Imagine you’re all set for an exciting adventure to the magical land of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on a tourist visa. Your visa must stay good as gold during your visit. But how do you make sure? Let’s uncover the secret to checking if your visa is like a never-ending movie ticket. 

This article will act as your personal tour guide, showing you how to double-check your tourist visa’s “good-to-go” status in the UAE. This way, you won’t have any surprises and can enjoy your journey like a worry-free vacation. Let’s dive into a smooth travel experience!

Understanding the UAE Tourist Visa

UAE Tourist Visa

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The UAE, a shining star on Earth, is a top-hit spot for tourists all around the globe. This marvelous place offers a menu of different visas for various fun adventures. The tourist visa is a popular choice, acting like a golden ticket to explore the UAE’s magic for a specific time.

  1. What does the tourist visa do? With a tourist visa, you can dive into the UAE’s colorful culture, marvel at its supercool buildings, and visit famous places like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the tall-and-awesome Burj Khalifa. Usually, this visa lets you stay from 14 days up to 90 days, depending on the rules set by the UAE rule-keepers.
  1. Why is checking your visa important? It’s important to ensure your passport is still valid before you start your UAE adventure. If you stay longer than your visa allows, you might get into trouble, like paying a fine or even being sent home early. So, learn all the rules of your tourist visa, like how long you can stay, if you can work or do business, and if you can extend or renew your visa.
  1. How to get a tourist visa? The UAE government has made getting a visa as easy as pie. You can apply for it online or through official travel companies. You might even get a visa when you land at the airport! 

Here are the things you need to follow when getting a tourist visa:

  • Dubai visa requirements are generally not extensive but vary depending on your sponsor.
  • Sponsors like Emirates or Etihad Airways require flight details and the application.
  • The basic requirements for a UAE (Dubai) Visa include the following:
    • Scanned copy of the Philippine passport’s bio page (page 2) and last page. 
    • Passport validity of at least six months from the intended travel date.
    • The traveler’s signature is on the back of the passport. 
    • Scanned colored ID photo. 
    • Colored passport-sized photo with a white background. 
    • Please indicate your name at the back of the photo and scan it. 
    • Accomplished application form (varies based on the sponsor).
  • Securing a sponsor before proceeding with the rest of your application is important.
  • Application forms differ depending on the sponsor. For example:
    • Jumeirah Hotels’ visa application form may have a unique format.
    • Etihad Airways and Emirates have their respective visa application forms and processes.
  • Visa fees vary depending on the chosen sponsor. Compare prices on Dubai hotels’ websites, airline websites, and travel agencies.
  • Prepare supporting documents for your UAE Tourist Visa, which may include:
    • Round trip flight ticket (if sponsored by an airline).
    • Hotel booking (if sponsored by a hotel).
    • Work contract.
    • NSO Birth Certificate (required when traveling with minors).
    • Original bank certificate.
    • Copy of Income Tax Return (ITR).
  • Submit your application to your sponsor, who will handle the remaining process.
  • Your chosen sponsor will take care of the rest of your application, and you simply need to wait for the outcome.
  • Ensure you fulfill all requirements specific to your sponsor, and refer to their instructions and application forms for accurate details.

Remember: Always check the visa rules for the passport you hold before you pack your bags for your big adventure to the UAE!

Methods to Check Tourist Visa Validity

Do you have a tourist visa and want to know if it’s still good to go? No worries! LIKE A FRIENDLY HELPER, the ICP Service in the UAE can tell you this online. Follow these super-easy steps to check your visa status online:

  • Jump into the ICP’s website using this magic portal: ICP Service Website 
  • Once you land there, you’ll see two ways to look for your visa:
    • File number: If you have it handy. 
    • Passport details: If you want to use your passport info. 
  • Pick your visa type: Residence visa or Visit visa.
  • Give one of these details:
    • Your unique UAE number (UID number)
    • Your file number, which you can find on your visa sticker or e-visa 
    • Your Emirates ID number (for residents)
    • Your passport number (if you used passport info)
  • Punch on your birthday. 
  • Do a quick “I’m not a robot” check. 
  • Hit the ‘Search’ button like you’re playing a video game!

