How do we choose our panel of insurance companies and products?

We want you to be confident in dealing with us. That’s why we only sell policies and products from the leading, most-reputable Insurers in the UAE market. Insurers that offer great coverage, great prices and great service. What’s important to you is important to us and that’s why we focus on key areas when forming our business partnerships.

Claims Service

Probably the top concern for customers. After all, it’s the main reason for having insurance: to give you peace of mind when you need it most. We consider the claims support we receive from insurance companies as seriously as you do and it’s one of our critical factors when deciding whether to start or continue working with a particular Insurer or not. As the UAE’s leading, and largest, retail insurance brokerage, we manage thousands of claims every year so it’s critical for both our business and our clients that claims are handed sensibly, sensitively and speedily! Learn more here.

Pricing Strategy

We all want value for money in our lives irrespective of the product or service and insurance is no exception. That’s why we constantly evaluate and negotiate the scheme prices we are quoted by our panel Insurers to ensure they continue to represent sensible, sustainable business translated into the best deals for our customers. Note we use the word value not price? That’s because we also recognise that cheapest is not always best and value is a balance of cover, comfort and cost competitiveness. Any Insurer that doesn’t share our pricing philosophy isn’t one we’ll continue to do business with. Learn more about our commitment to price competitiveness here.

Food for thought #1: It’s not just customers who want value for money, Insurers do too! They want to deal with brokers who deal with them responsibly by introducing quality, sensibly-priced business and who manage their policyholders in a professional manner. Our unique risk-screening and risk profiling mechanisms mean we only accept reputable customers and our processes and systems support efficiency at low cost bases. We don’t expect Insurers to make a loss from the business we introduce to them: after all, if they don’t make money they can’t pay claims! Our philosophy and professional management means that Insurers not only respect us: they support us by offering discounted rates and superior coverages which in turn we can pass on to you! A real “win-win” for everyone!

High-Level/Influential People Relationships

Relationships matter because people do! We’ve been operating in the Dubai insurance industry for the last 25 years, and over that time we’ve built up lasting, loyal relationships with key companies and individuals in the local insurance market. We know who are the right people to support us and our clients and we’ve chosen our “friends” wisely. In a market so intensely driven by relationships, having such support is key and we’ve developed an enviable reputation and business network. We only do business with people who share our passion, philosophy, values and vision.

Food for thought #2: One thing we want to re-assure you about: we don’t choose our relationships by revenue! Whilst the commissions (our introduction income from insurance companies) may be variable by relationship, this is NOT a factor or influencer in deciding who we work with: nor do we promote the products that pay us the most money. We pride ourselves on our independent, unbiased approach and this is why we aim to always provide at least 3 comparison quotes to our customers: representative of a range of products, prices & coverage. It’s down to you to decide! Our team of personal shoppers understand that any kind of commission-driven selling is “mis-selling” and therefore is not only discouraged, it’s dismissal! Their ethic and philosophy means they never put commission over career or commitment to deliver outstanding insurance service and claims mediation.