As a valued FAB Bank customer, you’ll be thrilled to know that checking your ATM balance online is now a breeze! Whether you’re tech-savvy or just starting your digital banking journey, FAB Bank has made it simple.

Two convenient options: the FAB Bank website or the user-friendly mobile app. Both platforms are designed with your ease and convenience in mind. Ensuring you can effortlessly access your account information whenever and wherever you need it.

Here’s how you can check your FAB balance online:

Step 1: Log in to the FAB Bank Online

FAB Bank Login

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First, you’ll need to access your FAB Bank online account. You can do this in two easy ways: head straight to the FAB Bank website or pop over to the App Store (for iOS users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users) to download the user-friendly FAB Bank mobile app. Whichever method you choose, we’ve got you covered!

If you opt for the website, just type “FAB Bank” into your web browser’s address bar, and it’ll take you to the homepage. Look for the “LogIn” button, usually situated in the top right corner, and click on it. You’ll now need to enter your FAB Bank account details – your username and password. Don’t worry. These are the same login credentials you use for traditional banking, so you don’t need to memorize anything new.

On the other hand, if you’re more of an app person, it’s time to head to your device’s app store. Search for “FAB Bank” in the search bar, and once you spot our distinctive logo, tap “Download” and let the magic happen. Once the installation is complete, locate the app on your device and open it up. As you eagerly wait to see what’s inside, simply input your FAB Bank account details – your trusty username and password – to gain access.

Please note that once you’ve logged in to your account, you need to write the last two digits of the FAB prepaid card number in the first empty box. 

Step 2: Navigate to Your Account Information

Once you’ve successfully logged in to your FAB Bank online account, it’s time to explore your financial account! Don’t worry; we’ve made it easy-peasy for you to find what you need.

Once you’re inside your account, take a look around. You’ll notice a section dedicated to your account information. Excitingly, right there, front and center, is your account balance! It’s like having your digital piggy bank displaying your current funds at a glance. No need to wonder or guess anymore; your balance is right there, ready to be seen.

But wait, there’s more! Beneath your balance, you’ll discover a treasure trove of recent transactions. Those delightful purchases you made during the weekend shopping spree or the cozy dinner you treated your friends to all be neatly listed for you. Keeping track of your transactions should be hassle-free, so we’ve organized them in an easy-to-read format.

Step 3: Check Your ATM Balance

Check FAB Bank ATM Balance

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Checking your ATM balance is a piece of cake! When you log in to your FAB Bank online account, watch for the friendly sections labeled “ATM Balance” or “Available Balance.” 

Once you spot these sections, there, displayed right before your eyes, is the amount of money you have available to use with your debit card. It’s like having your financial assistant ready to tell you exactly how much cash you can withdraw from an ATM or use for those exciting shopping sprees!

Think of it this way: you’ve got your digital wallet, keeping track of your funds and ensuring you’re always in the know. No more guesswork or uncertainty. Just a clear and simple display of your available funds, empowering you to make informed decisions about your spending.

Step 4: Review Your Recent Transactions

Once you’re inside your FAB Bank online account, look for the friendly sections labeled “Recent Transactions” or “Transaction History.” Think of these sections as your financial timeline, ready to show you all the exciting action that’s been happening in your account!

Once you find these sections, prepare for a delightful journey through your financial adventures. With just a simple click, a whole list of your recent transactions will unfold before you like a digital storybook. 

Every withdrawal you made, every purchase you treated yourself to, and every deposit you received will be neatly arranged for your viewing pleasure. No more wondering where your money went or how much you’ve been saving – it’s all right at your fingertips!

You can quickly review last week’s elegant stay at Dubai’s luxury hotels, the cool gadget you splurged on, or even that surprise deposit you received. It’s all right there, giving you a crystal-clear view of your spending and income.

You can also click on each transaction to get more details. That’s right! Like a financial detective, you can uncover the date, amount, and merchant involved in each transaction. It’s the perfect way to stay organized and in control of your financial life.

Step 5: Log Out

Once you’ve checked your ATM balance and taken a delightful tour through your recent transactions, remember to wrap up your digital banking adventure by logging out of your FAB Bank online account. 

Logging out is a simple yet powerful step in protecting your personal information. By clicking that “Log Out” button, you ensure that only you have access to your account and keep your potential prying eyes at bay.

Just look for the “LogOut” button, usually in the top-right corner, and with a gentle click, you’ll bid farewell to your online banking session. So, whether you’re wrapping up your banking on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, remember to log out each time you’re done. It’s a small action that goes a long way in ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your valuable financial data. 

How to Check FAB Bank Salary Account Balance?

Having a salary prepaid card simplifies checking your FAB bank salary account balance. Similarly, you can easily check your prepaid card balance at any FAB ATM without entering any numbers.

Many clients now prefer the convenience of checking their FAB bank balance online using their cell phones. This method allows them to perform the task with ease. Additionally, it’s worth noting that ATMs might not always be readily available at your doorstep.

PPC NBAD Balance Check

When you want to check the balance of your salary account using this method, it is commonly referred to as a “PPC NBAD balance check.” Don’t worry; the process is straightforward and identical to what has been explained in this post. 

FAB Cashback Offer Salaried Persons

FAB Cashback Offer

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By simply setting up a FAB account and using FAB Mobile, you can earn up to AED 5,000 in cashback! It’s effortless to get started – just download the FAB Mobile app and transfer your salary. If you already have a FAB account, you can still participate in this exciting offer by moving your salary there.

The process is simple: once two or more salaries are transferred to your FAB account, you become eligible to receive the cashback. As a UAE National, you could earn up to AED 5,000 in cashback, while expatriates can earn up to AED 2,500.

The cashback you earn will be credited to your account as FAB Rewards. Now, here’s the exciting part – you can use these FAB Rewards to shop at your favorite brands, conveniently pay utility bills, handle Salik payments, or even redeem them as cashback directly into your account! The endless possibilities give you more reasons to love banking with FAB.

To help you visualize the potential cashback you could earn, look at the table below, which displays the cashback amounts corresponding to different earning levels.

EarningsCashback (UAE National)Cashback (Expatriate)
AED 0 – 2,99900
AED 3,000 – 4,999Up to AED 1,000Up to AED 500
AED 5,000 – 14,999Up to AED 2,500Up to AED 1,500
AED 15,000+Up to AED 5,000Up to AED 2,500

So, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to earn cashback while managing your finances with FAB. Start enjoying the benefits today and make the most of your earnings! You can also use this cashback to buy life insurance for you or your family.


Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll unlock a world of ease and convenience for managing your money.

So why wait? Empower yourself with the ease and comfort of digital banking. Discover how easy it is to check your ATM balance, review your recent transactions, and keep tabs on your finances in a secure place. With FAB Bank by your side, managing your money has never been more delightful.

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