If you’re living in the UAE and want to share your mobile balance with someone, you’re in luck! du is one of UAE’s most trusted mobile networks, offering a simple way to transfer du balance from one du number to another. You can also send the balance to Etisalat and international numbers. Before you start, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, make sure both phones are active and have enough balance. Double-check the recipient’s number to avoid mistakes. You can usually transfer balance easily with du by following this helpful step-by-step guide.

So why wait? Go ahead and make someone’s day by transferring some mobile balance their way!

Why Do You Need to Transfer a Balance?

There could be multiple reasons you may want to transfer your du balance:

  • Helping a friend or family member in need.
  • Managing various accounts more effectively.
  • Ensuring you’re always in touch, especially in emergencies.

How to Transfer Du Balance? 

Need to share some phone credit with a friend or family member? With du, it’s super easy! You can do it straight from your phone’s dialer. There are some rules. You can send as little as AED 2, just enough for a quick call or a few texts. On the flip side, the most you can send is AED 2000. That’s a lot of chatting, streaming, or whatever you love to do on your phone!

Remember, staying within these limits ensures a smooth transfer process. So, this feature is super convenient whether you’re helping a friend in a pinch or splitting costs. Remember those minimum and maximum amounts, and you’ll be a balance-sharing pro in no time!

How to Transfer Du Balance to Du?

Looking to transfer a balance from your Du mobile to another Du user? No worries! It’s simple and can be done right from your phone. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to your phone dialer: You normally enter phone numbers to make calls.
  2. Type *121*: This is the special code that initiates the balance transfer process.
  3. Add recipient’s Du number: After *121*, type the Du number of the person you want to send the balance to. Make sure it’s in this format: (05xxxxxxxxx).
  4. Enter amount: Now, input the amount you wish to transfer. Remember to follow it with a hash sign (#).
  5. Click call: Finally, hit the call button to complete the transfer.

So, for example, if you want to send 50 AED to a friend whose number is 0501234567, you’ll dial *121*0501234567*50#.

How to Transfer Du balance to Etisalat?

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Switching your credit balance between du and Etisalat couldn’t be easier, and best of all, it’s free! Whether you’re new to this or an old hand, here’s a simple guide to make the process seamless for you:

Transferring Credit from Du to Etisalat

  1. Dial *121* on your mobile.
  2. Add the Etisalat number you want to send credit to. Format it like this: (05xxxxxxxxx)*
  3. Please specify the amount you wish to transfer in dirhams and end it with a #.
  4. Hit the call button.
  • For example, dialing *121*(recipient’s number)*50# will transfer 50 dirhams.

Things to Remember

  • You can send credit to up to 25 friends daily.
  • The total amount you transfer should be, at most, your available balance.

Transferring Credit from Etisalat to du

  • You can use the same steps to transfer from Etisalat to du. This feature is super handy, especially since du and Etisalat are the top mobile service providers in the UAE. Now, you can share the love (and the credit) without hassle!

How to Transfer Du Balance to International Mobile Numbers?

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Sharing your phone balance with someone abroad can often feel like a big task, but it’s super simple if you’re using the du mobile network in the UAE! This can be a lifesaver when someone you care about needs mobile credit. Just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Start by texting: Open your messaging app and compose a new message to 1700. Type in “SEND” and hit send.
  2. Add the recipient: You’ll need to enter the international MSISDN of the person you’re sending the balance to. Ensure you include the country code followed by MSISDN so the network knows where to send it.
  3. Choose the amount: After that, specify how much balance you want to transfer. Double-check to make sure everything is correct.
  4. Send the SMS: Once you’ve entered all the information, send the message.
  5. Wait for confirmation: You’re still going! Wait for a confirmation SMS to ensure that the transfer was successful.

Bonus Tip: What countries can you send the balance to? Simply text “LIST” to 1700 to get a list of eligible countries. You can easily share your phone balance with friends or family anywhere. How awesome is that?

What You Should Know About Du Balance Transfers?

Some important things to consider before hitting that ‘send’ button. Here’s a beginner-friendly guide:

  1. Mobile number: First, make sure you’ve got the correct mobile number of the person you’re sending credit to. Check if it’s a du, Etisalat, or an international number. Also, ensure that the number is currently active and legal.
  2. Recipient location: Where is the person you’re sending credit to? If they’re in the UAE, great! But if they’re abroad, you’ll need to enter their country’s code (MSISDN) to ensure the transfer goes through.
  3. Total balance: Last but not least, double-check your balance. You can only share what you have, so make sure there’s enough credit on your phone to complete the transfer.

So, to recap: Know your numbers, consider locations, and check your balance. Once you’ve covered these basics, you’ll be a pro at du balance transfers in no time!

Note: When you transfer credit from your ‘More Credit’ account, a 15% transaction fee will be charged. The transferred credit will be deposited into the recipient’s ‘More Time’ account, and it never expires. You can both send and receive transfers even when you’re traveling internationally.


Transferring balance between du accounts or from du to other services like Etisalat might seem daunting initially. Still, with this guide, you’ll be a pro in no time. Always double-check recipient numbers and confirm transactions to ensure a smooth experience.
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