Dubai, the vibrant business and tourism hub of the Middle East, is attracting the attention of the world’s wealthiest individuals. In a remarkable trend, the sales of ultra-luxury homes worth $25 million or more have doubled in Dubai over the past year, reaching a staggering total of 56 properties valued at $2.27 billion. 

This surge in Dubai property demand can be attributed to several factors that make Dubai an irresistible destination for the global elite.

Government’s Successful Handling of the Pandemic


One of the key reasons behind the booming demand for Dubai property is the government’s effective management of the COVID-19 pandemic. With robust protocols in place and a rapid vaccination rollout, Dubai has earned a reputation as a safe and secure city. 

The global super-rich are drawn to Dubai’s ability to provide a luxurious lifestyle while ensuring the well-being of its residents.

Liberal Visa Policies

Dubai’s liberal visa policies have been a game-changer in attracting foreign investors and residents to the city. The government has taken proactive measures to streamline the visa process and provide long-term residency options, generating immense interest among wealthy individuals.

One of the key initiatives is the introduction of the “Golden Visa” program. This program allows investors, entrepreneurs, and highly skilled professionals to obtain long-term residency visas, providing them with stability, security, and the opportunity to thrive in Dubai’s dynamic business environment. The program offers various categories, including investors, entrepreneurs, talented individuals, and outstanding students, ensuring a wide range of options for individuals seeking residency in Dubai.

For investors, the Golden Visa program offers a pathway to long-term residency by investing in Dubai’s real estate market. By purchasing a property worth a certain threshold, individuals can secure residency for themselves and their families. This has been a major incentive for wealthy individuals looking to establish a second home in a city known for its luxury and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

A Safe Haven for Asset Protection

Dubai has become a safe haven for individuals seeking to protect their assets from economic and political uncertainties. Investors from countries like Russia are turning to Dubai’s real estate market to shield their wealth. 

Additionally, the rise of cryptocurrency has created a new wave of wealthy individuals known as crypto millionaires, who see Dubai as an ideal location to invest their digital fortunes.

Indian Investors and Second Homes

Another notable group of buyers contributing to the surge in demand for Dubai property is wealthy Indians. They are increasingly looking to Dubai as a desirable location for second homes, taking advantage of the city’s luxurious offerings, favourable tax environment, and proximity to their home country.

The Pull Factors of Dubai

Pull Factors of Dubai


The allure of Dubai goes beyond its real estate market and visa policies. Faisal Durrani, the head of Middle East research at Knight Frank, sheds light on the pull factors that make Dubai so attractive to the global super-rich. Let’s explore these factors in more detail.

  • Luxurious Lifestyle: Dubai is synonymous with luxury living. The city boasts an array of high-end residences, lavish hotels, and extravagant entertainment options. From stunning skyscrapers to picturesque beachfront properties, Dubai offers a diverse range of luxury homes that cater to the discerning tastes of the global elite. 
  • World-Class Amenities: Dubai is renowned for its world-class amenities and infrastructure. The city prides itself on providing top-notch facilities, including state-of-the-art shopping malls, fine dining establishments, luxury spas, championship golf courses, and pristine beaches.
  • Thriving Social Scene: Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and offers a vibrant social scene. The city hosts many international events, including art exhibitions, fashion shows, music festivals, and sporting events. Whether it’s attending glamorous galas, enjoying live performances by renowned artists, or networking with like-minded individuals at exclusive clubs, Dubai provides ample opportunities for the global elite.
  • Business and Investment Opportunities: Dubai’s appeal extends beyond its luxury lifestyle. The city has positioned itself as a major global business hub, offering a business-friendly environment, tax incentives, and robust infrastructure. This attracts entrepreneurs, investors, and high-net-worth individuals looking to capitalise on the city’s economic opportunities. 
  • Accessibility and Connectivity: Dubai is well-connected to major international destinations, with a world-class airport serving as a major transportation hub. This accessibility makes it easy for the global elite to travel to and from Dubai, whether for business or leisure. Additionally, Dubai’s strategic location provides proximity to emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, making it an ideal base for those looking to expand their business presence in these regions.

Expanding Global Interest

Expanding Global Interest


Dubai’s appeal continues to grow, with buyers from new locations like Monaco showing interest in the city’s real estate market. 

Additionally, there is a rising tide of interest from China, further fueling the demand for Dubai property. This expanding global interest is transforming Dubai into a magnet for the global elite, with a pooling of wealth that fosters a state of critical mass.

The Changing Landscape of Dubai’s Property Market

Dubai's Property Market


The ultra-luxury sector in Dubai is a relatively new phenomenon. Prior to 2021, the sale of homes worth $25 million or more was limited to a maximum of four properties per year. However, developers are now expanding their portfolios to meet the growing demand. Nevertheless, the availability of supply in the most desirable locations could become more constrained in the future, according to Faisal Durrani.

The pinnacle of luxury in Dubai was achieved in 2023 with the sale of a five-bedroom apartment in the upcoming Como Residences development on the iconic Palm Jumeirah. This yet-to-be-built apartment, spanning an impressive 21,949 square feet (2,039 square meters), was sold for a staggering $136.2 million, reflecting the extraordinary opulence that Dubai’s property market can offer.


Dubai’s property market has become a hotspot for the global elite, with the sales of ultra-luxury homes reaching new heights. The government’s successful handling of the pandemic, liberal visa policies, and its appeal as a safe haven for asset protection have all contributed to this surge in demand. 

As Dubai continues to attract investors from around the world, the availability of properties in the most sought-after locations may become more limited. Nonetheless, Dubai remains a beacon of luxury, offering a lifestyle that is second to none.

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