Dubai, a stunning and lavish city, is a dream destination for gold enthusiasts. It becomes even more enchanting during Diwali, a festival of lights celebrated grandly in the UAE. Many Indians, captivated by the beauty of gold jewellery in Dubai, often purchase it during this festive season. 

However, it’s crucial to know that if you’re planning to bring gold back to India, there are specific regulations to adhere to. Knowing these rules is important to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Enjoying Dubai’s gold market is a delightful adventure, but always stay informed about the legal aspects of transporting your treasures back home.

This guide will help you navigate these rules, ensuring you can enjoy your gold without hassle.

Why Buy Gold in Dubai?

Gold in Dubai

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  • Affordable prices: Gold in Dubai is around 15% cheaper than in India. This makes a big difference in cost, especially if you plan to buy a significant amount. The lower prices in Dubai can lead to substantial savings, making it a popular destination for gold shopping.
  • Wide selection: Dubai’s gold market offers an impressive variety of jewellery. No matter your taste, you’ll find something that appeals to you. From traditional South Indian designs found in Chennai to the intricate North Indian styles popular in Delhi, Dubai’s gold market has it all. This means you can explore and choose from diverse styles and designs all in one place.
  • Guaranteed purity: Dubai is known for the purity of its gold. When you buy gold in Dubai, you can be confident about the quality of your purchase. The gold there is often of higher purity than in many other places, so you’re getting a valuable and genuine product. 

Understanding the Legal Limits

Suppose you’re an Indian resident planning to bring gold into India. In that case, it’s essential to understand the rules set by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC). Here’s a simplified guide based on insights from Pankaj S Jain, Managing Director of AskPankaj Tax Advisors, UAE, and Subhash Chand Jain, Managing Partner at RSA Legal Solutions:

  1. Gold Import Limits for Indian Residents:
    1. For male passengers: If you’ve lived abroad for over a year, you can bring back up to 20 grams of gold jewellery. The total value of this gold should be at most Dh2,500, roughly equivalent to Rs50,000.
    2. For Female Passengers: Women have a slightly higher limit. You can carry up to 40 grams of gold jewellery, provided its value exceeds Dh5,000 (about Rs100,000).
  2. Understanding Duty-Free Allowance:
    1. A common misunderstanding is that gold jewellery can be imported as ‘used personal effects’ under the duty-free allowance. However, this is different. The duty-free allowance does not cover gold jewellery in this category.

Advice for Travelers:

  • Stay informed: Always check the latest regulations before travelling. Rules can change, and staying updated helps avoid any inconvenience at customs.
  • Value limits: Be mindful of the value limits for gold. Carrying gold beyond the specified limits can lead to extra duties or legal issues.
  • Documentation: Keep any purchase receipts or documents for your gold jewellery. This can be helpful if you need to prove its value.

The Process of Bringing Gold to India

  1. Importing gold:
    1. Suppose you’re an Indian citizen or hold an Indian passport and are returning to India after staying abroad for at least six months. In that case, you can bring gold, including gold ornaments.
    2. The maximum amount you can bring is one kilogram.
    3. Remember, you must pay customs duties to import gold.
  2. Custom duties on gold:
    1. The government charges a duty on gold imports to control the flow of gold into the country.
    2. Recently, the duty on gold bars has been increased from 7.5% to 12.5%.
    3. Additionally, you’ll have to pay a 2.5% Agriculture and Infrastructure Cess (AIDC). This cess is used for specific government projects related to agriculture and infrastructure.
    4. There’s also a 3% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on gold.
    5. When you add all these charges, the total import duty comes to 18.45%.


Before travelling, it’s wise to check the latest regulations and duties, as these can change. Also, always declare your gold at customs to avoid any legal issues. Remember, these rules are in place to regulate the import of gold and protect the economy. Being informed helps you travel hassle-free!

Tips for a Smooth Experience

  • Understand legal limits: Before buying gold, know the limits for purchasing and carrying it. Countries have different rules, so it’s essential to be informed about these limits to avoid legal issues.
  • Save all receipts: Keep every receipt when you purchase gold. These receipts are important as they prove the value of your gold and that you obtained it legally. This is especially crucial when crossing borders, as customs officials might ask for these documents.
  • Declare at customs: If you’re travelling with gold, you must declare it at customs. Failing to do so can lead to serious consequences, like fines or even having your gold taken away.
  • Be ready for customs duties: There’s a limit to how much gold you can bring into a country without paying extra fees. You must pay customs duties if your gold is worth more than this limit. So, it’s good to be prepared for these additional costs.


Bringing gold from Dubai to India can be a rewarding experience, provided you adhere to the legal guidelines. You can enjoy your beautiful gold purchases without any worries by understanding the rules, keeping the necessary documentation, and being prepared for customs duties.

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