Planning a trip to Sharjah? Figuring out local transportation can be a hurdle, especially for first-time visitors. But don’t worry, getting around Sharjah by taxi is a breeze. 

This guide will help you understand the taxi services in Sharjah, how to book one, what the fares look like, and some popular routes. So, let’s make your trip smooth and enjoyable!

Sharjah Taxi Services


Unlike Dubai, where a single entity manages taxis, Sharjah has multiple private companies running taxi services. The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority oversees these companies to ensure good service and fair competition. With over 5,000 cars on the road, finding a taxi in Sharjah is never a problem.

Structure of Taxi Fares in Sharjah

The fare in Sharjah taxis is straightforward and is governed by the Citi Taxi L.L.C, a franchisee of the Sharjah Road & Transport Authority (SRTA) and was established in June 2004 under the strategic vision of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, the Ruler of Sharjah.  It is also under the bigger umbrella of the Arabia Taxi Group, which operates taxi companies in major cities of the United Arab Emirates.

With franchisee rights to operate 1210 taxi vehicles in Sharjah, Citi Taxi offers a diverse fleet, including sedans, MPVs for families, and hybrid vehicles for eco-friendly transportation. Their service area covers Sharjah City, Family Taxi/Special Need Taxi, and remote areas, ensuring convenient transportation options for all.

As for the structure of the taxi fares, during the day, the minimum fare starts at 3 AED for the first kilometre, and it slightly increases at night to 4 AED. The rates per kilometre and waiting charges are also clear. There won’t be any surprises when it’s time to pay.
Check out the image below to see the fare breakdown. You may also check here to get full details.

Taxi Fares in Sharjah

Booking a Taxi in Sharjah


Booking a taxi in Sharjah is very easy. You can call 600-525-252 to get a taxi. If you prefer techy solutions, look out for ‘Click-A-Taxi’ gadgets in many public places like shopping malls. Just press a button, and a taxi will be on its way to you. You’ll get to see the taxi’s number plate and when it’ll arrive.

Sharjah also offers special taxis for women and individuals with disabilities. Call the same number, 600-525-252, to request a ladies-only taxi or a special taxi for persons with disabilities.

Popular Taxi Routes in Sharjah

Exploring the neighbouring regions from Sharjah has never been easier, thanks to the reliable taxi services available. The popular taxi routes include:

  • Sharjah to Dubai Airport: Whether you’re catching a flight or picking someone up, the route from Sharjah to Dubai Airport is a frequently travelled one. Taxis provide a hassle-free, comfortable ride, saving you from the stress of navigating through traffic or finding parking spaces.
  • Sharjah to Ajman: A quick hop away, the journey from Sharjah to Ajman is a breeze. Taxis are a popular choice offering a door-to-door service, making your trip convenient and pleasant.
  • Sharjah to Dubai: The ride from Sharjah to Dubai unveils a blend of traditional and modern architectural wonders along the way. Opting for a taxi ride for this route provides a comfortable, stress-free travel experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenic transition between the two emirates.
  • Sharjah to Al Matar: Heading to Al Matar is a common route, and taking a taxi ensures you arrive at your destination promptly without the hassles of navigating through unknown roads.
  • Sharjah to Business Bay: If you have meetings or plans in Business Bay, a taxi from Sharjah offers a straightforward and comfortable solution. With knowledgeable drivers, you can be assured of reaching your destination on time, ready to dive into your agenda.

Rights and Duties as a Sharjah Taxi Passenger


The RTA Sharjah has established both the entitlements and obligations of both passengers and taxi drivers. These encompass:


  • The choice of the route.
  • The cleanliness of the vehicle.
  • The verification of the taxi meter.
  • The ability to request the activation or deactivation of the air conditioning.
  • The right to decline giving an extra tip.
  • The option to ask to see the driver’s photo identification card.
  • The right to request a receipt at the conclusion of the journey.
  • The ability to contact the helpline if any belongings are left behind in the vehicle.
  • Exemption from paying charges if the meter malfunctions.


  • Full payment of the fare.
  • Covering any toll charges.
  • Wearing a seatbelt.
  • Avoiding consumption of food in the vehicle.
  • Preserving the vehicle from damage.
  • Requesting stops only at legally permitted, safe spaces.
  • Refraining from placing any promotional materials in the vehicle.

Tips for a Good Taxi Ride

  • Confirm the fare: Before you hop into the taxi, it’s wise to confirm the fare structure for your intended route. You can ask the driver about the estimated cost and, if possible, get a receipt at the end of your ride.
  • Map app guidance: While taxi drivers are usually well-versed with the routes, having a map app on your phone can be a handy tool. It allows you to track your journey and provide directions to the driver if necessary, ensuring you reach your destination via your preferred route.
  • Carry small change: Having a small change or exact fare amount can smoothen the payment process, making it quicker and easier for both you and the driver.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities: Being aware of your rights and responsibilities as a passenger creates a respectful and pleasant environment during your ride. For instance, you have the right to a clean vehicle, a working meter, and a choice in the route taken.
  • Keep essential numbers: Have essential numbers like the taxi booking number and the customer service helpline saved on your phone for easy access. This is helpful in case you need to book another ride or report any issues during your journey.
  • Respect the local norms: Respecting the local customs and norms is part of a smooth taxi ride. For example, adhering to the seating arrangements, especially in ladies-only taxis, and avoiding eating or drinking in the taxi are good practices to follow.


In conclusion, travelling around Sharjah by taxi can be a convenient and efficient way to explore this vibrant and culturally rich emirate. With a clear understanding of the fare structure, knowledge of the most common routes, and a few essential tips, you can make the most of your taxi experience in Sharjah.

Whether you’re a tourist looking to visit the city’s famous landmarks, a resident commuting to work, or someone simply wanting to navigate the city hassle-free, Sharjah’s taxi services are designed to cater to your needs.

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