Embark on a journey where imagination meets reality in the heart of Abu Dhabi. 

Welcome to KidZania, a place where every child gets to wear the shoes of adulthood under a safety net of endless fun and learning. At KidZania in Abu Dhabi, the skyline of opportunities touches the curious hearts of young minds, nurturing their future with skills, values, and memories. A city where kids run the show, and the streets echo with the laughter and hustle of tomorrow’s leaders. 

In this blog, we will delve into the world of KidZania and explore what makes it the best edutainment place for your little ones.

What is KidZania? 



Nestled in a sprawling 55,000 square meter enclave is an enchanting world where learning is the quest, and play is the charioteer. KidZania Abu Dhabi is a meticulously crafted replica of a bustling city replete with real-world professions waiting to be explored by young minds aged 4-16. 

Here, role-play isn’t just a game; it’s a journey of discovery, unearthing the nuances of adult professions in a milieu of joy and creativity.

KidZania Operational Hours & Tickets

A day at KidZania is a day well-spent. Open from 11 am to 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 11 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s a world awaiting your child’s exploration. With ticket prices tailored for all ages, KidZania is an adventure that is as accessible as it is enchanting.

When booking an appointment, you can choose from a variety of tickets. You can buy tickets for toddlers, kids, adults and seniors. Children under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult. If you are coming in a group like a school, a charity, or a community, you will need to secure a request first. You can also book an appointment for Birthday celebrations and an exciting summer camp!

KidZania Standard Ticket Price 

  • Economy (4 – 16 yrs): AED 185
  • Premium (4 – 16 yrs):  AED 255
  • Adult (17 yrs and above): AED 75
  • Toddler (2 – 3 yrs): AED 105
  • Baby (0-1 yr): FREE

Role-Play: The Heartbeat of KidZania 

Role-Play at kidzania


The magic brew at KidZania is the essence of role-play, a timeless escapade that discovers the imagination and hones real-world skills. Whether your child dreams of soaring the skies as a pilot, or safeguarding the city as a police officer, KidZania is the canvas where these dreams get a dash of reality. 

The thrill of donning uniforms, accomplishing tasks, and making decisions not only fuels their imagination but significantly impacts their cognitive and social development.

Economy of KidZania: Learning the ABCs of Finance 

Economy of KidZania


In the heart of KidZania lies its pulsating economy, driven by its unique currency – kidZos. As your children earn, save, and spend kidZos, they’re not just playing; they’re stepping into the shoes of adulthood, understanding the essence of financial literacy in a fun and engaging environment.

B•KidZanian: The Stepping Stone to Glory

The journey of learning and fun doesn’t end with a single visit. With the B•KidZanian CitiZenship Program, your child’s every endeavor at KidZania gets etched in a PaZZport, unlocking a realm of benefits and moving them up the ranks from a Naturalized to an Honorable CitiZen. Each level unfurls more perks, feeding the curiosity and fueling the spirit of adventure.

Zupervisors: Your Child’s Guiding Light 



At every corner of KidZania, Zupervisors are the torchbearers of safety and learning. Their expert guidance ensures your child’s experience is not only enriching but safe, allowing you to have peace of mind while they explore, learn, and grow.

Education, Entertainment, and Beyond! 

Education, Entertainment, and Beyond! 


Here are some of the activities your children will enjoy in Kidzania.

  • Education- The university in KidZania helps children prepare for higher education and earn kidZos in their chosen professions. The Acting Academy offers specialized training, teaching various roles and enhancing communication and confidence through talent shows and street performances.
  • Entertainment- Children are the stars at the Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania, where multiple daily shows are held for their entertainment.
  • Food and Beverage-In KidZania, there are also several dining options available, including Pizzamania, Gelato Divino for ice cream, and the opportunity to make your own snacks at the Fade Fit Healthy Snack Factory, just like in a real city.
  • Health- KidZania seeks aspiring surgeons, nurses, and paramedics to join Danat Al Emarat Hospital in KidZania Abu Dhabi. Additionally, kids can learn about dental hygiene by visiting the Appolonia Pediatric Dental Center.
  • Media: Create a short film with the latest stop motion technique at Majid TV Animation Studio.
  • Retail: Teach kids financial literacy through money management at the Department Store, where they can spend their hard-earned kidZos.
  • Services: Experience the hospitality industry at Rove Hotel, including reservation, check-in, serving food, and housekeeping. Additionally, take on roles in governmental services like the Abu Dhabi Police Department and Fire Station to help keep the city safe.
  • Transportation: Check-in and get a city map at KidZania’s check-in desks, explore a real Airport and Aircraft, and take a City Bus tour to learn about iconic places.
  • Sports: Test your sports skills at the Stadium by joining a team, playing a match, or participating in physical training sessions to improve your strength.


KidZania Abu Dhabi is not just a theme park; it’s a crucible of learning and fun. It’s where your child steps into the shoes of adulthood, all in a day’s play! So why wait? Let the adventure begin, and watch as your child crafts memories filled with learning, laughter, and a hefty dose of reality.

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