Dubai is a perfect place for every expat to live. It is a home of expensive cars, hotels, restaurants and many more! Are you getting ready to move into a new apartment and need clarification about what you must do to make your rental agreement official? Maybe you’ve heard about something called Ejari. But you need to figure out what it is. No need to stress – we’re here to help break it down for you!

Think of Ejari as a helpful tool Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) created. Its main job is to make renting a place smoother for everyone involved.

When you have an Ejari certificate, it’s like having a clear, open window between you (the tenant) and the person who owns the place (the landlord). This certificate makes your rental agreement part of the legal system, which is a fancy way of saying that the law recognizes it. Suppose there’s ever a problem or argument. In that case, the Ejari certificate can help sort things out fairly for you and the landlord.

Once you and the landlord finish your rental contract, you’ll get an Ejari certificate with a special number. This paper shows that everything is official and gives you extra peace of mind.

What is Ejari?

In Dubai, ‘Ejari’ is like saying ‘My Rent’ in Arabic. It’s a special system that helps with renting homes. This system was started by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) following a law called No. 26 of 2007. This law says all the agreements between renters and property owners in Dubai must be put on the official website. This website is like a modern tool that keeps things fair for people who own and rent the place.

The Ejari system is like a friendly guide ensuring everyone’s rights are respected. It’s there to make renting homes feel safe and smooth. So, if you’re ever renting a place in Dubai, remember that Ejari is on your side, making sure things are done the right way.

What are the Benefits of the Ejari System?

Ejari brings along some extra good things:

  • Get the Scoop: If you’re the one renting, Ejari lets you do a background check. You can check out information about the owner and the home. This way, you know what’s up before moving in.
  • No Fraud: Nobody can play games with papers or documents. No lying or changing things after. This is helpful if there’s ever a fight later on.
  • Take strong measures against unlawful housing and unjust exploitation: Ejari helps end unsafe homes and tricky deals. It also stops people from using others in the real estate world.
  • Happy Renting: This system makes sure everyone gets along. Landlords and renters can be happier because everything is official and clear.

So, when renting a home in Dubai, remember that Ejari is your helper. It’s there to make things fair and square for everyone involved.

Who is Responsible for Ejari Registration?

Ejari Registration

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Even though it’s mostly the landlord’s job to get Ejari registered, it often becomes the tenant’s duty. But here’s the interesting twist: if there’s a property manager involved, they take on this task. It’s like everyone pitching in to make sure everything is done correctly and by the rules.

Here’s why this works:

  • Helping Each Other: If there’s a property manager, the tenant doesn’t need to stress about the technical details. It’s like teamwork to get things right.
  • Tenant’s Role: Even if it’s the landlord’s main duty, the tenant ensures everything is on track. It’s like working together to follow the rules.
  • Manager’s Job: With a property manager, they handle the whole process. This way, the tenant and landlord can have peace of mind.

So, whether it’s the landlord, the tenant, or a property manager, getting Ejari sorted is like a group effort to keep things legal and hassle-free.

How to Register for Ejari in Dubai? 

Ejari in Dubai

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The tenant and landlord are responsible for registering Ejari, a record showing who lives there. Usually, the tenant or a real estate agent does this job. There are two ways to get it done. You can do it online using the Ejari website or the Dubai Rest app. The other way is by going to any place that has Ejari-approved centers.

Remember, if other family members or people live with you in the same place for a month or more, they must also be registered. A while back, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) said that the main person who signed the lease had to give details about everyone else staying there. This includes other people living with you. To register these co-occupants in Dubai, just use the REST App. It’s pretty simple.

Registering Ejari Through Online Platforms

For online Ejari registration, you have the option of using the following platforms:

  • The Ejari system is available on the Dubai Land Department’s website.
  • The Dubai REST App

Ejari Registration via the Dubai REST App

Dubai REST App

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Using the Dubai REST app, tenants can officially register their tenancy contracts. The process for registration is outlined as follows:

  1. Download the Dubai REST app.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Services‘ section.
  3. Choose RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency).
  4. Opt for the ‘Register Ejari Contract‘ option.
  5. Complete the necessary fields with accurate information.
  6. Upload the required documents.
  7. Submit the registration.

