Living in this globalised world often means obtaining documents from various countries. A Dubai Police Clearance Certificate is an important document for those who have resided in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). They now require verification of their criminal history for immigration purposes, employment opportunities, or other reasons. This comprehensive guide will reveal the process of getting this certificate, helping you to navigate the steps easily.

What is the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Dubai?

Police Clearance Certificate

A PCC Sample

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), also called a “Certificate of Good Conduct,” proves that a person has a clean criminal record in their current state of residence. 

This certificate is generally issued by law enforcement agencies across the UAE and is highly credible. It confirms that the person is not under investigation and has no criminal history, ensuring a sense of security and trust in the process.

Why Do You Need a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate?

There are several scenarios where a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate might be required:

  • Immigration Applications: Many countries, including Canada, Australia, and the United States, necessitate a police clearance certificate for visa applications.
  • Employment Opportunities: Some employers, particularly those in security-sensitive fields, may request a police clearance certificate during application.
  • University Admissions: Many universities abroad might need a police clearance certificate as part of the application package.
  • Adoption Procedures: Adopting a child internationally may involve presenting a police clearance certificate.

What are the Documents Required For Getting a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate?

  • A valid Emirates ID card.
  • A recent passport-size photograph.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • A declaration of no pending criminal convictions.
  • A valid email address.

How to Apply For The Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Online?

The Dubai Police website offers a user-friendly application platform for a Police Clearance Certificate. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Dubai Police Website

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  • Locate the Service: Within the “Services” section, head to the “Certificate Services” section. Below, you will find the “Police Clearance Certificate.” Click on it.
Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Online

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  • Initiate the Application: Click ‘Access Service’ and click “Apply”.
Police Clearance Certificate Online

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  • Fill Out the Application Form: The form will request personal details like your full name, Emirates ID number (if applicable), passport information, and reason for requiring the certificate.
Police Clearance Certificate Application Form

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  • Attach Required Documents: Scan and upload the necessary documents, including a copy of your passport and proof of residency in Dubai (e.g., utility bill, tenancy agreement). (If applicable).
  • Terms and Conditions: Accept the terms and conditions, clear the captcha, and click “Next”.
  • Settle the Fee: The application fee can be paid online using a credit or a debit card. As of 2024, you can check the cost on the website of Dubai Police or from this catalogue.
  • Submit the Application: After reviewing and confirming all information, apply.
  • Track Your Application: The Dubai Police website lets you track the status of your application using a unique transaction number received upon submission.
  • Receive the Certificate: Upon approval, you will receive the soft copy of your Police Clearance Certificate via email. Once received, you can download it from email.

In-Person Application at a Dubai Police Service Center:

If you are someone who prefers an in-person interaction, you can visit a Dubai Police service centre. Here’s what to expect:

  • Locate a Service Center: The Dubai Police website provides a directory of service centres across Dubai. Choose a conveniently located centre.
  • Gather Required Documents: Prepare the same documents needed for the online application (passport copy, proof of residency).
  • Visit the Service Center: During operational hours, head to the chosen service centre and approach the designated counter for police clearance certificates.
  • Complete the Application Form: You might receive a physical application form to fill out.
  • Submit Your Application: Hand over the completed application form, required documents, and the application fee.
  • Collect the Certificate: The processing time for in-person applications might vary. You’ll be informed about the timeframe for collecting your certificate.

How to Apply for a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Outside UAE?

While the earlier sections explained the general application process, getting a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate from outside the UAE requires an extra step—attesting your fingerprints. 

Here’s how it works:

Required Documents:

  • Fingerprint Card: You’ll need a fingerprint card, a standard form law enforcement agencies use to capture your fingerprints.
  • Passport Copy: A clear photocopy of your valid passport.
  • Previous UAE Visa Copy (if applicable): A photocopy of your last UAE visa (applicable if you reside in Dubai with a visa).
  • Statement of Purpose: Briefly explain why you need the Police Clearance Certificate.
  • UAE Embassy/Consulate Attestation: This is an important additional step. You’ll need to get your fingerprint card attested by the Embassy of UAE or the Consulate in your current country of residence.

