Interested in learning all about ADCB Bank and its fantastic account options? Well, you’re in the right place! ADCB, or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, is a top-notch financial institution that caters to a wide array of customers in the United Arab Emirates.

In this article, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive lowdown on ADCB Bank accounts. We’ll walk you through each type of account, spill the beans on their awesome perks, let you in on any current offers, and even fill you in with their minimum balance requirements. Plus, we’ll dish out some steps on opening an ADCB bank account online.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect banking solution or simply want to expand your knowledge about ADCB Bank, this guide will serve you all the goods to help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your ADCB bank account.

What is an ADCB Bank Account?

In simpler terms, ADCB, or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, is your one-stop bank offering various financial solutions. Whether you’re seeking personal banking services or a business requiring specialised corporate banking support, ADCB has you covered. 

They provide retail banking services tailored to your daily banking requirements. In contrast, their wealth management and private banking services cater to those seeking personalised financial advice and investment strategies.

For businesses, ADCB offers comprehensive corporate banking solutions, including cash management services, to optimise your company’s financial operations. They also provide investment banking and corporate finance options to support your business growth and expansion plans. If you require assistance with foreign exchange, interest rate currency derivatives, or Islamic products, ADCB has specialised teams to address your requirements.

In addition, ADCB offers project finance services, helping fund and manage large-scale projects and property management services for those involved in the real estate sector. 

ADCB Bank Account


ADCB Bank Accounts in UAE

ADCB Current Account in UAE

For all you residents employed in the UAE, the minimum monthly salary requirement is 5,000 AED. That’s your ticket to unlocking a world of banking benefits. 

But hey, there are a few things to remember:

  • Relationship Balance Criteria: Make sure to keep an eye on your relationship balance. If you don’t meet the respective segment-wise requirements, a monthly fee may come your way. 
  • Additional Charges: Additional chequebooks might incur charges depending on your relationship type. Any cheque returns or extra account statements outside the normal cycle may also have some fees attached.
  • Debit Card Usage: If you use your ADCB debit card at Non-ADCB ATMs, remember that a charge will apply based on your relationship type. So, choose your ATM wisely!

Features and Benefits of ADCB Current Account

Here are some key features and benefits that will make your financial life a breeze:

  • Easy Money Management: Whether you need to transfer your salary, move funds, make payments, or order a new chequebook or debit card, ADCB has got your back. 
  • Exclusively for UAE Residents: ADCB’s amazing services are available exclusively to residents of the UAE. So, if you’re lucky enough to call this place home, you’re in for a treat!
  • Free chequebook and E-Statements: Say goodbye to unnecessary fees! With an AED account, you’ll enjoy a free chequebook. Plus, within the statement cycle, e-statements come at no cost. Check out their schedule of fees here.
  • Multiple Currency Options: ADCB understands your international needs. That’s why their accounts are available in AED and other major currencies. No matter where you’re headed, ADCB has you covered.
  • Embrace Digital Banking: Say hello to ADCB Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Access your accounts anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps on your phone or clicks on your computer.

Required Documents For ADCB Current Account

To apply for a current account, you will need to show:

  • An original passport with UAE residence visa (valid for more than 30 days)
  • An original Emirates ID
  • Your salary certificate

ADCB Savings and Call Accounts

As a resident employed in the UAE, you can start your savings journey with a minimum monthly salary of 5,000 AED. Your hard-earned savings deserve to grow, and ADCB understands that. With their AED and USD Savings Accounts, you can enjoy an interest rate of 0.10% p.a. It’s a little extra boost for your money!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Relationship Balance Criteria: To avoid any monthly fees, make sure you meet the respective segment-wise relationship balance criteria. Let’s keep that balance in check!
  • Call Accounts: If you have a Call Account, please note that interest will not be paid if the monthly amount falls below AED 15 (or USD 5 equivalent for non-AED accounts). Let’s aim to keep those balances above the threshold!
  • Additional Charges: Remember, any additional statement of account outside the normal cycle may incur charges as per the Schedule of Fees. And if you happen to use your ADCB debit card at Non-ADCB ATMs, there will be a charge based on your relationship type. 

Features and Benefits of ADCB Savings and Call Accounts

Enjoy a range of fantastic features and benefits with ADCB Savings Accounts:

  • Open to All: Whether you’re a UAE resident or a non-resident, ADCB Savings Accounts are available to everyone.
  • Currency Options: Choose between AED and USD currencies for your Savings Account. 
  • Monthly Interest Accrual: They calculate interest every month based on the minimum balance in your account. And the best part? It’s paid to you half-yearly, ensuring your savings keep growing.
  • Free E-Statements: Stay organised and clutter-free with complimentary e-statements. You can access detailed electronic statements within the statement cycle, making your banking experience hassle-free.
  • Debit Card Convenience: For AED Savings accounts, they offer the convenience of a debit card.

