Are you tired of searching for the best credit card in the UAE? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top credit cards that offer a range of exclusive benefits and rewards. Whether you’re looking for cashback on your spending, airport lounge access, or discounts on dining and entertainment, we’ve got you covered. 

Say goodbye to hefty fees and hello to a world of financial freedom. Let’s dive in and find the perfect credit card for you!

Citi Simplicity Credit Card: A Hassle-Free Option

Citi Simplicity Credit Card


The Citi Simplicity Credit Card offers a hassle-free and straightforward credit card experience. Let’s check it out.

Offers and Benefits

  • No annual membership fee.
  • No late fee, cash advance fee, or over-limit fee – ever.
  • 0% interest on balance transfers for 6 months.
  • Talabat: Enjoy a 20% instant discount (up to AED 14) on grocery and food orders twice a month on the Talabat app by using the promo code “MASTERCARD”.
  • Easy Installment Plan: Convert large purchases into small payments.
  • Cash Loan: Get instant cash with the click of a button.
  • Citi Promotions: Access local discounts and offers on dining, online shopping, and entertainment. Always check the official website or contact the service provider to get updates on available promotions.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Minimum Monthly Income: AED 5,000
  • Age Requirement: 21 or older
  • Nationality Eligibility: All nationalities accepted
  • Required Documents: Valid Emirates ID, Passport, Valid UAE Visa copy
  • Additional Info: Salary account IBAN number and Passport number needed during the application

How to Apply

  • Apply Online: Easily apply for the Citi Simplicity Credit Card via phone or computer through a paperless signup process. Apply here.

Terms & Conditions

  • 5% VAT Applicable: Charged in addition to the annual fee.
  • Citibank T&C Apply: Subject to change and available on request. 
  • Offers Disclaimer: All offers are at Citibank’s discretion, and they assume no liability for products/services provided by partners or other entities.
  • Fee Details: Click here to view fees and charges.

Important Notes

  • Repercussions for Non-Payment: Missing minimum payments or non-adherence to bank terms may lead to late fee charges, negative credit bureau impact, arrears on card accounts, collection measures, or legal action.
  • Interest Implications: Making only minimum payments results in more interest paid and a longer time to clear the outstanding balance.

Commercial Bank of Dubai Yes Rewards Credit Card: Rewards Galore!

Commercial Bank of Dubai Yes Rewards Credit Card


Get ready for a credit card that takes rewards to a whole new level. The Commercial Bank of Dubai Yes Rewards Credit Card is all about giving you more bang for your buck. 

Features & Benefits

  • Complimentary Golf Benefit- 4 rounds/month at Trump International Golf Club with AED 7,500 retail spends.
  • 50% off Cinemas- 4 tickets/month at VOX, Reel, or Novo cinemas.
  • Free Valet Parking-2 services/month at 30+ locations in the UAE.
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access- Access to 1000+ lounges worldwide.
  • Multi-trip Travel Insurance- Coverage for travel accidents and inconveniences up to 90 days.
  • Extended Warranty- Doubles original manufacturer’s warranty up to 1 year.
  • Purchase Protection- Protects purchases against theft or damage.

Discounts & Savings at Emaar Attractions

  • 20% off at KidZania®, E-Kart Zabeel, Dubai Aquarium, etc.
  • Bonus credits at Play DXB with CBD Credit Card.

Additional Offers

  • Up to 15% back in Yes Points.
  • Welcome bonus on card spend activation within 90 days.

Eligibility & Requirements

Documents Required

  • For Salaried Individuals: National ID/passport, residence visa, Emirates ID, and Salary Certificate.
  • For Self-Employed: National ID/passport, residence visa, Emirates ID, and Valid trade license.
  • Salaried: Confirmed employee with a minimum salary of AED 5,000.

Fees & Charges

Current/Savings Accounts

  • Minimum Monthly Average Balance– AED 5,000 (Fee: AED 26.25, effective 1 Jan 2024: AED 105)
  • Negative Balance: AED 200
  • Account Closure Fee: AED 105 (within 6 months of opening)

Click here to know more.

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • Lounge Access: 1st visit free, subsequent visits with minimum USD 1 spend.
  • Cinema & valet parking benefits require a minimum spend of AED 5,000/month.
  • Welcome bonus not applicable for card conversion or reapplication.
  • Annual fee waived for subsequent years with annual spend over AED 12,000.

Citi Premier Credit Card: Premium Perks at Your Fingertips

Citi Premier Credit Card


Get ready for the ultimate VIP treatment with the Citi Premier Credit Card. This card is all about luxury and exclusivity for the elite in the UAE.

