Dubai is famous for its lavish lifestyle and a blend of different cultures. Arab Sweets in Dubai is a paradise for those who love traditional Arab sweets, more than just desserts. They are a glimpse into the deep and rich Arabian culture. Our blog takes you on an exciting adventure to discover these exotic sweets. We’ll share the best spots in Dubai to try these delicious treats. Each sweet has its unique story and taste, making it a must-try experience for anyone visiting Dubai. 

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, this guide is perfect for anyone exploring the sweet side of Arab culture. So, indulge in some of the most delightful and authentic Arab sweets, and let’s dive into this sweet journey together!

The Essence of Arab Sweets in Dubai

Arab sweets are an essential and delicious part of Middle Eastern food culture. They’re famous for their unique taste, from special ingredients such as dates, honey, nuts, and a spice called cardamom. But these sweets are more than just tasty treats. 

In Arab countries, offering these sweets to guests is a way of showing kindness and welcoming them. Also, these desserts are often enjoyed during special occasions and celebrations. So, when you taste an Arab sweet, you’re not just enjoying a dessert; you’re experiencing a part of their rich culture and tradition of hospitality. It’s a delightful way to understand and appreciate the warmth and generosity found in Arab homes and gatherings.

Baklava: The Sweet Delight

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Baklava is a delicious and famous sweet treat. It’s made with thin sheets of dough called filo. These layers are arranged one on top of the other. Between the layers, there are chopped nuts like walnuts or pistachios. What makes baklava special is the sweet syrup or honey poured over it. This gives baklava its yummy sweetness. It’s a favorite dessert in many Arab countries. 

People love its rich flavor and the way it crumbles in your mouth. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a sweet, nutty treat with a unique, crispy texture. If you ever get a chance to try baklava, you should! It’s a delightful experience for your taste buds.

Where to Find: Al Samadi Sweets offers some of the best Baklava in Dubai. It has a perfect blend of crunch and sweetness.

Kunafa: The Cheesy Wonder

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Kunafa is a delightful dessert famous for its unique blend of textures and flavors. It’s a pastry made with cheese, making it wonderfully gooey and creamy inside. This softness is perfectly balanced by its outer layer, which is satisfyingly crunchy. What makes Kunafa truly special is the sweet syrup poured over it. 

This syrup is usually made from sugar and adds a lovely sweetness to the dish. Kunafa is a treat for those who enjoy a mix of creamy and crispy textures in their desserts, paired with a delightful sugary taste. It’s a wonderful example of how different elements create a deliciously harmonious dessert.

Where to Find: Visit Feras Aldiyafa Sweets for an authentic taste of Kunafa in Dubai.

Exploring the Local Arab Sweet Shops

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Dubai is dotted with sweet shops that offer a variety of Arab sweets. Exploring these local shops is like taking a cultural tour through the sweet delicacies of the Arab world.

  • Arabian Tea House: A traditional cafe that offers a variety of Arab sweets alongside their famous teas. The ambiance adds to the authentic experience of enjoying these sweets. Location: Arabian Tea House, Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai.
  • Sweet Factory: Known for its innovative approach to traditional sweets, Sweet Factory is a must-visit for those looking to try contemporary versions of classic Arab desserts.
  • Location: Sweet Factory, Dubai Mall.

The Significance of Arab Sweets in Dubai Culture
Arab sweets in Dubai are not just treats but a special part of Arabian culture. These delicious desserts are a way of showing kindness and hospitality. People in Dubai often share these sweets during important events like festivals and celebrations or to warmly welcome someone. It’s a tradition that shows how much they value sharing and friendship. When you’re in Dubai, trying these sweets is a great way to experience their local customs and feel the warmth of their hospitality.

A Symbol of Hospitality

In Arab culture, offering sweets to guests is a cherished tradition. It’s a warm, respectful gesture, symbolizing hospitality. When you have visitors, presenting them with various sweet treats is a way to show you value and welcome them. This custom is deeply rooted in Arab heritage, reflecting the importance of treating guests with honor and kindness. So, if you’re hosting or visiting in an Arab setting, remember that sharing sweets is more than just a snack; it’s a heartfelt sign of respect and a way to connect.

Festive Celebrations

Maamoul and Ghriba are special sweets made for festivals like Eid and Ramadan. They are very important in these celebrations and show the unique culture of these events. These treats are delicious and have a special meaning during these times.

A Gastronomic Adventure in Dubai’s Sweet Scene

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Exploring sweets in Dubai is like finding special treasures. Every sweet shop and café is different, offering a fun and unique taste of Arab treats. It’s a great way to experience the variety and deliciousness of the region’s desserts.

Exploring the Sweet Delights of Old Dubai

Old Dubai, including areas like Al Fahidi and Deira, is a treasure trove for sweet lovers. It’s where you can find some of the oldest sweet shops, each with a rich history. These shops specialize in traditional sweets that have been loved for many years.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Historical sweet shops: In places like Al Fahidi and Deira, you’ll discover sweet shops that have been around for a long time. They’re famous for their traditional treats.
  • Al Baba Sweets: This shop, in the heart of Old Dubai, is famous for its Pistachio Maamoul. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to try authentic, traditional sweets.

Modern Dubai’s Sweet Scene

  • Contemporary sweet shops: In modern areas like Downtown and Marina, you’ll find shops that offer a new twist on classic Arab sweets.
  • Bateel Boutique: Located in Dubai Marina Mall, this shop is known for its innovative approach to traditional Arab desserts. It’s the perfect spot for those who like to try new and unique flavors.

Interactive Sweet Tasting Experiences

Dubai’s culinary scene offers more than just the consumption of sweets; it offers interactive experiences where you can witness the making of these delicacies.

Live Kunafa Making

Watch the art of Kunafa preparation at Kunafa Kingdom, where chefs demonstrate the skillful balance of cheese and dough, crafting this sweet right before your eyes.

Baklava Workshops

Participate in Baklava-making workshops offered by Delights of Damascus. These workshops provide hands-on experience in crafting this intricate sweet.

Pairing Arab Sweets with Local Beverages

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To fully indulge in the Arab sweet experience, pairing them with traditional beverages like Arabic coffee or tea is a must.

Arabic Coffee and Dates

Experience the classic combination of Arabic coffee served with dates or date-filled pastries at Café Al Areesh.

Mint Tea and Sweet Assortment

Enjoy a refreshing glass of mint tea and a platter of assorted Arab sweets at Desert Rose Café.


Dubai’s Arab sweets are more than just delicious—they’re a window into a rich culture and history. Imagine walking through the vibrant streets of Old Dubai or the sleek alleys of the Marina, where every sweet shop has its unique story. Each dessert here is not just a treat but a work of art, representing the deep culinary traditions of the Arabian world. When you taste these exotic sweets, it’s like going on an adventure through the essence of Arabian food culture. It’s an experience that delights both your heart and taste buds.

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