So, you’re a freelancer looking for work, and Dubai is your dream destination? Great! Here’s the scoop on getting your freelance visa in Dubai, which is super important for you to work there. Freelancing is booming, and it’s like a goldmine of opportunities. You can choose what you do when you do it and who you do it for. Super cool, right?

Businesses in Dubai love freelancers. They see your talent, and they want it! So, Dubai is like a big, welcoming party just for freelancers like you.

This guide is your treasure map. It will show you how to get that special freelance visa and start your fantastic experience in Dubai!

What is a Freelance Visa in Dubai?

Think of the freelance visa as your golden tickets, like the one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But instead of exploring a world of pure imagination, you get to explore a world of fantastic work opportunities. This golden ticket, or freelance visa as it’s officially called, lets you work all by yourself in the dazzling city of Dubai.

Now you might wonder, “What’s so special about this visa?” Well, this magical piece of paper gives you the superpower to run your own business right in the heart of Dubai. It’s like getting the key to the city but for work!

And the best part? You get to work in one of the busiest and wealthiest cities in the world. Imagine that! You could be earning money and making a name for yourself in Dubai while enjoying the freedom of being your own boss.

So, getting a freelance visa is like opening the door to a world full of opportunities to call the shots and create your work schedule. It’s not just a visa. It’s your passport to an exciting adventure in the thrilling world of freelancing in Dubai.

Having a Freelance Visa in Dubai (2024)

Freelance Visa in Dubai

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Good news! Whether you’re a local or from far away, the UAE is rolling out the red carpet for freelancers. They want to create more job opportunities, so they’re opening their doors to everyone.

Here’s what you need to know about Freelance Visa Dubai:

  1. Open to All: If you’re a UAE citizen, resident, or non-resident, the freelance world in Dubai is ready for you. It’s like a big party, and everyone’s invited!
  2. Green Visa: Freelancers can apply for special licenses and even a 5-year Green Visa. It’s like being a superhero with a special ID card.
  3. Family Matters: Already in Dubai because of your family? No problem! If you’re on your spouse’s or parent’s visa, you can become a freelancer too. Just get a freelance permit. It’s your ticket to the freelancing world.
  4. Transitioning to Freelancing: Already working full-time in Dubai? You can switch to freelancing! You’ll need a special license and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your boss or sponsor. It’s like asking for permission to go on an amazing adventure.
  5. Freelancer Visa for Non-residents: Not living in Dubai? No worries! You can apply for a freelancer visa. It lets you live and work in Dubai. You’ll also need a residence visa, but it’s your key to an exciting new home.
  6. Dubai Talent Pass: Dubai also has something cool called the Dubai Talent Pass. It’s a special 3-year visa or freelance license. It’s made to attract talent worldwide, especially in arts, media, tech, marketing, culture, education, and consulting. It’s part of Dubai’s big plan to boost its freelance workforce.

In short, Dubai is a land of opportunity waiting for freelancers like you. So, get your visa, pack your bags, and prepare for the freelance adventure of a lifetime!

Eligibility Criteria for a Freelance Visa in Dubai

Eligibility Criteria for a Freelance Visa

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Before you start your freelancing journey in Dubai, there are a few things you need to have. Let’s call it your must-have list:

  1. Unique Skills: Just like superheroes have superpowers, you need special skills or know-how in a specific field.
  2. Proof of Your Skills: Show off your skills with a diploma, certificate, or work experience. It’s like showing your report card but way cooler.
  3. A Valid Passport: Make sure your passport is ready for travel at least six months before it expires.
  4. Important Documents: Bring a portfolio, a detailed plan for your business, and proof that you’re financially stable. It’s like your freelancer starter kit.

If You’re Already in Dubai

  • You can apply for a freelance job permit if you’re living under your parent’s or spouse’s visa. It’s like getting a golden ticket to start your freelancing adventure!
  • Even if you have a full-time job, you can get a license to freelance. But your sponsor or employer will need a No Objection Certificate (NOC). It’s like asking for permission to start a new adventure.

If You’re Not Living in Dubai

  • You must apply for a freelancer visa to live and work in Dubai. Think of it as your ticket to a new life filled with incredible freelancing opportunities.
  • You’ll also need a residence visa. It’s your official welcome mat to your new home in Dubai.

The Dubai Talent Pass

Dubai Talent Pass

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Imagine there’s a particular club that is full of people who are good at what they do – people like artists, marketers, tech gurus, teachers, culture experts, and consultants. And this club is more than just anywhere. It’s in the super awesome city of Dubai. Sounds pretty cool.

Well, guess what? This club is accurate, and it’s called the Dubai Talent Pass!

Created by three big names – Dafz, Dubai Culture, and GDRFA, the Dubai Talent Pass is like a golden key that unlocks the door to living and working in Dubai for talented freelancers from around the world.

Getting this key is not free, though. It costs AED 9,500, like buying a ticket to the most fantastic club in town. And each year, you’ll have to pay a renewal fee, which can change based on what you do.

To get your Dubai Talent Pass, visit the official DAFZ website and apply there. So why wait? Grab your golden key and unlock your dream life in Dubai!

Green Residence for Freelancing and Self-Employment

The Green Residence offers a 5-year residence visa for freelancers and self-employed individuals. You can propose this visa without being employed by a sponsor or company. To be qualified, you must:

  • Obtain a self-employment or freelance permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Have a minimum bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma.
  • Demonstrate an annual income of AED 360,000 through self-employment for the past two years or provide proof of financial solvency during your stay.