Registration via the Dubai Land Department’s website

Dubai Land Department's website

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Registering via the Dubai Land Department’s website is straightforward and user-friendly. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the website: Open up the Dubai Land Department’s website. You can do this on your computer or your phone. Just type in their web address in your browser and hit Enter.
  2. Find the Ejari section: Once on the website, look for “Ejari.” It’s like a special section just for renting stuff. You’ll probably see it on the front page or in a place about renting things.
  3. Make an account: If you don’t already have an account on their website, you must make one. This is just like signing up for things online. It’ll ask for your name and some other basic stuff. Don’t worry. It’s easy!
  4. Log in: After setting up your account, log in with your username and password. 
  5. Click start renting: Look for the “Start Renting” button or “Register Your Contract.” Please give it a click.
  6. Fill in the contact info: They’ll ask about your rental contract. Where’s the place you’re renting? Who’s the landlord? How long are you renting it for? Just type in the answers to their questions.
  7. Show your papers: Get your renting papers ready! This could be things like your rental contract and your ID card. The website will have a spot where you can put them.
  8. Check everything: Before you finish, make sure everything is right. Did you spell your name correctly? Is the renting contract info accurate? Double-check everything.
  9. Hit the button: Once everything’s good, you’re almost done. Just press the button that says “Submit” or “Finish.” This tells them you’re ready to register your renting contract.
  10. Get the good news: After you hit the button, the website will tell you you did it! They might give you a special number or something to show it worked.

Through Real Estate Service Trustee Centers

Here’s how you can get your tenancy contract registered through real estate service trustee centers or typing centers in Dubai:

  1. Find a nearby center: First, find a center close to you. These are special places that help you with official stuff. You don’t have to go far. Just find one nearby.
  2. Bring your papers: Bring all the important documents when visiting the center. You know, the ones that show you’re renting a place. They’ll need those to make sure everything’s good.
  3. Fill in the info: Tell them all about the renting deal. Where’s the place? Who’s the landlord? When did you start renting? They’ll put this into their computer system to keep track of it.
  4. Please wait for the green light: They’ll take a look at the info you gave them. Don’t worry. They’re just making sure everything is correct. Once they say it’s good to go, you’re all set!
  5. Pay the bill: There’s a little money involved to make everything official. Pay the fee they tell you about. This is like the cost of getting your rental contract registered.
  6. Get the contract and contract registration certificate: They’ll give you a copy of your rental contract after you’ve paid. You’ll also get a contract registration certificate. This is like proof that you’ve done everything right.

Documents Required For Ejari Registration

Ejari Registration Documents

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You must bring a few important papers to the center to complete things. Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • Your tenancy contract
  • A copy of your Emirates ID, passport, commercial license, or even a power of attorney. 
  • A special letter from your landlord (If you share electricity meters with others, this letter should have the meter number)
  • Trade license for commercial properties
  • Security deposit receipt
  • Undertaking form of the data validity (if registered via real estate services trustees)

Fee for Registering an Ejari Account

Here’s the scoop on the fees for registering your Ejari in Dubai in 2023. It’s all about options, and I’ve got them laid out for you:

A little money is involved when you’re getting your Ejari registered in Dubai this year. But the good news is that the amount depends on how you get things done. Here’s the lowdown, just like you’re chatting with a pal:

If you’re going for the Dubai REST App option, here’s the fee breakdown:

  • AED 155: This is the main fee for registering your Ejari contract. Just the registering part, no VAT added.
  • AED 10 knowledge Fee: This is a small contribution for knowledge-related stuff. You’re helping out the learning vibes.
  • AED 10 innovation Fee: Another small bit to support innovation and cool new things.

Now, if you’re going the route of Real Estate Services Trustees Centres, here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Total AED 219.75: This is the whole package. It includes everything you need, including VAT. So you don’t have to worry about extra surprises.
  • AED 10 knowledge fee: As before, a little bit to support knowledge.
  • AED 10 innovation fee: And again, a bit for innovation. They’re really into encouraging fantastic ideas.

