Capturing life’s special moments is important, and what better way to do that than with professional photos? We’ve covered you and searched Dubai for the top photography studios. Whether celebrating a birthday at the luxury hotels in Dubai or simply wanting to catch the best shot for Burj Khalifa. Or doing an engagement or just enjoying a quality family photo, you’ll want the best place to make those memories last.

How did we pick these studios? We looked at several factors, like the quality of their work and their range of services. We wanted to ensure they tick all the boxes for what makes a photography studio exceptional.

So go ahead and mark your milestones with stunning photos. After all, memories fade, but pictures last forever. Consider the below top 5 photo studios in Dubai.

800 Photos

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Looking for a photography studio that excels in technical expertise? 800 Photos has got you covered. With a spacious 1,200-square-foot studio, this place is a one-stop shop for all your photo needs.


  • Versatility: Whether you need corporate headshots or cozy family portraits, their team can do it all.
  • Speed: Get your fully edited photos in two days, while most studios take at least a week.
  • Professionalism: Expect a seamless, efficient process from consultation to editing and printing.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Creativity: While technically sound, the Studio could work on adding a unique flair to its shots.
  • Concepts and lighting: The photos are good but lack that special ‘wow’ factor from creative lighting and innovative ideas.

If you value technical mastery over creative nuance, 800 Photos is a solid choice. Their dedicated team will care for you from start to finish, ensuring you get quality shots in record time. Choose them for a reliable, efficient, and technically proficient photo experience.

  • Address: Al Maktab Building Al Barsha 1 Ground Floor Lobby, shop 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +971 56 312 5111

You + Baby Studio

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You + Baby Studio is a unique photography service that stands out for all the right reasons. Here’s why:

  • All-female team: The Studio boasts an all-female team of photographers. They pour love, care, and passion into each session, ensuring the result is something you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  • Artistic touch: What sets them apart is their keen eye for detail, especially in manipulating the contrast of highlights and shadows. This technique creates depth, even when the backdrop is simple and plain.
  • Facial expressions: This focus on contrast allows the photographers to capture the subtle nuances of human expression, adding a touch of elegance to each photo.
  • Professionalism: Their work ethic is unbeatable. This team treats their clients right, delivering a seamless experience from start to finish.
  • Family-focused: Whether it’s moms, babies, or the whole family, these photographers are skilled in managing different family dynamics. They know how to direct people for the best shots.
  • Diverse packages: Personal photography is their forte. They offer various packages, including maternity shoots, newborn and family portraits, and even trendy cake smash photoshoots.

So, suppose you want to capture life’s special moments. In that case, You + Baby Studio is where artistry meets professionalism in a family-friendly setting.

  • Address: Al Safa 1, MSM 2 Building, Office 201, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +971 58 518 0036

The Studio

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The Studio is like a magical place where all kinds of awesome pictures are taken. Imagine having two special rooms just for snapping cool photos and videos! Anyone can go there—whether you’re a big company or just starting in photography.

What makes The Studio so awesome?

  • Amazing business pictures: This is the place if your company needs special images that stand out. The Studio ensures your business photos aren’t boring but cool.
  • Lots of choices: They do more than just pictures for companies. You can get family photos, model-like pictures, and even pics of things you want to sell!
  • Capturing feelings: The Studio doesn’t just take photos; it captures how you feel. So, every picture feels special and different.
  • Super good at food and product pictures: If you need really good pictures of food or stuff you want to sell, they’ve got you covered. They make sure every tiny detail looks perfect.
  • Rent the Studio: Do you have your camera and want to take pictures yourself? You can rent their special rooms full of everything you’d need for your photo shoot.

So, if you want pictures that are not just good but super amazing, you should go to The Studio!

  • Address: Ind 1 – Courtyard Building – 4 B St – Al Quoz – Dubai
  • Contact Number: +971 4 347 1745 or +971 56 121 8552

Photo Point

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Looking for a superb place to get amazing photos taken? Check out Photo Point! They’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and they make photos that are like little pieces of art.

What Makes Photo Points Awesome?

  • They can do it all: Whether it’s a picture of you, your pet, or even food, they’ve got the skills to make it look awesome.
  • Photo magic: After they take the photos, they edit them to make them even better. It’s like adding a sprinkle of magic to make the pictures super special.
  • Be yourself: They let you be creative and help you stand out. They don’t have a one-size-fits-all plan, so you get something you need. But remember, it might take a bit longer because they take time to make it perfect.
  • The real deal: They make each one feel special like it’s telling its little story.

Heads Up!

  • Time: It might take a little extra time because they focus on making each photo a mini-masterpiece. So, if you’re in a hurry, keep that in mind.

So, if you’re cool with waiting a little to get something truly amazing, Photo Point is the place to go. You’re not just getting pictures; you’re getting memories turned into art!

  • Address: Photo Point Photographs Digital Studio, Al Barsha – 1 Sheikha Noura Building Beside Centro Rotana Hotel, Dubai – UAE
  • Contact Number: (+971) 552325684 or (+971) 42639967

Qomrah Photography

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Meet Qomrah Photography, a studio with creativity and mastery down to fine art. Here’s what makes them special:

  • Cool and unique photos: Qomrah Photography is super creative! If they’re taking pictures of a baby, they wait for the perfect, cute moment instead of trying to make the baby pose.
  • They get you: These photographers know what you need. If you’re a business, they’ll take pictures showing what makes your company special.
  • Expert skills: Qomrah is different from other studios. They’re not afraid to try new things and know how to make it look awesome.
  • Lots of experience: They’re not newbies. They’ve been doing this for a long time, so they know how to handle all sorts of photo shoots and people.
  • It’s fun: Getting your picture taken here isn’t stressful; it’s a blast! If you’re part of a big group, don’t worry—everyone will have a good time.
  • Artistic touch: The pictures you get aren’t just good. They’re like works of art. They make sure everything looks amazing but also check out technically.

Qomrah Photography is a choice if you opt for any type of photography. 

  • Address: Qomrah Photography, Dubai, Business Bay, The Prism, Office# 3306
  • Contact Number: +97143235030 or +971506608085

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dubai Photography Studios

Q: Is hiring a photographer for my Instagram and other social media photos practical?

A: Hiring a photographer to capture your photos is an efficient way to save both time and effort. This is a smart investment for obtaining high-quality, feed-ready images.

Q: What are photography studios for?

A: Photography studios are special places designed for taking high-quality pictures. These studios have good lighting and a simple background to ensure the focus stays on the person or thing being photographed. This setup helps to avoid any distractions or problems with lighting.

Q: Is street photography legal in Dubai?

A: Generally, you’re permitted to take photographs in Dubai or the UAE unless there’s a clear notice indicating that it’s not allowed on a particular property. Most of the street photography subjects in Dubai are luxury cars and buildings.

Q: What is a self-shoot studio?

A: A contemporary trend known as a self-shoot studio is emerging in the photography studio sector. This innovative approach allows clients to capture their photos using advanced equipment, typically in a professional photography studio.

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