Insurance policies are becoming more and more complex in a world where one size no longer fits all when it comes to policies. And travel insurance policies in Dubai are no exception! While this shifts some extra responsibility onto the shoulders of those travelling to or from Dubai, it also offers them the chance to ensure they are insured to match their individual needs.

By studying various policies, their premiums, inclusions and exclusions, and assessing the costs, they can make certain their policies meet their needs with add-ons and upgrades, and rest comfortably in the knowledge that any claims made will not be rejected.

Comprehensive travel insurance covers most problems that could arise while travelling. Some policies may even add an extra cover that will meet the expenses incurred as a result of delays; tour company changes in the itinerary; missed flights. But, at the same time, not all will turn a blind eye to claims made when you are adequately covered by your existing medical, accident or homeowner’s policy.

 The Four Must Have Covers In Travel Insurance In Dubai

When deciding not to go for comprehensive insurance, you may find one or more of the smaller package policies more suitable in your situation. However, it is vital to ensure that you do get coverage in the following four situations.

Trip interruption or cancellation: Having to cancel or interrupt your trip can be one of the biggest worries (and expenses) involved in a major trip. But taking out travel insurance in the UAE could help you through this, as long as you have sufficient coverage and your reason for doing so is included in your policy.

Baggage cover and personal effects cover: There are many tales told about baggage being delayed, lost, or stolen. Travel insurance in Dubai could be the answer, helping to replace lost items that exceed the coverage provided by the airline itself on a cost of replacement basis.

Medical expenses and evacuation cover: This is a necessity when if your home medical cover won’t pay out claims arising out of illness or injury in another country, and you face bills for ambulances, medical treatment or hospital stays; or medical evacuation becomes necessary to get you to a hospital, or back home. 

Theft: In today’s world, theft doesn’t go on holiday, attend conferences, or go on business trips. But laptops do, as do smartphones, cameras, and other easily stolen items. This makes ensuring items against theft imperative unless your insurance back home provides adequate coverage that continues to apply when you are abroad.

Extra Cover That’s Worth Including

Making sure that all the must-haves are covered when taking out a travel insurance policy in Dubai, will give you peace of mind and ensure that you can focus on  making the most of your business or holiday trip. But what about the less-likely events? Perhaps it’s worth making a few additions to your policy.

Extended or emergency insurance add-ons can be included to cover you should you lose your passport, or have to rebook a cancelled flight. Your trip should be a treat and the best way to make sure you get exactly what you need is to check with our insurance expert advisors if you require add-ons like winter sports cover should you plan on doing some skiing during your trip or a safari cover when planning for a safari visit in Africa.

The only way to ensure that you have the right travel insurance in Dubai, and don’t run the risk of losing out on a claim either because you are underinsured or the reason for your claim is not specified as an inclusion is to compare and study the different travel insurance policies in Dubai at and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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