n today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever. Whether chatting with friends, scrolling through social media, or catching up on work emails, your mobile plan plays a crucial role in your daily life. If you’re a Etisalat Wasel Prepaid Plan user or are considering becoming one, you’re in luck! This guide is designed to help maximise your plan’s benefits, ensuring you stay connected without breaking the bank. So, let’s dive in and explore how to get the most out of your Wasel Prepaid Plan.

Understanding Your Etisalat Wasel Prepaid Plan

First things first, understanding the ins and outs of your Wasel Prepaid Plan is key. Wasel is a flexible and user-friendly option offered by Etisalat, one of the leading telecom providers. It allows you to pay in advance for your mobile usage, giving you control over your spending and avoiding unexpected bills. For detailed terms and conditions, you can refer to the official document.

Benefits of Wasel Prepaid Plan

Wasel Prepaid Plan

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Enjoy a free 1GB of data that you can use for a whole week! Their plan also bills you by the second for any calls you make, whether local or international, ensuring you only pay for the time you talk. Here’s what makes the offer great for everyone:

  • Get free data: You receive 1GB of data for free, valid for seven days.
  • Pay-per-second calls: Only pay for the seconds you spend on local and international calls.
  • Flexible plans: Choose from various convenient tariff options that suit your needs.
  • Extra services: Access a wide range of innovative services that add value to your plan.
  • Earn rewards: With every Wasel recharge, you earn Smiles points that can get you free services.

This plan is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, making your mobile experience enjoyable and rewarding.

How to Manage Account on Wasel Prepaid Plan

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Here’s how you can manage your Etisalat account and access various services, broken down into easy steps:

  • Using the My Etisalat UAE App: Download and use this app for a quick and user-friendly way to check your account and manage services.
  • Through My Etisalat Self-Care: Visit their website for a hands-on approach to managing your account needs from any device.
  • Utilising USSD Codes for instant services:
    • To check your balance, simply dial *121#.
    • Interested in the latest prepaid offers and promotions? Dial *101#.
    • For the daily special deal, hit up *050#.
    • To share credit with a friend, use 100, followed by the mobile number and the amount you want to send and press OK.
  • Unlimited voice and video calls: By texting “ICP” to 1012, you can subscribe to Etisalat’s Internet Calling Plan. This lets you make unlimited calls using certain apps, helping you stay connected with loved ones.

Plus, there are other convenient methods to recharge your Etisalat

Validity of Wasel Prepaid Plan

Just keep using it regularly to ensure your phone line stays active for life without any extra cost. This means you can top up your balance, make or receive phone calls, or send text messages. Don’t worry if you don’t use your phone line at all don’t worry – it won’t be cancelled immediately. You’ll still have it for 12 months. Within this period, if you want to start using it again and keep its free lifetime service, you can simply call, text, or add some credit to your account following the guidelines mentioned here. This way, your phone line stays with you for free if you keep it active occasionally.

Fees of Wasel Prepaid Plan

If you’re considering making a purchase, there’s a one-time fee of 55 AED. Good news! If you buy online, this fee won’t apply; it’s free. They’ve got you covered for detailed information on the costs of calls, data usage, and sending text messages. Just click on the provided link for all the specifics. This way, you can stay informed and make decisions that best suit your needs. 

Stay Informed About Tariffs and Offers

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping an eye on the latest tariffs and offers is key to always benefiting from the best deals. Companies like Etisalat frequently update their plans and promotions to stay competitive and meet the changing needs of their customers. To stay ahead of the game, it’s smart to check the Etisalat website or use their app regularly. This way, you’ll have access to the most current information right at your fingertips. Doing this helps you save money and ensures you’re taking full advantage of the best services and features that suit your needs. 

Remember, staying informed is the first step towards making wise choices in a world full of options. So, make it a habit to stay updated, and you’ll always enjoy the best offers.


The Wasel Prepaid Plan is smart for keeping in touch without spending too much. Here’s how to get the best from it so everyone can understand. First, check out special deals online – they’re often better than in stores. Keep an eye on how much data you use; this way, you won’t run out unexpectedly. Look into extra services that add more value to your plan. When it’s time to top up your credit, consider your options to ensure you choose the best one. Stay up-to-date with new pricing and promotions to get the best deal. These tips will help you enjoy your mobile service more and worry less about costs.

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