Feeling the pinch of high credit card interest rates? Dubai First Credit Cards might just be the answer to your financial woes. With a range of options to suit different needs, Dubai First Bank offers an array of benefits to its customers. Whether you’re a UAE national or an expat, this credit card has something for everyone. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the perks of Dubai First Credit Cards and explore the eligibility criteria. Say goodbye to financial woes and hello to a world of advantages with Dubai First Credit Cards!

Let’s delve into the treasure trove of advantages offered by these cards

Dubai First Low-Rate Credit Card: A Budget-Friendly Gem

Dubai First Low-Rate Credit Card


Features and Benefits Dubai First Low-Rate Credit Card:

  • Cost-Effective Debt Management: With a low 1.99% monthly interest rate, this card aids in minimising the financial burden associated with credit card debts.
  • Membership Fee Waiver: By hitting a spending milestone of AED 24,000 within 12 months, users enjoy the perk of having the annual membership fee nullified, making it a more cost-efficient choice.

The Dubai First Low-Rate Card is designed to offer a blend of flexibility and financial prudence. It extends a minimum monthly payment of just 3%, empowering users to conveniently manage their repayments.

If you apply for and get a new Dubai First Low Rate Card from First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), you might be able to get the annual fee waived. But there’s a catch – you’ll need to meet certain spending requirements to qualify for this offer. So, make sure to check the details here before you get too excited.

Exclusive Benefits for UAE Nationals

Dubai First Low-Rate Credit Card Benefits


Distinctive Features:

  • Tailored for UAE Nationals: Offering an interest rate of 1.5% per month, this card adds an element of exclusivity for Emiratis, coupled with financial convenience.
  • Membership Fee Waiver: Similar to the standard Low-Rate Card, this exclusive version also provides an opportunity to nullify the annual fee with a specified spend threshold.

Just like its counterpart, it boasts an annual membership fee of AED 300, easily waived with a total spend of AED 24,000 within the year. Aside from the competitive interest rate, it provides a minimum monthly payment of 3%, ensuring smoother financial management for users.


Keep in mind that only transactions made using the Low Rate card count towards this spending requirement. Other stuff like fees or payments to FAB won’t count. You can reach the AED 24,000 target at any time during the 12 months, and it’s calculated based on the total amount you spend over that time. So, there’s no specific minimum or maximum spending amount each month.

Embracing Cashback with Dubai First Cashback Credit Card

Dubai First Cashback Credit Card


Cashback Perks in Detail:

  • Leveraging Supermarket Spending: Users can substantially save on everyday essentials with a hefty 5% cashback on supermarket expenses.
  • Rewarding Online Transactions: A lucrative 3% cashback on online purchases adds to this card’s allure, catering to modern consumers’ digital spending habits.
  • Universal Cashback: A universal 1% cashback on all other purchases ensures that every spend contributes to savings.

It does not stop there! Improve your planning by taking advantage of various financial options such as 0% interest Easy Purchase Plans, Loan-on-Phone, and Balance Transfers at special rates. Plus, you can enhance your lifestyle with affordable movie tickets starting at AED 20 at VOX cinemas, along with unlimited free access to specific airport lounges. 

Additionally, enjoy numerous buy-1-get-1 offers on a wide range of experiences, including spa treatments, travel deals, fine dining, and many other activities.


The Dubai First Cashback Programme is only for personal use, so if you try to use the Dubai First Cashback Card for business stuff, the bank can take away the cashback you earned, put a hold on your card, and even tell the authorities about it. 

Remember that the cashback you get is good for two years from the transaction date. If you don’t use it before that time’s up, it’s gonna expire.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

To apply for a Dubai First Credit Card, ensuring eligibility and preparing the necessary documentation is pivotal. Both UAE nationals and expatriates can apply, provided they meet specific criteria:

  • Citizenship or Residency: Applicants must be UAE nationals or residents.
  • Minimum Salary Requirement: Each card specifies a minimum salary requirement of 5000 AED that applicants must meet.
  • Healthy Credit Score: A good credit score is imperative for a successful application.
  • Document Checklist: Passport and residence visa copies, Emirates ID for identity verification, Recent bank statements reflecting salary credits, Proof of address, and for self-employed individuals, a trade license might be required.

Conclusion: Embrace the Rewards with Dubai First Credit Cards

In conclusion, Dubai First Credit Cards present a spectrum of benefits and rewards catering to diverse financial needs. Whether it’s the cost-effective solutions of the Low-Rate Cards, the tailored exclusivity for UAE Nationals, or the lucrative cashback rewards of the Cashback Credit Card, these offerings provide a range of advantages.

By exploring the unique features and benefits of Dubai First Credit Cards, individuals can make informed decisions about their financial choices while enjoying the numerous rewards these cards offer. Unlock the perks and benefits offered by Dubai First Credit Cards today for a smarter, more rewarding financial journey.

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