The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is changing the game for people wanting to live and work there. With the new UAE Green Visa, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors can enjoy more freedom and safety while making the UAE their home. This innovative visa is a big step forward in the country’s visa system. It brings many benefits and opportunities for those settling in the UAE. If you’ve ever considered moving there, the Green Visa could be the perfect chance to turn that dream into reality, offering a smoother and more secure way to make the UAE your new home.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about securing your UAE Green Visa, from application procedures to eligibility criteria, insider tips, and the benefits you can enjoy.

What is a UAE Green Visa?

UAE Green Visa

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The UAE’s Green Visa is a type of residence visa that lets people live in the UAE for five years without needing a local citizen or a job to sponsor them. If you get this visa, you can stay in the country more freely because you don’t have to depend on someone else to be allowed to live there. It’s a great option for those who want to be more independent and have the flexibility to sponsor themselves. This visa is part of the UAE’s efforts to welcome more people from around the world and make it easier for them to live and possibly work there. It’s an exciting opportunity for anyone exploring life in the UAE with more freedom.

Steps to Apply For UAE Green Visa

UAE Green Visa Apply

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Via Website or Smart App

  1. Start by logging in: You can access the smart services system using your UAE Pass or username. You can log in using the GDRFA Dubai website or app. 
  2. Find the service: Search for the specific service you need.
  3. Provide information: Fill in any necessary details for your application.
  4. Payment (if needed): The service might have a fee, so be prepared to pay it online.

Via Customer Happiness Centre

  1. Visit in person: Find your closest Customer Happiness Centre and go there.
  2. Take a number: Once there, get a turn ticket from the automated system and wait for your turn.
  3. Submit your application: When called, give your fully prepared application, with all required documents, to the staff.
  4. Payment (if needed): Some services might require a fee, like online.

Via Amer Service Centre

The steps for visiting an Amer Service Centre are the same as visiting a Customer Happiness Centre. From getting a turn ticket to submitting your application and paying any necessary fees, the process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly.

Eligibility Criteria for UAE Green Visa 

To be eligible for the UAE Green Visa, applicants must fall into one of the following categories:

Skilled Employees

  • Aimed at skilled workers with specific job roles.
  • You must have a job offer that fits into the top three occupational levels mandated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. 
  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) is required.
  • Your salary should be at least AED 15,000.
  • No need for an employer to sponsor you.

Freelancing and Self-Employment

  • Designed for those who work independently, like freelancers or those running their businesses.
  • You’ll need a freelance or self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • A bachelor’s degree or a specialised diploma is necessary.
  • You should have earned at least AED 360,000 in the last two years or show that you can support yourself financially.

Investor or Partner

  • This is for investors starting or joining a business in the UAE.
  • The residency now lasts five years, an upgrade from the previous 2-year permits.
  • You must have approval for your investment and provide proof of it.
  • If you have multiple licences, your total investment is considered.
  • Local authority approval is required.

These new options offer fantastic opportunities for those looking to live and work in the UAE, providing flexibility and long-term residency options. Whether you’re a skilled worker, a freelancer, an investor, or looking to start a business in the UAE, these paths could be your ticket to a new life in a dynamic and growing country.

Documents Needed for UAE Green Visa 

Freelancing or Self-Employment

  1. Passport requirements: Make sure you have a copy of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six more months. This shows that your travel documents are up-to-date and you’re ready to go.
  2. Self-employment permit: Obtain a self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. This permit proves you’re authorised to work for yourself in your current location.

Skilled Employees

  1. Prepare your passport: Make a copy of it and check that it’s valid for at least six more months. This proves your identity and that you can travel.
  2. Get your permit: Obtain a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. This document allows you to work legally.
  3. Employment contract: If you’re going to work for a government, semi-government, or free zone company, ensure you have your employment contract. This is your official agreement to work for them.

Investor or Partner

  1. Personal photograph: Have a recent photo of yourself ready.
  2. Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six more months. You’ll need a copy.
  3. Business documents: Gather your partnership agreement or investment contract. This shows who owns the business and how it operates.
  4. Trade license: You must have a license to do business. This proves your company is allowed to operate legally.

Fees When Applying for a UAE Green Visa

When applying for a residence permit, it’s important to understand all the associated fees to ensure you’re fully prepared. Below is a detailed breakdown of the costs involved:

  • Residence permit fee: The basic fee for obtaining a residence permit is AED200. This is the starting point for your application process.
  • Extra charges:
    • Knowledge dirham: An additional charge of AED10 is applied, contributing to educational initiatives development.
    • Innovation dirham: Similarly, an AED10 fee fosters innovation and creativity within the country.
    • Fee for applications within the country: If you’re applying from within the country, an extra cost of AED500 is required.

Delivery fee: To deliver your residence permit to you, there is a nominal charge of AED20.

Annual increase note: When considering the duration of your residency, planning for the future is crucial. For any residence permit that extends beyond two years, the issuance fee will increase by AED100 annually. This incremental increase is essential to consider, especially if you’re planning a longer stay.

Benefits of the UAE Green Visa

UAE Green Visa Benefits

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Holders of the UAE Green Visa can enjoy a range of benefits, making it an attractive option for many:

  • Longer residency: Up to 5 years, renewable.
  • Family sponsorship: Ability to sponsor family members, including spouses and children.
  • Flexibility in employment: No need for an employer to sponsor your visa.

Insider Tips for a Successful Application

  • Stay updated: Regulations and requirements can change, so it’s crucial to stay informed through official sources like the UAE government portal and WAM.
  • Prepare documents carefully: Ensure all documents are accurate, up-to-date, and duly attested if required.
  • Seek professional advice: Consult with a legal advisor or immigration specialist to navigate the application process smoothly.


The UAE Green Visa offers a unique opportunity for skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors to enjoy extended residency in the UAE with many benefits. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, preparing your application carefully, and staying informed about the latest updates, you can confidently navigate the application process. 

Whether you seek to advance your career, invest in new ventures, or enjoy the vibrant lifestyle and opportunities in the UAE, the Green Visa could be your ticket to a brighter future.

Remember, the key to a successful application lies in meticulous preparation, understanding the eligibility criteria, and adhering to the official application process. Securing your UAE Green Visa can be a smooth and rewarding journey with the right approach.

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