Am I eligible for medical insurance?

Medical Insurance by its very nature is a delicate topic and since we are all different as individuals, the cover we need: and the cost of that cover: is individual too!

At present, please note that we can only offer Medical Insurance in Dubai. Due to the complex nature of the Abu Dhabi/Al Ain healthcare system, will not be able to quote for these areas currently.

Important Things to Note

In general, eligible applicants will be:

  • Residents of the UAE holding a valid Residence Visa
  • under the age of 65

Cover may also be arranged for:

  • Over 65’s upon special referral to Insurers accepting “senior applicants”
  • Children applying for sole insurance provided that one or both of their parents have existing, valid healthcare arrangements
  • People with pre-existing medical conditions, although their cover may be limited to “new” conditions or symptoms and not the pre-existing condition. This is a difficult area to generalise and we advise caution when applying as it is very important to declare ALL known medical conditions and facts to Insurers. Failure to do so will generally invalidate the insurance policy and result in claims being rejected. Withholding information is also considered fraud and we have seen the imposition of strict penalties imposed on applicants completing their Proposal Forms inaccurately or incompletely. Honesty is always the best policy if you want the best policy!