Imagine stepping from the warm, sunny streets into a magical land of ice and snow—that’s Snow Abu Dhabi for you! At Reem Mall, where you can play in the snow, even though it’s in the middle of a hot desert! It’s like finding a hidden winter world.

Snow Abu Dhabi is the perfect spot to cool down when it’s hot outside. You can build snowmen, have snowball fights, or just enjoy the chilly air—it’s a fun change from the usual weather. It’s not just for kids; everyone can have a great time!

So, if you’re feeling too warm and need a break from the sun, remember that Snow Abu Dhabi is like a frosty playground waiting for you. It’s a cool (literally!) place that gives you a taste of winter without having to leave the city. Remember to dress warm, though, because it’s chilly there! Here’s what you need to know before you go.

A Whimsical World of Snow


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Snow Abu Dhabi is a magical, sub-zero park with exciting rides and attractions across its 9,732-square-meter expanse. Operated by Majid Al Futtaim, the same group behind Ski Dubai, Snow Abu Dhabi offers a unique blend of enchantment and thrill with its 20 rides and attractions, including the whimsical Crystal Carousel and the exhilarating Flight of the Snowy Owl roller coaster-zipline.

Enchanted Forest Meets Narnia

Stepping into this enchanting realm is akin to living a page from a fairy tale. The moment you enter, you’re greeted by Graupel, a whimsical giant reminiscent of a mountain troll whose mischievous antics will charm and surprise you. Amidst this mystical setting, you’ll also encounter:

  • Flurries: These petite, magical entities are akin to twinkling, benevolent snow spirits that add a touch of sparkle to the atmosphere.
  • A storybook landscape: The scenery unfolds as if you’ve been transported into a magical forest from the most captivating of storybooks, echoing the awe-inspiring realms of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia.
  • The grand entrance: Your adventure commences as you pass through a magnificent gateway, seemingly crafted from the intertwined trunks and branches of colossal trees, invoking a sense of wonder and anticipation.

This haven is not just thrilling but also warm and inviting, ensuring that the spirit of adventure envelops you from the moment you cross the threshold of the tree-like portal. 

Rides and Attractions at Snow Abu Dhabi

Snow Abu Dhabi

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Get ready for a super cool adventure at -2°C! Dress up warmly in your winter clothes and have fun in a magical place filled with snow:

  • Visit the Snowflake Garden – It’s like a winter wonderland with lots of snow!
  • Ride the Polar Express Train – Choo-choo! Enjoy this exciting train ride.
  • Watch Daily Shows – There’s something new and fun to see every day.
  • Climb the Enchanted Tree – Go up high for amazing views.
  • Try the Troll Bowl – It’s a unique, fun activity.
  • Go on Drift’s Downhill Run – Feel the rush as you slide down!

Snow Abu Dhabi is special because it’s not just about skiing; it’s about all these cool experiences. Remember, wrap up in your cozy clothes, and prepare for a day full of excitement and frosty fun!

Culinary Delights Amidst the Snow

 Snow Abu Dhabi Food

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In a snowy garden, there’s a cozy little cart where you can grab a warm cup of hot chocolate—it’s yummy and perfect for chilly hands! Nearby, the Enchanted Cafe has tasty, warm snacks you can munch on while staying toasty under special lamps that keep you warm like the sun. 

There’s The Lodge restaurant if you’re hungry and want a big meal. They make yummy breakfasts that you can eat any time of the day and lots of other delicious dishes. The best part? You don’t need a special ticket to the park to go there. So, you can visit The Lodge anytime you’re hungry for a feast!

Snow Abu Dhabi Ticket Price & Information

Snow Park Pass: AED 215 Adult | AED 165 Kids

  • Entry To The Snow Park
  •  Unlimited Access To All Park Rides
  •  Fleece Gloves
  •  A Locker

Snow Premiums Pass: AED 295 per person

  • Entry To The Snow Park
  •  Unlimited Access To All Park Rides
  •  Hot Chocolate
  •  Waterproof Gloves
  •  A Locker
  •  Meal At The Lodge Restaurant

Snow Park 2-Day Pass: AED 295 per person

  • Unlimited Entry To The Snow Park For 2 Days Within 30 days
  •  Unlimited Access To All Park Rides
  •  Fleece Gloves
  •  A Locker

Family and Friends Pass: AED 860 for five people

  • Entry To The Snow Park
  •  Unlimited Access To All Park Rides
  •  Fleece Gloves
  •  A Locker

Annual Pass: AED 795 for year-round access

  • Unlimited access to all Park rides:
  • Crystal Carousel
  • Snow Hare’s Bunny Hill
  • Drift’s Downhill Run
  • Polar Express Train
  • Ice and Floe’s Bumper Tubes
  • Graupel’s Summit Escape
  • Ice and Floe’s Toboggan Race
  • Troll Bowl
  • Flight of the Snowy Owl 
  • 20% off Dining 
  • 15% off Retail
  • 10% off Hot Chocolate
  • Fleece Gloves (One-time only)
  • Locker

Children under two are prohibited, and some attractions have height and age restrictions.

Plan Your Visit

  • Parking: Ample space is available at Reem Mall, with P2 being the closest to the park.
  • Timings: Open from 10 am to 10 pm, Sunday to Thursday, and 10 am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

For a seamless experience, purchase tickets online and preselect gear sizes for collection upon arrival.

Ensuring a Safe and Joyful Experience

 Snow Abu Dhabi Experience

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While the allure of Snow Abu Dhabi is undeniably blue, safety is a paramount concern. Recent reviews on Tripadvisor highlight the importance of adhering to ride age and height requirements to ensure a delightful visit for everyone. The park’s staff is dedicated to maintaining a secure environment. Still, it’s also crucial for visitors to follow all guidelines and instructions.

A Mixed Bag of Reviews

Visitors’ experiences at Snow Abu Dhabi have been varied, with some expressing concerns over safety and ride closures. However, others have found it a fun snow adventure, praising the helpful staff and the unique snowy experience in a desert city. It’s always wise to check the most recent reviews and plan your visit accordingly.

Making the Most of Your Visit

To truly enjoy Snow Abu Dhabi, consider these tips:

  • Arrive early: Beat the crowds and enjoy the park leisurely by arriving as it opens.
  • Dress appropriately: Even though winter gear is provided, wearing comfortable clothing underneath is recommended.
  • Check ride status: Before planning your visit, check which attractions are operational to avoid disappointment.


Snow Abu Dhabi is more than just a snow park; it’s a fantastical escape that offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation for families, friends, and solo explorers. With its array of attractions, dining options, and ticket packages, it caters to a wide range of preferences. It ensures a memorable experience for all who step into this winter wonderland.
Remember to book your tickets online, dress warmly, and prepare for an enchanting journey into the heart of snow in Abu Dhabi! Stay at the budget-friendly hotels in Abu Dhabi after your visit to Snow Abu Dhabi to stroll around the city for the next few days.

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