Boom! Now, you’ll see all your visa details:

  • File number
  • UID number
  • If your visa is good (File status)
  • When it started (File issuance date)
  • When it will end (File expiry date)
  • That’s it! Now you’re a pro at checking your visa! 

          GDRFA Dubai service

          GDRFA Dubai service

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          Let’s say you’ve got an entry permit or a residence visa for Dubai. Now, you’re curious if it’s still valid. Here’s a secret: the GDRFA Dubai website can help! Just follow these fun steps like a detective on a mission:

          • Open your web browser, and enter this secret address: GDRFA Dubai Website. You’re now in the digital detective’s office! 
          • On the website, you’ll find different ways to check your visa. Choose your detective tool:
            • Application number: If you’ve just applied for your visa.
            • File number: If your visa is already in hand.
            • Over-the-counter service applications
            • Special requests
            • Establishment: This is a special tool for businesses registered with GDRFA.
          • Once you’ve picked your tool, the website will ask for clues. For example, if you chose ‘file number,’ your first name, file number, nationality, and birthday will be needed. 
          • Pass the robot test with the Captcha verification. 
          • Push the ‘Search’ button and uncover the truth about your visa! 

          Now, just like a real detective, you can solve the mystery of your visa validity anytime! Keep this skill in your bag for all your fun Dubai adventures! 

          Contact the UAE Immigration Authorities

          UAE Immigration Authorities

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          Sometimes, the best way to get answers is to ask the people in charge. So, why not talk directly to the UAE Immigration Authorities to double-check your tourist visa? Here’s how to do it, step-by-step:

          1. Find the Contact Info: Like a treasure hunt, first, find the contact details for the UAE Immigration office. This might be a phone number or an email address. 
          2. Make the Call or Send the Email: Now, it’s time to reach out! Please pick up your phone, dial their number, or open your email and write them a friendly message about your visa. 
          3. Share Your Passport Details: They’ll need some info to find your visa, so share your passport details and anything else they ask for. Remember, this is all to make sure your exciting adventure goes smoothly. 
          4. Wait for the Answer: After you’ve sent your message, sit back and relax. They’ll respond with your visa dates, letting you know if your visa is a thumbs-up for your journey! 

          Seek Assistance from Your Travel Agency

          Travel Agency

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          If you reserve your trip through a travel agency, they can help you review the validity of your tourist visa. Reach out to them and supply your passport details. They will have access to the required resources and information to assist you in verifying your visa’s validity.

          Tips to Keep in Mind

          Here are some top-secret tips to make checking your visa a piece of cake and your trip a success!

          1. Keep Your Passport Details Handy: Before starting your visa check, ensure your passport details are ready, like your lucky charms. That includes your passport number, the date it was given to you, and when it says “bye-bye” (the expiration date). This makes the whole thing faster and easier! 
          2. Double-Check Your Info: Be extra careful when entering your passport details or filling out any visa check papers. Even a tiny mistake can make things more effortless and quick. So, take a moment to review everything. Like they say, “Measure twice, cut once!” 
          3. Plan Your Trip Super Early: The early bird gets the worm, and the early adventurer gets a smooth trip! Start preparing for your big UAE adventure well before you pack your bags. This gives you plenty of time to prepare your papers, apply for your visa, obtain your travel insurance and get the thumbs-up. That way, you’ll have fewer worries and more fun!

          Remember these tips, and you’ll be a pro traveler ready for an incredible UAE adventure!


          Checking the validity of your tourist visa is fundamental before traveling to the UAE. You can ascertain the validity of your visa and ensure a stress-free journey by strictly following the methods mentioned above.

          Remember to keep your visa within the allowed dates to avoid legal consequences during your stay. Enjoy your trip to the exquisite United Arab Emirates!

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