People love to visit popular destinations in Sharjah. And Sharjah, a lively place in the UAE, is famous for having cozy homes that are great for families from other countries. These homes are in nice spots, so families can easily reach important places like schools, stores, and hospitals. Many people from India like Sharjah because it has good Indian schools. These schools use a special teaching style called CBSE, which is well-known. This helps kids learn well.

The special thing about Sharjah is that it focuses on ensuring kids have an exemplary learning time. The teachers here are awesome and care about helping youngsters succeed. So, if you’re a family looking for a friendly place to live where you can find everything you need and your kids can get a great education, Sharjah is the place to be!

Below is a list of Indian schools in Sharjah. These schools will make your children acquire access to high-quality education.

List of Indian Schools in Sharjah

Sharjah Indian School

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Imagine a place shaping young minds for a whopping 37 years – that’s Sharjah Indian School for you! It’s one of the oldest Indian schools in Sharjah, a special spot where learning blooms. Right now, nearly 9,000 students are part of this big school family. They all follow something called CBSE, which is like a roadmap for teaching, and most teachers here use a plan made by smart folks at the National Council of Educational Research and Training in India.

Sharjah Indian School isn’t just about books. It’s like a treasure chest of fun and learning combined. They have things for your brain and heart, like exciting activities beyond regular classes. It’s like they’re giving you tools to rock at whatever challenges come your way!

Boys and girls have special places at the school, with cool science labs waiting to be explored. Teachers here are like guides, cheering you on to try cool experiments and crack tough problems in new ways.

So, suppose you’re dreaming of a school that’s like a big, caring family, where learning is exciting, and you’re ready to conquer the world. In that case, Sharjah Indian School is where the adventure begins!

Important things you must take note of about Sharjah Indian School:

  • Location: Ghubaiba (Girls’ section) & Juwaiza (Boys’ section)
  • Tuition: Yearly fees ranging from AED 4,500 to AED 6,400
  • Educational Approach: CBSE Curriculum 
  • Phone: Girls’ section – +971-6-5670560 | Boys’ section – +971-6-5665775

The Indian Academy

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Let me introduce you to The Indian Academy – a newer school on the block opening its doors in 2014. But don’t let the “new” fool you because this place has a special kind of magic that parents love when searching for top-notch schools.

This academy has special ‘Smart’ classrooms. These rooms aren’t just walls and desks; they’re filled with awesome stuff, like the latest gadgets that help make learning fun. And guess what? To join this school adventure, students first tackle an entrance exam. This little challenge opens the door to big opportunities.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re a sports fan, you’re in for a treat. The Indian Academy doesn’t just focus on books; they’re all about letting kids shine outside too. They have a special football field that meets FIFA’s standards – like having a mini stadium! And a basketball court outside where you can dribble, shoot, and score under the guidance of super-experienced sports coaches.

Important things you must take note of about The Indian Academy:

  • Location: Situated in Al Azra, Sharjah 
  • Tuition: Annual fees ranging from AED 8,000 to AED 12,500
  • Educational Approach: CBSE Curriculum 
  • Phone: +971-6-577-0979

Delhi Private School

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Let’s journey back over the last 17 years and discover the incredible story of Delhi Private School. Starting as a seed, it’s become one of the brightest stars among Indian schools in Sharjah. What makes it so special? Well, it’s all about a fresh way of teaching that’s full of excitement!

From the littlest ones in KG I to the big shots in Grade XII, they’re all part of this educational adventure. They’re like a team that follows a special map called CBSE, and they’re even connected to the big CBSE headquarters in New Delhi. But wait, there’s more to this story! To join the fun at DPS Sharjah, students from KG II to Grade 12 show off their skills in a friendly admission test – a little test that opens doors to big opportunities.

Imagine stepping into a world where learning feels like a fantastic adventure. Inside this school, you’ll find magical places like libraries filled with stories, labs where languages come alive, and centers where science, technology, engineering, and math are all a big, exciting puzzle.

Here’s a fun fact: Delhi Private School holds the record for winning the highest Sheikh Hamdan Awards. That’s like a gold star for being super awesome at what they do!

Important things you must take note of about Delhi Private School:

  • Location: Industrial Area of Sharjah 
  • Tuition: Annual fees varying from AED 10,300 to AED 13,800
  • Educational Approach: CBSE Curriculum 
  • Contact details: +971-6-534-5352

Delta English School

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Welcome to Delta English School, where ideas flow freely! Here, teachers are more like guides, helping you explore rather than telling you what to do. And guess what? This awesome vibe isn’t just between students and teachers but among students themselves.

Now, let’s talk about how Delta English School stands out. Among the Indian schools in Sharjah, this one’s a trendsetter. They need to follow the old, dusty paths of learning. Nope, they’re walking on a fresher road. They’ve created special things like the Delta Education System and Delta IQ in the school’s backyard. 

They’re all about something called Problem-Based Learning. It’s not just for classroom stuff – even fun activities have a touch of it! But here’s the scoop: Delta English School is pretty selective. It’s like finding a gem – they only pick the brightest. So, to join this school, you’ve got to pass something called Pre Entrance Clearance Examination (PACE). 

Suppose you dream of a school where ideas bounce around like happy kids, learning is modern and exciting, and getting in is like unlocking a cool achievement. In that case, Delta English School is calling your name!

Important things you must take note of about Delta English School:

  • Situated in: Muwailih, Sharjah 
  • Educational Approach: CBSE Curriculum 
  • Contact: +971-6-535-9244

Radiant School Sharjah 

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Imagine a place where minds expand, learning feels like a grand adventure, and students are the true stars. That’s the Radiant School Sharjah for you – a place where education is all about thinking big!

What’s their secret? Well, they’ve got some cool ideas in their backpack. They believe in “international mindedness,” which means being open to the world’s diversity. And they’re all about “experiential learning,” where you learn by doing – it’s like learning from real life. Plus, they want you to feel strong and capable, so they’re all about empowering you.

You know what’s neat? The people who run the show at Radiant School believe that education isn’t just for the classroom. It’s a team effort between you, your teachers, and your parents. 

You’re like a trio of superheroes! Here’s a peek into their playground of knowledge: They’ve got special labs for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics – places where you can mix up potions and explore the world of science. And hey, there’s an Activity Room where music dances in the air and karate moves are like hex.

But that’s not all – they’re big fans of talent. They want you to shine in things you love, whether sports, arts or anything else that makes you happy. They’re like your biggest cheerleaders.

Guess what? Radiant School Sharjah isn’t just a school; it’s a ticket to becoming a well-rounded star. They’re preparing you for a world that’s always changing and exciting. No wonder they’re known as one of the top Indian CBSE schools in Sharjah. So, if you dream of a school where learning is a journey full of wonders, Radiant School Sharjah eagerly welcomes you. Your adventure starts here!

Important things you must take note of about Radiant School Sharjah:

  • Location: Al Yarmook, Sharjah 
  • Tuition: Monthly fees ranging from AED 310 to 650
  • Educational Approach: CBSE Curriculum 
  • Phone: +971-6-566-3128

Final Words

These top Indian schools in Sharjah aren’t just institutions but gateways to a brighter future. From Radiant School’s experiential learning to Delta English School’s innovative approach, these schools nurture young minds to become tomorrow’s leaders. So, whether you dream of international mindedness or empowering education, these schools are ready to shape the journey towards success.Searching for schools in Dubai? Check out our informative blog about the ‘Best Schools in Dubai‘ to learn about some excellent options. Don’t wait; embark on this educational adventure today!

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