Steps Involved:

  1. Obtain Fingerprint Card
    • You can usually acquire a fingerprint card from a local police station in your current country.
    • Alternatively, some UAE Embassies/Consulates might provide fingerprint cards.
  2. Schedule a Fingerprint Appointment
    • Contact your local police station or the UAE Embassy/Consulate to schedule an appointment for fingerprint capturing.
  3. Attend Fingerprint Appointment
    • During the appointment, a law enforcement official will capture your fingerprints on the fingerprint card following a specific procedure.
    • Ensure you receive a completed and signed fingerprint card by the official.
  4. Attestation by UAE Embassy/Consulate
    • Please submit the completed fingerprint card, along with a copy of your passport, previous visa copy (if applicable), and statement of purpose, to the UAE Embassy/Consulate in your current country.
    • Fees for attestation services might apply. Contact the embassy/consulate for specific details and procedures.
    • Once processed, the embassy/consulate will return the attested fingerprint card to you.
  5. Online Application or In-Person Visit
    • With the attested fingerprint card, you can proceed with the application process as outlined previously:
      • Apply online through the Dubai Police website. (The same steps that are given above)
      • Visit a Dubai Police service centre if you prefer an in-person approach.

How To Check the Status of Your Dubai Police Clearance Certificate?

To check the application status, follow these steps:

  • You can visit the website of Dubai Police and navigate to “Application Status”.
  • Fill in your reference number(application number).
  • Clear the captcha and click on “Submit”.
  • And the status of your application will be showcased on the screen.

What are the Fees for a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate?

The fees vary based on the applicant’s status and the application location, with additional knowledge and innovation fees included.

Here’s a breakdown of the charges for better understanding.

At the time of writing, the fees for a Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai are as follows: 

Application TypeFee (AED)
From outside the country300
Knowledge Fee10
Innovation Fee10
Service Center Application Fee100

How Long Does it Take To Get a Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai?

Delivery typically takes 24 hours on working days, with same-day issuance available for soft copies or in-person applications.

What is the Validity Period of the Dubai Police Clearance Certificate?

The validity period of a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate is typically 3 months from the date of issuance. This information is usually mentioned on the certificate itself.

Reasons For Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Getting Rejected:

There are a couple of reasons why your application for a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) might be rejected:

  • Criminal Charges or Ongoing Cases: If you have criminal charges against you in Dubai or an active legal case under a similar name, this can lead to rejection.
  • Missing Emirates ID and Fingerprint Certificate: This applies if you never had an Emirates ID and didn’t submit the original fingerprint certificate to the authorities.
  • Incomplete Application: Double-check that you’ve submitted all the required documents and completed the application correctly. Any missing information or errors could lead to rejection.
  • Payment Issues: Make sure the application fee has been paid correctly. Rejected applications due to unpaid fees are usually straightforward to rectify.
  • Travel Ban: If you have an outstanding travel ban in Dubai for any reason, this can prevent you from getting a PCC.
  • Data Mismatch: The information you provided in the application and the official records could be mismatched. Ensure details like your name, passport number, and residency matches perfectly.

Final Takeaway:

Getting a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate can be simple if you have the right information and prepare well. You can easily get this important document by following the steps given, paying attention to extra details, and using the resources provided. Just remember that good planning and accuracy will make the process go smoothly.

Ensure you have all necessary documents, such as your Emirates ID, passport copies, and recent photographs. Double-check the application form for completeness and accuracy to avoid any delays. It’s also helpful to be aware of the fees involved and have the payment method prepared in advance. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the relevant authorities or customer service for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Can I get a police clearance certificate from Smart police station in Dubai?

Yes, all Smart Police Stations in Dubai give Police Clearance Certificates as part of their services.

Q. In what languages are UAE Good Conduct Certificates issued?

You can obtain a PCC in either English or Arabic.

Q. Can I apply for the Police Clearance Certificate from outside the UAE?

Individuals no longer residing in the country can submit an online application. First, have your fingerprint card attested by the UAE Embassy in your home country. This fingerprint card is an official police department report verifying your identity through decimal fingerprints and biometrics.

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