Do you dream of traveling from the bustling, sky-scraping city of Dubai to Fujairah’s peaceful, mountain-hugged coast? Maybe you’re scratching your head, wondering how you can make this trip happen. Well, fret not! This guide is your friendly compass, ready to point you in the right direction.

The drive from Dubai to Fujairah is better than before, thanks to the latest road cutting through the Hajar Mountains. The 120 Km drive is incredibly safe and smooth as no heavy vehicles are authorized on this stretch. Taking the intercity bus is the most affordable option but requires two transfers. 

Dubai, the city of superlatives, and Fujairah, a tranquil escape, are special parts of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is home to luxury hotels, cars, houses, malls, and restaurants, while Fujairah offers the best serene landscapes. Each of them provides unique experiences. With a little planning and this trusty guide, you can traverse this path from glittering Dubai to Fujairah’s serene and picturesque beauty. So grab your adventure hat. It’s time to set off on an exciting journey!

Driving from Dubai to Fujairah by Car

Driving from Dubai to Fujairah by Car

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Have you ever taken a road trip? Driving from Dubai to Fujairah is an exciting adventure that you and maybe your family will appreciate! It’s like going on a mini-adventure across the UAE landscape. In the UAE, getting car insurance is mandatory to save people from any hassle in case the car gets into trouble.

Imagine you’re behind the wheel, with the open road stretching out in front of you. The drive is as straightforward as your favorite board game. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Route 1: Via Dubai-Fujairah Rd/Maliha-Fujaiha Road/E84 and Sharjah – Kalba Road/E102

Most preferred route and the fastest

  • It’s 121 km long and will take about 1 hour and 16 minutes to complete. 
  • It’s the quickest and most liked route. 
  • On your way, you’ll see lots of cool things! You’ll pass the magnificent Grand Sheik Zayed Mosque, the bustling Fujairah Mall, and even the quirky Magnetic Hill, where cars seem to move backward! You’ll see Al Hayl Castle, where stories of knights and princesses come to life. You might even spot camels racing at Khawaneej Camel Track. At Dubai Safari Park and Mushrif Park, you’ll see different types of plants and animals, and remember the Dubai Festival City, where it’s always party time! Last but not least, you’ll see the world-famous Burj Khalifa.
  • When you’re feeling peckish, stop at yummy spots like Kurtosh on Maliha Fujairah Rd, Alalwan Athalatha Cafe on Sharjah-Kalba Road, or Al Tazj Bakery and Tanoor at Mushrif Park. 
  • Want to eat with a view? Try at Kurtosh-Maliha Fujairah Rd, Alalwan Athalatha Cafe- Sharjah- Kalba Rd, Al Tazj Bakery and Tanoor- Mushrif Park, At, Mosphere- Burj Khalifa.

Route 2: Via Dubai-Fujairah Rd/Maliha-Fujaiha Road/E84 and Sharjah – Kalba Road/E102

Detour to see Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary 

  • It’s 130 kilometers long and will take roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. It’s a bit of a longer journey, but worth it!
  • On the way, you’ll come across some awesome sights. First, you’ll see the majestic Grand Sheik Zayed Mosque and the fancy Al Bustan Hall. Then, you’ll pass by the bustling Fujairah Mall, where you can shop if you’d like. Get ready for some magic at Magnetic Hill, where cars seem to go in reverse! You’ll also spot the historic Al Hayl Castle and enjoy the thrills of the Khawaneej Camel Track.
  • Visit the Dubai Safari Park and the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, where you’ll see fascinating animals in their natural habitat. And, of course, you can’t miss the iconic Burj Khalifa.
  • When hunger strikes, you’ll have some great places to eat. Check out Kurtosh on Maliha Fujairah Rd for delicious treats, or head to Alalwan Athalatha Cafe on Sharjha-Kalba Road for a tasty meal. 

With traffic in mind, the journey takes around 1.5 hours – just enough time to enjoy some of your favorite songs! 

Here are a few more of the important things that you need to take note of when traveling by car:

  • Approximate taxi fare (if you opt for a taxi): AED 360
  • Approximate travel time: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Distance: 121 Km
  • Car rentals in Fujairah: Fast Rent A CarThrifty Car Rental, Budget Rent A Car. 

Dubai to Fujairah by Bus

Dubai to Fujairah by Bus

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The bus choice is available from Fujairah to Dubai with two transfers hence is one of the lesser-used modes of transport. Being the cheapest, it should be used if you want to be economical.

  • Distance: 151 Km
  • Travel Time: 2 hours 45 minutes 
  • Tip: The bus has free WiFi!

Part 1: Route Number 8

  • Frequency: 30 minutes 
  • Distance: 30 Km
  • Travel Time: 51 minutes 
  • Ticket Cost: AED 5 
  • Starting point: Jumeira, Royal Meridian
  • Drop-off point: Gold Souq Bus Station
  • Change of bus at Gold Souq Bus Station- 5 minutes

Part 2: Route Number 53 or 64 A

  • Frequency: 15 minutes
  • Distance: 4 Km
  • Travel Time: 4 minutes 
  • Ticket Cost: AED 1
  • Starting Point: Gold Souq Bus Station
  • Drop-off point: Memorial Plaza
  • Transfer from Memorial Plaza to Dubai Union Square: 30 minutes 

Part 3: Route Number: E700

  • Frequency: 1 hour 
  • Distance: 117 Km
  • Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes 
  • Ticket cost: AED 20
  • Starting point: Dubai Union Square
  • Drop-off point: Fujairah

Dubai to Fujairah by Bus + Metro

Dubai to Fujairah by Bus + Metro

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Taking the Metro is faster than two buses because you don’t have to transfer. You just get on the Metro and ride it to Dubai. It’s more convenient compared to commuting by two buses.

Part 1: Metro Red Line

Nakheel to Union 

  • Distance: 25.5 Km
  • Frequency: 10 minutes 
  • Travel time: 35 minutes 
  • Ticket Cost: AED 5
  • Transfer from Union to Dubai Union Square: 30 minutes

Part 2: Bus (Route Number: E700)

  • Frequency: 1 hour
  • Distance: 117 Km
  • Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Ticket Cost: AED 20
  • Starting Point: Dubai Union Square
  • Drop Off Point: Fujairah

Packing Essentials for Your Journey

Here are some important things you need to carry while traveling:

  1. Snacks and Drinks: Keep your energy levels high with some tasty snacks like granola bars, fruit, or nuts. Remember to stay hydrated with water or juice.
  2. Comfortable Clothing: Dress in layers to adjust to different temperatures. Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must, especially for long drives.
  3. Entertainment: Pack entertainment options such as books, magazines, or your favorite playlist to entertain yourself during the journey.
  4. Navigation Tools: Whether it’s a GPS device, a smartphone with maps, or a good old-fashioned map, make sure you have the means to navigate your way to your destination.
  5. Travel Documents: Keep your bus ticket, ID, and any necessary travel documents handy in a safe and easily accessible place.
  6. Backpack or Bag: Carry a lightweight backpack or bag to hold your essentials and keep your hands free.


Hey there, fellow adventurer! Guess what? I’ve got all the info you need to travel from Dubai to Fujairah. You’ve got a few options, so let’s check them out! First up, you can hop behind the wheel and drive yourself or get a driver. Make sure you have your driver’s license if you are the one who’s driving the road. 

If driving isn’t your thing, no worries! You can catch a comfy bus and enjoy the scenery along the way. Just sit back, relax, and let someone else drive for you. Whichever mode of transport you pick, remember to take in the breathtaking views as you travel. Oh, and remember to share your incredible journey with everyone. Safe travels!