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Often it is what is not covered that is important in insurance policies. Travel insurance is alwas quite cheap, and most people don’t know how useful it can be!

However the following things are generally excluded from travel insurance policies:

– War and terrorist acts (except when the optional cover is taken)
– Damages arising from extreme/adventure sports (except when optional cover is taken
– Any subsequent problems arising from activities against local authoritative warning or advice
– manual work in connection with a profession
– self-injury
– sexually transmitted diseases and any related illness/sickness or bodily injury
– solvent, drug or alcohol abuse
– your own unlawful action or any criminal proceedings against you

– consequential loss of any kind
– any trip from you you are not booked to return within the period of insurance
– any claim made in a fraudulent manner
– theft not reported to the police within 24 hours of discovery

This list is by no means exhaustive, each underwriter has their own conditions and exclusions – it’s best to check the policy booklet. You can get hold of them on our downloads page.