Flexible Reward Points

Earning ThankYou® Points

  • Dining & Fuel Spend: $1 = 3 ThankYou® Points
  • Non-AED Spend: $1 = 2 ThankYou® Points
  • Local (AED) Spend: $1 = 1 ThankYou® Point
  • New earn rates from 8th December 2023

Redeeming Points

Exclusive Benefits

  • Airport Transfers: 6 complimentary airport rides/year (up to AED 110 each) using code “MAUAE6” on the Careem app.
  • Movie Ticket Discounts: Flat 30% off 4 tickets/month at VOX Cinemas.
  • Global Lounge Access: Unlimited access to 1,100+ lounges worldwide for cardholders and guests.
  • Complimentary Golf: Play a round of golf monthly at select UAE courses.

Additional Features

  • Pay With Points: Use points via SMS, Citibank Online, or Citi Mobile® App.
  • Easy Installment Plan: Split big purchases into smaller payments.
  • Cash Loan: Instant cash with your Citi Credit Card.
  • Points Transfer: Transfer ThankYou Points to 12 partner airlines.
  • Citi Promotions: Local discounts on dining, online shopping, and entertainment. Always check the official website for availability.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Annual Membership Fee: AED 750
  • Minimum Monthly Income: AED 15,000
  • Age Requirement: 21 or older
  • Required Documents: Valid Emirates ID, Passport, valid UAE Visa copy.

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • Conversion Rate: 1 AED = 0.271 US Dollar for earning calculation.
  • VAT: 5% VAT applicable over and above the annual fee.
  • T&C Details: Specific terms for Welcome Offer, Rewards Programs, and Credit Card Programs.
  • Citibank T&C: Subject to change, available on request. Visit website for current terms.
  • Fees & Charges: Detailed fees and charges available here.

FAB Infinite Credit Card: Redefining Luxury

FAB Infinite Credit Card


Indulge in a life of pure luxury with the FAB Infinite Credit Card. This card is all about catering to the most sophisticated tastes. It’s not just a credit card; it’s your passport to exclusive privileges that will redefine opulence. 

Benefits & Features

Welcome Offer

  • 300,000 FAB Rewards: New cardholders receive this bonus.
  • Additional Rewards for Activation:
    • 25,000 FAB Rewards for application via the FAB Mobile app.
    • 150,000 FAB Rewards equivalent to the first-year annual fee.
    • Another 125,000 FAB Rewards on spending AED 15,000 within 60 days.

Gaming & Spending Rewards

  • FAB Rewards Bonus: Equivalent to the first year’s annual card fee upon card activation.
  • Gaming Rewards: Up to 5 FAB Rewards per AED 1 spent on gaming.
  • More FAB Rewards: Up to 4 FAB Rewards per AED 1 spent on the card.

Redemption & Lifestyle Benefits

  • Instant Redemption: Use FAB Rewards instantly via the FAB Mobile app.
  • Lifestyle Benefits: Valet parking, discounted movie tickets, golf discounts, Visa lifestyle benefits.

Travel Benefits

  • Airport Transfers: Up to six transfers/year from AED 40.
  • Meet and Greet Service: Airport services at competitive rates.
  • Airport Lounge Access: Free access to 1000+ lounges worldwide.
  • Visa Travel Benefits: Offers with various partners, including dining, car rentals, hotels, etc.

Purchase Protection & Insurance

  • Travel Accident Insurance: Coverage of up to USD 1 million.
  • Purchase Protection & Extended Warranty: Extensive coverage beyond manufacturer warranty.
  • Fraud Protection: Automatic protection against unauthorised transactions.
  • International Medical & Travel Assistance: Free coverage for card-related travel.

Application & Eligibility

  • Instant Application: Apply via the FAB Mobile app with Emirates ID.
  • Eligibility: New customers or existing FAB Credit Card customers without specified existing cards.
  • Income Requirement: AED 30,000 or above per month.

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • Detailed T&C apply for offers, eligibility, rewards, and benefits.
  • Comprehensive coverage and benefits subject to specific conditions and guidelines.

Emirates Islamic Bank Cashback Plus Card: Get More Bang for Your Buck

Emirates Islamic Bank Cashback Plus Card


The Emirates Islamic Bank Cashback Plus Card is a real winner in the UAE credit card scene. It’s all about maximising value and giving you awesome rewards. 

Benefits & Features

Rewards & Benefits

  • Supermarket Spends: Up to 10% cash back on purchases within and outside the UAE.
  • Education Expenses: Up to 10% cash back on school and university fees locally and internationally.
  • Dining: Up to 10% cash back at restaurants globally.
  • Telecom Expenses: Up to 10% cash back on Etisalat, du bills in the UAE, and telecom services worldwide.


  • Instant Redemption: Redeem cashback points via Online Banking or Mobile Banking.
  • RTA Benefits: Auto top-up facility on Salik for ease of use.

