Having a health insurance policy in Dubai has become a necessity today, especially because of soaring healthcare costs. However, a large number of individuals still prefer not having health insurance as they assume that health insurance policy costs them a fortune. That may be true in some cases, but many people don’t research enough and hence spend a hefty amount on health insurance costs.

If you are looking for ways to save your hard-earned money while planning your health insurance plan in Dubai, these tips will help you minimize your costs on a health insurance plan.

Start Early

Plan ahead of the time! There are various benefits of buying good health insurance in Dubai at a young age. Health insurance premiums in Dubai tends to increase with age, therefore, you should try to start as early as possible — the older you get, the higher the premium.

Insurance at a younger age is cheaper to buy. The health conditions of younger individuals make them eligible to buy health insurance with better coverage. And as you grow older, your health tends to deteriorate and you will experience a hike in health-related expenses.

Explore Your Options

Many individuals opt for ‘cheaper’ insurance policies in Dubai and they get the least coverage. You should always compare health insurance plans before purchasing a policy. If your health insurance plan isn’t covering much, and isn’t meeting your updated requirements, then you should probably switch policies.

However, if the cost is your top criteria when choosing a policy, then instead of opting for any insurance plan, a better way out is to get expert advice from an insurance provider like InsuranceMarket.ae


Take Basic Hospitalisation Cover

Specialized health insurance plan needs extra investment and if it is out of your budget then ask your insurance provider for a basic hospitalization cover which will function as the security cover for your family against the treatment of any sudden illness or injury. Basic covers cost less, and you can save some money on the premiums here.

Go For A Top-up Cover

A top-up health insurance plan is additional coverage that covers hospitalization costs but only after a threshold limit, also known as the deductible, is crossed in your existing health insurance plan.

The good thing about top-up plans is that they prove to be a great alternative to buying a new health insurance policy altogether. A top-up plan can be bought at a minimal cost of a basic insurance plan.

Opt for Employer’s Insurance

Last but not the least, the most reliable way to save on the cost of health insurance is to use the plan that is provided by your employer.

In most cases, group health insurance plans also cover the dependents of employees, like your spouse and child. There is a chance you will be charged with a small some amount by your employer for the health coverage provided to you for them, however, that may still be more cost-effective than purchasing separate individual or private plans for your dependents.

The mentioned ways will help you minimize your medical insurance costs. Before buying a health insurance plan in Dubai, you should always compare different policies and not settle for just any type of health insurance policy. If the cost is your major concern, then you must contact a health insurance provider that can help you clarify your needs and budgets accordingly.

If you pay heed to these tips while making a choice between your health insurance providers and at the time of renewal of your medical insurance policy, you can keep the health insurance costs within the limits and continue to stay covered.

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