The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) in the UAE is a government office that handles many services, including document attestation. It checks and approves documents from other local government offices in Dubai and its international missions. MoFAIC attests to various types of documents, both personal and commercial, whether they are issued in the UAE or abroad.

What is MOFA Attestation in Dubai?

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MOFA attestation is an important step to confirm that documents from other countries are genuine and can be used in the UAE. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) handles this process. It’s important for personal, educational, commercial, and legal reasons. Here, we’ll explore everything you need to know about MOFA attestation in Dubai and the UAE, including the steps, fees, locations, and why it’s necessary.

Which Documents are Subject to Attestation by MOFA Dubai?

MOFA Attestation in Dubai is needed for three main types of certificates. These categories are based on the certificate’s characteristics, purpose, and the government department that handles the attestation. They include-

  • Educational Certificates,
  • Personal Documents,
  • Commercial Documents

Why is it Necessary to Attest the docs with MOFA Dubai?

MOFA attestation in Dubai is necessary to: 

  • Ensure documents are legally recognised in the UAE.
  • Validate the authenticity of documents for employment, higher education, visa processing, and business setup.
  • Prevent document fraud and misuse.

How to Apply for MOFA Attestation in Dubai?

To get your documents attested by MOFA in Dubai, follow these steps:

1. Register and Log In

Apply for MOFA Attestation

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  • New users: Register and log in.
  • Existing users: Log in.

2. Select Services

MOFA Services

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3. Document Selection

MOFA Document Selection

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  • Select the type of document(s) for attestation.
  • Multiple documents can be attested in one application.

4. Courier Service

  • Choose the courier service for document pick-up and drop-off.

5. Provide Information

  • Fill in the required information and answer questions.
  • Enter the place of issuance for the document(s).

6. Document Preparation

  • Ensure documents are attested/stamped by relevant authorities before applying.

7. Payment

  • Proceed to pay the fees.

8. Courier Service

  • The Courier will pick up documents from the chosen location.
  • The courier will drop off documents at the chosen location.

You can also visit a MOFAIC service centre with your original documents and a copy of your online application to verify it and have it attested by MOFAIC officials. Additionally, if you are stuck or need further assistance, you can visit this link for more detailed information and support.

How Can You Obtain Attestation of Documents and Certificates?

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website
  • UAE MOFA smartphone application
  • UAE embassies and consulates abroad
  • People of determination, senior citizens, and residents can contact the call centre at 0097180044444

What are the benefits of MOFA attestation in Dubai?

  • Saves Time and Money: You don’t need to get your documents notarised or legalised, which cuts costs and speeds up the process.
  • Confirms Authenticity: It proves your document is real and valid.
  • Quick and Easy: Attestation by MOFA means faster document handling without dealing with many agencies.
  • Boosts Trust: Attested documents make your business look more trustworthy to clients.
  • Smooth Legal Interactions: Properly attested documents help you successfully deal with legal entities in Dubai.

MOFA Attestation Fees:

The fees for MOFA attestation vary depending on the type of document. Here is a general fee structure:

Document TypeFee (AED)
Personal Documents150
Commercial Documents2,000
Educational Certificates150
Power of Attorney150

MOFA Attestation Dubai Location:

MOFAIC service centres are located in various parts of Dubai. The main centre is located at:

King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street, Al Bateen – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Helpline No: 0097180044444 (You can contact them via this number in case of any queries or assistance)

MOFA Attestation Dubai Timing:

MOFAIC service centres in Dubai typically operate during the following hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Closed on Fridays and Saturdays

What Documents Can Be Attested Through MOFA Dubai?

MOFA Dubai attests a wide range of documents, including:

CategoryDocuments Included
Individual AffairsEducational documents (certificates & transcripts are treated as two different documents), Birth certificates, Death certificates, Medical reports, Good conduct certificates, Marriage certificates, Court-issued certificates, Power of attorney of a personal nature, To whom it may concern, letters, Employment contracts, Employment offer, Bank statements, Personal tax certificate, etc.
Commercial DocumentsContract or agreement, Commercial registration, Appointment of a manager or a director, Minutes of the meeting of the board of directors or partners, Company change of name, Brand registration, Distribution agreement, Corporate insurance certificate, Corporate tax certificate, Board of directors decision, Trade license, Partnership or shareholder certificate, Annexes and appendices in commercial documents, Memorandums, Company closures, Company branch registration, Bankruptcy documents, Financial statement, Product registration, Patent registration or waiver, Trademark registration, Power of attorney of commercial nature, General power of attorney, Signature document, End-user certificate, Tax certificate, Completion certificate, Any other document of commercial nature. Note: Commercial contracts or agreements may be considered multiple documents based on their content. Please reach out to our call centre if you have any doubts.
Invoices and Certificate of OriginsCommercial documents with proof of sale of any items or products

How Much Time Does It Take to Get the MOFA Attestation?

The time required for MOFA attestation can vary, but typically it takes:

  • Personal Documents: 1-2 working days
  • Commercial Documents: 3-5 working days

Final Takeaway:

MOFA attestation is important for anyone using foreign-issued documents in the UAE. Ensuring your documents are properly attested for employment, education, or business purposes will save you time and potential legal issues. Following the steps above, you can navigate the attestation process smoothly and efficiently.

For more information and updates, visit the official MOFAIC website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Do I need to attest to documents issued within Dubai?

Even documents issued within Dubai, UAE, might require MOFA attestation for specific purposes. 

Q. What are the requirements for attestations?

  • Original document in English or Arabic (or an official translation of it)
  • The document must be attested by the appropriate governing bodies before submission
  • The document must not be laminated

Q. What happens if my documents are damaged or lost?

You might need to obtain replacements from the issuing authority before proceeding with attestation.

Q. Can I go directly to Mofa for attestation?

You can visit MoFAIC Attestation Centres directly with your documents and payment receipt.

Q. Is MOFA attestation mandatory in the UAE?

Yes, it is mandatory as it validates your documents’ credibility and ensures they are legit.

Q. Can someone attest my documents on my behalf?

Anyone can attest documents on your behalf.

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