Dubai has one of the finest healthcare systems in the world, with thousands of dedicated, highly-qualified healthcare professionals working out of hundreds of world-class medical centres, backed by leading insurance companies. Health insurance is a mandatory requirement in the UAE and it enables an efficient, empathetic healthcare service, where residents can avail top quality treatment services, quickly. 

For residents, health insurance means a policy that is either taken out and paid for privately (for self-employed/freelancers) or provided through their employer, as per UAE law, which stipulates than an employer should insure their employee for at least the minimum Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) in Dubai, or equivalent in other emirates. 

For citizens or government employees, there is ENAYA health insurance. So, what is this exactly? 

What is ENAYA?

ENAYA is the Government of Dubai’s employee & citizens’ Healthcare Benefits Scheme.

The programme provides cover to all employees of Government-owned departments, in addition to Dubai citizens. Currently, it’s membership is estimated at more than 250 thousand beneficiaries.

Who provides healthcare services for ENAYA?

Members of the ENAYA programme receive high quality services through direct access to Dubai Health Authority facilities, including Government hospitals, in addition to well over three thousand service providers in the private sector within Dubai and beyond.

What cover does ENAYA provide?

ENAYA provides a broad range of coverage for treatment of all types of ailments from minor to chronic and/or acute.

Who is eligible Under ENAYA Program?

You are eligible to enroll in the ENAYA programme if you are:

  • A Citizen of Dubai who does not benefit from any other government insurance.
  • An employee of a government department in Dubai. Your immediate family is also eligible to enrol.

Criteria for eligibility coverage:


  • Wives
  • Sons up to 24 years
  • Daughter until marriage or work
  • Parents

Expatriate Employees

If an expatriate husband and wife are employees of the government of Dubai and are covered under ENAYA with different categories, then the spouse and dependents will follow spouse with the highest coverage. Note that only up to a maximum of three (3) children can be covered by ENAYA, under the following conditions:

  • Employee’s sons will be covered only up to the age of 21 provided they are UAE residents and unemployed
  • Employee’s daughters will be covered only up to the age of 21, provided they are UAE residents, unemployed and unmarried
  • The ENAYA policy allows employees to exchange one child for another only once a year and it cannot be retroactive
  • Only one wife can be covered by ENAYA Insurance
  • An employee’s parents will not be included under ENAYA Insurance
  • If the employee and his family (Spouse/ Children) are covered under ENAYA, they are required to provide a written declaration that they are not covered with any other health insurance provided by the Government of Dubai
  • HR needs to get a signed declaration from employees that they agree to follow all the above-mentioned rules.

How can I get enrolled under ENAYA program if I’m eligible?

Enrolment for the ENAYA programme is simple and stress-free. It can be done through one of the following:

  • Online registration (please contact Neuron toll free line for guidance 800 436292)
  • Kiosk registration at a designated center using your Emirates ID through following steps:

Where are the ENAYA Kiosks?

You may find ENAYA kiosks in one of the following locations in Dubai:

Al Barsha Health Center
• Nad Al Hamar Health Center
• Al Mizhar Health Center
• Hatta Hospital
• Dubai Festival Tower

How do I register at an ENAYA Kiosk?

The process for registration and enrolment using an ENAYA kiosk is user-friendly and takes a matter of minutes. The simple steps are:

  • Press START on the digital screen
  • Insert your Emirates ID card into the designated reader
  • Complete entry of the required details
  • Enroll your remaining family members
  • Confirm registration

Note: You cannot be enrolled to ENAYA if:

  • You don’t have a valid original Emirates ID card
  • You’re already covered under another government insurance scheme

Do I have to register myself or can anyone else help me?

If you’re employed in a government department in Dubai, your HR Department should be able to handle your enrolment in ENAYA, as well as that of your family.

Who administers the ENAYA Programme?

The ENAYA health insurance programme is administered by Neuron LLC, a respected, long-standing Dubai-based third-party administration company offering a wide range of administration and management services to clients in the UAE and GCC. 

Established in Dubai in 2001, Neuron offers its clients access to an extensive network of private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and diagnostic centres across the UAE. Other services offered by Neuron include operating a 24-hour a day/ 7 days a week helpline, member registration, medical assessment, compilation of statistical data, and comprehensive claims handling services.

Neuron also provides access to medical care globally through its association with strategic partners and associate companies.

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