Whilst your dog is undoubtedly more precious than any dirhams you spend on them, let’s face it, for most of us costs are always a concern. Small wonder then that one of the most common questions we get here at InsuranceMarket.ae is how to save money on insurance products! t’s not quite as easy as going for the cheapest pet insurance quotes as this could leave you wasting money on a product that won’t pay out when you need it the most. Read on for our top tips on how to contain cost without compromising on cover.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a specialist product protecting you from the necessary costs of treating your animal if they are injured in an accident, or fall ill from a condition covered under the policy, and need to have medication and/or treatment from a vet. If you’re a pet owner it’s an invaluable insurance as it could take the stress out of having to pay an unexpected, and unaffordable vet’s bill.

Top Tips for saving money on pet insurance?

You can of course ask Alfred to provide you with some price comparisons to make sure you get a competitive quote, but aside from that, there are some other simple considerations that could help to cut the cost of insuring your furry friend.

  • Age is not just a number. When it comes to insurance, being young, fit and healthy gives you more options and generally lower cost cover, so don’t delay and insure your animal sooner rather than later.
  • Best breeds pay premium prices and cross breeds cost less! Pedigree pets can be more prone to certain illnesses, and congenital/hereditary diseases. Due to their attractiveness and often high values, they are also more likely to be stolen which makes the cost of insuring them more expensive.
  • Preventing pregnancy can save you money so neutering and spaying is advisable and helps reduce costs.
  • More than one pet? Check whether a multi-pet policy. These aren’t offered as standard so always good to ask for advice.

Agree to take on a higher contribution. Paying a higher excess (sometimes also called a deductible) can reduce the premium you pay as the insurer will need to pay less in the event of a claim. A word of caution though: make sure that the amount of excess you set is affordable to you as you will legally be required to pay it each and every time you make a claim,