Exclusive Offers

  • Complimentary Movie Tickets: “Buy 1 Get 1” movie tickets monthly at Reel Cinemas.
  • Airport Lounge Access: Unlimited access for you and supplementary cardholders at 1000+ lounges globally.
  • Complimentary Golf: Two rounds/month at select golf clubs upon meeting spending criteria.
  • Emaar Entertainment Attractions: Enjoy 20% off at KidZania Abu Dhabi, KidZania Dubai, Play DXB (AED 200/- & above), E-KART Zabeel, Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, The Storm Coaster, Zabeel Sports District

Protection & Services

  • Extended Warranty: Doubles original warranty up to one year on purchases.
  • Meet & Greet Service: Up to 2 complimentary Marhaba Meet & Greet services per year.
  • Purchase Protection: Protects purchases against theft or damage.

Financial Services

  • Cash on Call Facility: Avail up to 80% of your credit limit.
  • Luxury Hotel Collection: Exclusive privileges at 900+ global hotels and resorts.
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Coverage for travel accidents and inconveniences up to 90 days.

Additional Privileges

  • Easy Payment Plan: Offers installment plans of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months at partner outlets.
  • Valet Parking: Enjoy 1 complimentary valet service/month with a specific spend criterion.
  • Club Access: Complimentary access to Dubai Ladies Club & Sharjah Ladies Club.

Important Information & Terms

  • Profit Rate: 3.49% per month for cash withdrawals or partial payments.
  • Late Payment Charge: AED 225 for failure to make minimum due payment.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: Up to 2.34% for international transactions.
  • Credit Shield: Complimentary cover for the first two card statements.
  • Legal Action: Non-payment may lead to credit card blocking, impacting credit rating.
  • Fees & Charges: Excluding 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable.

How to Apply

  • Visit the official website or click here to get started.
  • Total Deposit/Investments: Maintain AED 500,000 or more with Emirates Islamic.
  • Salary Transfer: Transfer AED 50,000 or more per month to an Emirates Islamic account.

DIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card: Rewards with a Balanced Twist

DIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card


The DIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card is the perfect choice for those who want a balanced approach to credit while enjoying all the perks and benefits.

Benefits & Features

Cashback Earn Rates

  • Supermarket & Hypermarkets
    • Platinum Card Cashback: 4%
    • Maximum Monthly Cashback (AED): 400
  • Automobile Servicing
    • Platinum Card Cashback: 4%
    • Maximum Monthly Cashback (AED): 400
  • Etisalat & Du Bill Payments
    • Platinum Card Cashback: 4%
    • Maximum Monthly Cashback (AED): 150
  • Fuel Spends
    • Platinum Card Cashback: 4%
    • Maximum Monthly Cashback (AED): 150
  • Utility Bills
    • Platinum Card Cashback: 4%
    • Maximum Monthly Cashback (AED): 150
  • Salik and Nol Recharges
    • Platinum Card Cashback: 4%
    • Maximum Monthly Cashback (AED): 50
  • School Fees
    • Platinum Card Cashback: 4%
    • Maximum Monthly Cashback (AED): 400

Fees & Charges

  • Cash Withdrawal Fee: AED 94.50 per transaction.
  • International MasterCard and Visa Transaction Fee: AED 26.25 per transaction.
  • Late Payment Fee: AED 236.25 per instance.
  • Replacement or Reissuance Fee: AED 52.50 per request.
  • Duplicate Statement Request Fee: AED 47.25 per request.
  • Sales Copy Voucher Request Fee: AED 26.25 per request.

Read more here.

Terms & Conditions

  • Card Limit: Set by DIB and notified to the cardholder.
  • Currency Conversion: Transactions in other currencies are converted at prevailing rates with a conversion fee.
  • Usage Restrictions: Prohibited usage at establishments incompatible with Sharia law. Card transactions will be declined/rejected in case of Alcoholic drinking places, Nightclubs, Casinos, Betting, Racing, Tobacco, Pork products, Weapons, Dancing and Dating and so on.

Read more here.

Card Warnings

  • Competitive Credit Product: Research and compare credit options before choosing a credit card.
  • Credit Risk: Timely payments are crucial for maintaining a good credit history at AECB (Al Etihad Credit Bureau).
  • Risk of Fixed Deposit Liquidation: Non-payment of Monthly Minimum Due may lead to Fixed Deposit Liquidation.
  • Risk of High Credit Price: Undisciplined usage may result in high-profit charges over the card’s lifetime.

Read more here.