How long does it take to get Ejari?

Once you finish registering, you’ll get the official Ejari paper with all the rules and a special Ejari ID. If you use the website, it might take one to two workdays to get it, but if you use the Dubai REST app, you’ll get it right away.

After that, you’ll get a text message to help set up your DEWA connection for electricity and water.

How to Download an Ejari Certificate?

When you want to get your hands on an Ejari certificate, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head over to the website
  2. First, pop in your contact number. They just need to know how to reach you.
  3. Then, add a ‘DEWA Premise Number’ or a ‘Municipality Number’. 

Finally, give that ‘Download PDF’ button a friendly click. That’s your cue to get your Ejari certificate in PDF form. 

Why do you Need an Ejari Account? 

Whenever you sign a new rental contract in Dubai, it’s important to do the Ejari registration too. This is a must-do thing, and it’s not only needed by RERA (that’s the real estate folks) but for other official things too. 

Here’s a list of stuff you won’t be able to do if you don’t have this special certificate:

  • Getting or renewing residence visas
  • Hooking up your place with a telephone, TV, or internet
  • Getting a license to do business
  • Hiring people to help at home
  • Getting a permit to buy alcohol
  • Connecting to electricity and water

So, remember, when you get your new place, remember to get that Ejari thing done. It’s like a key that opens the door to many other things you might need.

How often do I need to Renew Ejari, and how do I get it done?

When renting your apartment or villa in Dubai, remember to renew your Ejari. This is needed each time you renew your rental contract, usually once a year. To do this, just send the necessary papers online for the Ejari renewal.

A rule from RERA says you can only register with Ejari if your old contracts were registered before. So, if you still need to register your past rental contracts with Ejari, you should do that before anything else.

When Should the Ejari be Canceled?

When a tenant leaves a place, it’s the landlord’s job to cancel the Ejari. This is important because a property should only have one Ejari record. If the old Ejari is still active, the new tenant might need help when they want to register.

Imagine the Ejari like a special card for a house that shows who’s living there. When someone moves out, the card needs to be updated. It might not work properly if it needs to be updated and a new person tries to use the card. So, landlords, remember to cancel the old Ejari when your tenant moves out. This way, the new tenant can have a smooth experience registering for their stay.

What is the Process for the Ejari Cancellation?

  1. Obtain NOC or cancellation letter: Once the landlord has a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) or a cancellation letter, they’re ready to start the cancellation process for Ejari.
  2. Choose your method: The landlord can visit any Ejari office in Dubai or download the cancellation form online. This form needs to be filled out with all the important information.
  3. Fill out the form: If the landlord downloads the form, they should fill in all the needed details. This helps ensure that everything is correct for the cancellation process.
  4. Pay the Fee: There’s a fee of AED 30 for the cancellation. The landlord needs to make this payment as part of the cancellation process.
  5. Submit the Documents: Once the form is filled out and the fee is paid, the landlord must submit all the required documents. This includes the form, the NOC or cancellation letter, and other necessary paperwork.
  6. Wait for Completion: Normally, the cancellation process is done within about an hour of submitting everything. The landlord just needs to wait a bit.

Final Thoughts

Ejari isn’t just paperwork; it’s a bridge between you and your Dubai dream. Whether registering, renewing, or canceling, this guide has your back. So, embrace the digital world of Ejari and embark on a smooth ride through Dubai’s real estate realm.

Your journey with Ejari isn’t just about transactions and agreements; it’s about embracing the essence of Dubai – a city that thrives on innovation and cultural fusion. Just as Dubai’s skyline evolves, your Ejari adventure is a testament to your evolution within this vibrant landscape. Check the top interior trends for your home in Dubai to make your living more meaningful and delightful. 

So, whether you’re sipping Arabic coffee in a traditional souk or marveling at the futuristic architecture, know that your Ejari story is intertwined with the pulse of Dubai. It’s the story of a modern explorer navigating a city that’s as diverse as it is dynamic – and Ejari is your compass through it all!

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