurance.

You aren’t eligible to receive a UAE residency visa without health insurance. If we look at health insurance coverages provided in the various regions of the UAE, here is a brief overview

Abu Dhabi: Employers have to provide health insurance coverage for their employees and their four dependents including 1 spouse and 3 children ( under 18 years)

Dubai: Employers must provide health insurance to their employees, but dependents coverage is not mandatory for them.

Sharjah and the Northern Emirates: Nor employer health insurance is given neither is it mandatory, though a program and requirement similar to Dubai is being planned to be implemented soon as part of obtaining a residence visa.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans in the UAE can be categorized into different categories. Most health insurance providers offer four main types of health insurance plans that cover everyone from the single expat to their family members:

Individual Health Insurance Plans: These health insurance plans are designed for a particular person or a member of the family looking for comprehensive UAE medical insurance other than the minimum required benefits set by the health insurance regulators.

Family Health Insurance Plan: These health insurance plans can provide great coverage and value with significant offers applicable to all members of a family.

Group Health Insurance Plans: These health insurance plans are provided to a group of employees and can offer important discounts. Other extended benefits are also possible for health insurance policies with more than 20 members.

Traveler Health Insurance Plans:These health insurance plans are for individuals and/or groups who travel to the UAE often; these plans typically allow good flexibility and can be customized as per your travel itinerary and length of stay.

The extent of coverage for employers and their dependents is determined by the employee’s salary, designation, and a few other crucial factors. The coverage type and health insurance policy/scheme would define the cost of your medical needs.

Like all general health insurance policies, all expat health insurance policies are typically valid for 1 year after the date of issuance. This needs to be renewed annually. Insurers can pay a nominal amount and switch from one policy to another. All healthcare insurance policies contain basic services, excluded services, additional services, and maximum coverage.

There are several insurance companies in the UAE but in order to get the best health insurance for expat and their dependents, you must know all the details beforehand.

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