By understanding the requirements and options available, you can steer the process of acquiring a freelance visa and work permit in Dubai, whether you are a resident or a non-resident.

How to Apply For Freelance Visa in Dubai?

Getting a freelance visa in Dubai is like going on a quest. It’s exciting, and there are some important steps you need to follow:

First, you have to apply for a special permit called a freelance permit. When you get it, you can access a business service platform, AXS (, thanks to Dubai’s authorities. This platform helps you get a 3-year visa, among other things.

Now, you might ask, how do I get this permit? You must pay about AED 2,000 (USD 544) for an establishment card. You renew this card every year. The process is straightforward. Please give them a copy of your freelance license and UAE mobile number. Wait for about 8-12 days, and your card will arrive.

With this card, you’re ready to apply for your freelance visa. Just make sure you have the following:

  • Your original passport
  • The new establishment card
  • A passport photo
  • Valid health insurance
  • Your current visa (if you have one)
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from a sponsor
  • For some circumstances, a letter from your bank

Remember to apply for local health insurance. This could cost up to AED 3,300 (USD 898) if you apply from the UAE.

Remember, each city in the UAE has its own rules and fees, so it’s good to do some research beforehand. If you apply from the UAE, express fees will amount to up to AED 3,900 (USD 1,061). While if you apply from within the UAE, the regular cost will be up to AED 4,960 (USD 1,350), and the express price – AED 6,340 (USD 1,726). 

If you’re applying outside the UAE, you get a 60-day visa to finish your paperwork and medical tests. But don’t delay. Your visa will be canceled unless you travel within 60 days. After submitting all your documents, wait 2-3 weeks for your freelance visa.

So, that’s the process! It might seem like a lot, but take one step at a time, and you’ll be working freelance in Dubai before you know it! And just like that, you’ve completed your quest for a freelance visa in Dubai. You’re ready to start your exciting adventure in this dynamic city. Good luck!

Benefits of Acquiring a Freelance Visa in Dubai

Benefits of Freelance Visa in Dubai

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If you’re still thinking about getting a freelance visa in Dubai, here are some excellent reasons that might convince you:

  1. You’re Official: With a freelance visa, you’re not just a freelancer. You’re a legal freelancer. It’s like getting a badge that says you’re legit and can work worry-free.
  2. Welcome to Opportunity City: Dubai isn’t just a city. It’s a land of opportunities. As a freelancer, you’ll find many chances to grow and shine in your career.
  3. You’re the Boss: Guess who decides when you work, who you work for, and how much you get paid. That’s right, you do! A freelance visa gives you all this freedom and control.
  4. Keep More of Your Money: Dubai doesn’t have a personal income tax, so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money. It’s like getting a bonus just for working in Dubai!

So there you have it! With a freelance visa, you get more than just a ticket to work in Dubai. You’re getting a passport to a world of incredible benefits that make your freelance journey even more impressive.

Renewal and Cancellation of Freelance Visas in Dubai

Like a library book, your freelance visa in Dubai also has a due date. And just like a library book, you want to return it on time! Here’s what you need to know:

Freelance Visa Renewal:

  • Duration: Freelance visas last between one to three years. It’s like having a long-term ticket to a super awesome adventure!
  • Renewal: Before your visa expires, make sure to renew it. It’s like extending your library book due date so you don’t get into trouble.
  • Stay Alert: Keep an eye on the end date of your visa, and start the renewal process early. That way, you won’t forget and end with penalties or legal issues.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can renew your freelance visa:

  1. Rally Your Documents: Kickstart your journey by gathering the essentials: your passport, current visa, a passport photo, and that trusty establishment card.
  2. Check-up Time: You’ll need a medical fitness test certificate. So, make an appointment with your local healthcare center. Don’t worry. It’s just a routine check-up!
  3. Insurance Check: Make sure your health insurance is up-to-date. In the dynamic freelancing world, staying covered is always good!
  4. AXS To The Rescue: Now, log on to the AXS ( platform. It’s your friendly guide that will navigate you through this bureaucratic area.
  5. Renew Your Establishment Card: This card, your trusted companion, needs to be renewed annually for about $544. A small price for the freedom of freelancing in Dubai!
  6. Visa Application: With all the above steps covered, it’s time to submit your freelance visa renewal application on the AXS website. 
  7. Fees: Time to part with some cash. Pay your visa renewal fees, which can be up to $1,726.
  8. Patience is a Virtue: Once everything is sent off, kick back and relax. Put a kettle on, read a book, or start a new project. In about 2-3 weeks, your renewed visa will arrive.
  9. Final Checks: When your visa arrives, ensure all details are correct. Any errors? Contact AXS right away.

Freelance Visa Cancellation:

  • How-To: If you decide to stop freelancing in Dubai, you must cancel your visa correctly. It’s like returning your library book when you’re done reading it.
  • Stay Informed: Contact the right people or your sponsor to start the cancellation process and get the necessary paperwork.

Always remember, treating your freelance visa like a library book – returning it on time or renewing it before it’s due – is super important. This helps you avoid trouble and ensures a smooth journey in your freelancing adventure in Dubai. Be sure to know all the rules about your visa to make your life easier.


Venturing into a freelance profession in Dubai through a freelance visa brings countless opportunities for independent professionals. Understanding the eligibility criteria, application process, and advantages of freelance access is necessary to ensure a successful journey. 

By following the regulations and keeping your visa up-to-date, you can relish a smooth and rewarding freelance experience in the dynamic city of Dubai. Begin your freelance journey today and embrace the potentials that Dubai has to show off!

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