How to Apply

  • Click here to start the application process.
  • You can directly apply via Alt Online or Alt Mobile.
  • The minimum monthly salary requirement for Cards is AED 5,000.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card: Rewards for Your Everyday Life

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card


The Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card is all about giving you rewards for your everyday spending. This is perfect for those who want rewards on their everyday expenses without sacrificing financial stability. Check more of its features here.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Welcome Offer- Receive AED 200 cashback upon spending a minimum of AED 5,000 upon successful application.*
  • Limited offer until 15th December 2023: Get 10% cashback (up to AED 50) per month until 31st January 2024 on all Dining and Fuel spends.*
  • Earn Rewards Points: Earn one 360 Rewards Point for every USD 1 spent locally or internationally.* Redeem Rewards Points at over 200 outlets. 
  • Airport Lounge Access: Access over 1000 airport lounges in around 300 cities globally with up to 8 complimentary visits per year.
  • Movie Ticket Offers: Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 movie ticket offers at VOX and REEL cinemas across the UAE.
  • Discounts: Get up to 8% off at

Fees & Charges:

  • Annual Fees: No Annual Fee for New Credit Card Applicants.
  • First Year: No Annual Fee for New Credit Card Applicants.
  • Subsequent Years: Annual Fee is AED 525.

Eligibility & Documents:

  • Monthly Salary: At least AED 8,000
  • Minimum Age: 21+ years
  • Residency: Resident of United Arab Emirates
  • Employment Criteria: Must have an official work email ID
  • Documents Required: Copy of Emirates ID / Passport and Visa Copy.

HSBC Cashback Credit Card: Earn While You Spend

HSBC Cashback Credit Card


If you want to earn rewards while you go about your daily expenses, the HSBC Cashback Credit Card is the way to go. This card offers a ton of benefits to make your spending more rewarding. 

Cashback and Rewards

  • Cashback Offers:
    • Get up to 5% cashback on everyday spending.
    • Earn 5% (up to AED 200) on fuel and 2% (up to AED 200) on groceries and education per statement cycle with a minimum spend of AED 3,000 a month.
    • Earn 0.5% cashback on all other spends and for spending less than AED 3,000 a month.
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle Rewards:
    • Access over 10,000 Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers via the HSBC ENTERTAINER app for food deliveries, dining out, spa days, and getaways.
    • Avail discounts at over 400 restaurants in the UAE by paying with your credit card.
    • Buy 1 Get 1 Free movie tickets monthly plus 20% off on cinema food and drinks in UAE cinemas.
    • Access over 200 offers across dining, retail, and accommodation in MENA with the Timeout and Golf Access Programme.

Travel Privileges

  • Flight Discounts:
    • Get up to 10% off on British Airways flights (excluding fees) until 31st December 2023 for travel dates up to 30th December 2024 using code ‘HSBCBA’.
    • Enjoy up to 10% cashback on for your next holiday booked using your credit card.
    • Save at over 200 airport restaurants worldwide with DragonPass Dine & Travel.
  • Airport Lounge Access:
    • Avail 12 complimentary visits annually for you and additional cardholders to over 1,000 lounges by making at least 1 international purchase worth USD 1 with your HSBC Visa card 15 days before travel.

Additional Card Benefits:

  • Home& Away Offers:
    • Access deals on shopping, travel, dining, and more globally via the home&Away platform.
  • Travel Insurance:
    • Enjoy complimentary multi-trip travel insurance of up to USD 500,000 for you and your family on trips up to 90 days.
  • Extended Warranty:
    • Get automatic extended warranty on purchases made in full with your card doubling the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to 1 year offered by Visa International.

Card Features:

  • 24-hour Concierge Service:
    • Visa Concierge assists with restaurant bookings, travel plans, and more. Contact 800 0441 3487 from the UAE or +9714 361 1234 / +44 2078 502 829 from outside the UAE.
  • Digital Cards:
    • Add your HSBC UAE cards to your digital wallet for instant contactless purchases via the HSBC UAE app.
  • Fraud Protection:
    • Coverage for fraudulent transactions on your card up to USD 2,500 a claim and up to USD 4,000 a year.

Eligibility and Documents Required:

  • Monthly income of at least AED 10,000.
  • Age between 21 and 65.
  • Residency in the UAE.
  • Passport, Emirates ID, residence visa if a non-GCC national.
  • Proof of UAE residency: tenancy agreement, title deeds, or a utility bill (not older than 2 months).
  • Proof of income: last 2 bank statements, salary certificate, or salary credits into an HSBC account.
  • For additional cardholders: passport and Emirates ID information.
  • A security cheque of 120% of your credit facility required upon acceptance.
  • Non-repayments may affect your credit rating, impacting future access to financing.
  • Start your application by clicking here.


Finding the best credit card in the UAE can significantly enhance your financial journey by providing exclusive benefits and rewards. Whether you prefer a hassle-free experience, fuel savings, premium privileges, luxury perks, or maximum cashback, there’s a credit card tailored to your needs. 

Consider your spending habits, lifestyle, and financial goals to determine the perfect fit for you. With the right credit card in your wallet, you can unlock a world of opportunities and enjoy a host of exclusive benefits. Start exploring the options today and make your financial dreams a reality!

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