Managing our mobile services efficiently is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced world. Whether sharing credit with friends and family or ensuring we’re always connected, Etisalat Credit Transfer offers a seamless solution. Let’s dive into how you can simplify your life with this easy-to-use feature.

What is an Etisalat Credit Transfer?

At Etisalat’s service, they understand the importance of staying connected and managing your resources efficiently. That’s why they’ve crafted various solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you want to share, receive data, or even transfer credit, they’ve got you covered. Etisalat enables seamless local and international transactions, ensuring that distance is no longer a barrier when supporting each other. 

Furthermore, they recognize the value of community and the power of a little help from friends and family. Hence, they’ve allowed you to request credit from your loved ones, ensuring you’re never left in a bind. Their goal is to keep you connected, empowered, and supported, no matter where you are or what you need.

Who is Eligible for Etisalat Transfer Credit?

Etisalat Transfer Credit Eligibility

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Local and International Credit/Data Transfer Made Easy:

Are you an Etisalat user? Whether on a prepaid (Wasel or FIVE) or postpaid plan, you can share the love with others through credit and data transfers! Here’s how you can make the most of these services:

  • Local credit transfer:
    • Suppose you’re a Wasel (prepaid) or postpaid user with an active account. In that case, you can easily transfer credit to other prepaid Etisalat numbers within your country.
  • International credit and data transfer:
    • This is perfect for those who want to send some help back home or to friends abroad. Both prepaid (Wasel and FIVE sim) and postpaid users can transfer credit or data to prepaid accounts in select countries overseas.
  • Request for credit service:
    • Running low on credit? Prepaid users can quickly request credit through this handy service.

Data balance credit transfer from Etisalat to Etisalat

Did you know you can also transfer data balance? Yes, that’s right! Etisalat allows you to share your data with friends and family, ensuring they’re never left out of the loop.

Benefits of data sharing:

  • Quick and easy: Sharing your data is fast, simple, and flexible.
  • Share as much as you like: You can share in multiples of 100MB. If you’re using a prepaid plan, there’s no limit to how much you can share. Postpaid users can share up to 5GB per transfer.
  • Affordable: It costs AED 3 for every 100MB you share. This fee is either taken from your balance or added to your monthly bill.
  • Monthly sharing cap: You can make up to 5 monthly data transfers if your plan is 1GB or above.
  • Data validity: The data you share lasts ten days and is used before your regular data allowance.
  • Minimum balance: Ensure you have at least 100MB left after sharing.

How to share data:

You can share data using any of these methods:

  • My Etisalat UAE App: Download and use the My Etisalat UAE app for an easy transfer experience.
  • Dial a code: Simply dial #100*Receiver-Number*Data-in-MB#. For example, to send 1GB, dial #100*05XXXXXXXX*1000#.
  • Quick dial: Just dial #100# to start the transfer process.

Tracking your data:

If you’re receiving data, you can keep an eye on your usage in a few ways:

  • My Etisalat UAE App: Use the app to monitor your data balance.
  • Dial a code: Check your data by dialling *121*170#.

Important tips:

  • Notifications: As a receiver, you’ll get an SMS alert when you’ve used all the shared data.
  • No surprise bills: Once the shared data is used up, you won’t be able to access data outside your plan, preventing unexpected charges.

International Etisalat Credit Transfer

As an Etisalat by e& customer, you can keep in touch with your loved ones, business partners, and family members by transferring credit to their prepaid numbers abroad or recharging your prepaid account in the UAE. This service is especially handy for visitors with an Etisalat by e& prepaid account, allowing you to make the most out of any unused credit by recharging a prepaid account back in your home country.

Benefits include:

  • Stay connected: Easily maintain active prepaid accounts for those you care about while roaming in the UAE.
  • Convenience: Recipients receive the credit directly on their mobile and a confirmation SMS, eliminating the need to visit a top-up outlet.
  • Security and ease: Complete transactions securely using your mobile handset, anytime and anywhere.
  • Cost-effective: Enjoy lower transaction fees than traditional overseas money transfers, especially for small amounts.
  • Speed: Instantly transfer airtime across borders without any hassle.

How to transfer:

  • Use the My Etisalat UAE app.
  • Text the international prepaid number (e.g., 9198XXXXXXXX) to 1700 (this service is free).

Fees or charges:

  • After sending the international number, you’ll receive a message detailing the available credit denominations for the destination country and their corresponding charges in AED for your confirmation. There are no hidden fees.


  • Ensure you have enough balance in your Wasel account or a valid postpaid account to initiate a transaction.

Local Etisalat Credit Transfer

Sending mobile credit to your family and friends is a kind gesture, especially when they need it most. Whether you have a prepaid or postpaid mobile plan, you can easily transfer credit to others with prepaid numbers. This service, known as Local Credit Transfer, offers you the flexibility to send different amounts of credit. Here’s how you can do it in a simple and friendly manner:

How to send credit:

  • Through the My Etisalat UAE App: This is a straightforward way to transfer credit directly from your phone.
  • By dialling a simple code: Just dial *100*Mobile Number*Amount to be transferred#. For example, to send AED 5, you would dial  *100*05XXXXXXXX*5#.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Minimum and maximum amounts:
    • For postpaid users, you can send a minimum of AED 2 and up to AED 150 daily or AED 500 monthly.
    • For prepaid users, the minimum is also AED 2, but you can send up to AED 150 daily or AED 1,500 monthly.
  • Small fee: There’s a transaction fee of 5.25% (including 5% VAT) on the amount you send. So, if you send AED 100, AED 105.25 will be taken from your account, and your friend will receive the full AED 100.

How to Request a Credit?

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Want to ask someone to transfer credit to your phone? Here’s a step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow:

  1. To request credit, type the code *107*05XXXXXXXX*Amount# into your phone. Replace 05XXXXXXXX with the phone number of the person you’re asking for credit and the amount with how much credit you need. Then, press the send or call button.
  2. The person you’re asking will get a message. It will say, “Mobile Number 05xxxxxx is asking you to transfer AED x (the amount you asked for).”
  3. To send the credit, the other person should type *100*YourMobileNumber*Amount# and press send. Ensure they know to replace “YourMobileNumber” with your actual number and “Amount” with how much credit to send.
  4. Once they’ve sent the credit, you’ll get it on your phone. You can start using it right away!

Things to remember:

  • This handy feature is only available for prepaid customers.
  • You can only make two requests each day.

Why it’s great:

  • It’s a quick way to get credit when you need it.
  • Perfect for emergencies or a little boost until you can top up.


Transferring Etisalat credit, whether locally or internationally, is a breeze. It’s a simple, effective way to stay connected with those who matter most. Whether you’re sharing the love across the globe or just across town, Etisalat Credit Transfer has covered you. So go ahead, spread the joy of connectivity, and simplify your life with this easy-to-use service.

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