Required Documents For ADCB Savings Account

To apply for an account, you will need to produce the following:

UAE residents:

  • An original passport with UAE residence visa (valid for more than 30 days)
  • Your original Emirates ID
  • A salary certificate

Non-residents (Not Applicable for Aspire Segment customers):

  • Your original passport
  • A copy of your visit visa and entry stamp page or e-gate card.
  • A three-month stamped bank statement of your existing bank account.
  • A letter of introduction from an existing ADCB customer with a relationship of more than a year.

ADCB Emirati Millionaire Savings Account

Exclusively for Emiratis, seize the opportunity to win incredible cash prizes with this exceptional account. This one-of-a-kind account opens the door to thrilling cash prizes that could be yours. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • 2 Million AED: Experience the chance of a lifetime! Two lucky winners will receive a whopping 2 Million AED each year. Imagine the possibilities!
  • 500,000 AED: One fortunate winner will be awarded a generous 500,000 AED every month. It could be you!
  • 300,000 AED: Exclusive for their valued customers under the age of 21, this quarterly prize offers a fantastic opportunity. One winner will receive 300,000 AED every quarter. 
  • 10,000 AED: Celebrate every month with them! Ten winners will be chosen each month to receive a fantastic prize of 10,000 AED. 

But remember:

  • Exclusive Emirati Account: This account is specifically designed for Emiratis. It’s their way of recognising and rewarding their valued Emirati customers.
  • Minimum Average Monthly Balance: To qualify for the draw, ensure that your account maintains a minimum average monthly balance of AED 5,000. It’s the key to unlocking your chances of winning!

Exciting Features and Advantages of ADCB Emirati Millionaire Savings Account

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Instant Access Debit Card: Enjoy ADCB debit card’s convenience, providing instant access to your funds whenever you need them. It’s all about making your banking experience seamless and efficient.
  • Quarterly Profit Earnings: Watch your savings grow with their profit-sharing system. They declare and pay quarterly profits, ensuring that your hard-earned money works harder for you. 
  • Extra Chances in Prize Draws: The more you save, the more chances you have to win big! You earn an extra opportunity for exciting prize draws for every additional AED 1,000 you save above the initial AED 5,000. It’s an added incentive to boost your savings and increase your chances of winning fantastic prizes. You can check the list of winners here.
  • Accounts for Children: They believe in nurturing a culture of savings from a young age. That’s why they offer Emirati Millionaire Savings Accounts for children. However, please note that these accounts must be managed by a parent or legal guardian. 

ADCB Regular Interest Deposit Bank Account

Experience a steady stream of income at intervals that suit your preference with ADCB’s new Regular Interest Deposit. Take advantage of attractive interest rates of up to 4.50% per annum for a maximum tenure of 18 months.

Eligibility extends to a wide range of individuals, including UAE nationals, residents, and non-residents. Additionally, all ADCB customers with an active Current or Savings account are eligible to open the account.

However, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Interest Crediting: The interest earned will be credited into the Current or Savings Account linked to the Regular Interest Deposit at the time of booking. It’s a seamless process that ensures easy access to your funds.
  • Auto-Renewal: If you opt for auto-renewal, your Regular Interest Deposit will be renewed for the same tenure at the prevailing interest rate. It’s a convenient feature that simplifies your investment journey.
  • Premature Closure: Should you decide to prematurely close the Regular Interest Deposit within 3 months of booking, no interest (0% interest rate) will be paid. Any interest paid will be fully recovered from the linked Current or Savings account if applicable.
  • Closure after 3 Months: If you close the deposit after 3 months, a reduced interest rate of 1% per annum, less than the applicable rate for the actual tenor, will be payable for the number of days the deposit has stayed with the bank. The difference in the interest amount will be recovered from the linked account upon redemption.
  • Interest Calculation: The interest calculation follows the “Actual/360” convention, ensuring accuracy and transparency in the calculation process.

Key Features and Benefits of ADCB Regular Interest Deposit Bank Account

  • Currency and Minimum Deposit: The Savings Account is available in UAE Dirhams, with a minimum deposit amount of AED 25,000
  • Flexible Income Intervals: Choose your preferred income intervals based on your financial preferences. 
  • Attractive Interest Rates: Earn attractive interest rates of up to 4.10% per annum on your savings. 
  • Wide Range of Tenors: Fulfill your evolving financial needs with a wide range of deposit tenors available. Whether you need a short-term investment of 3 months or a longer-term commitment of 18 months.
  • Utilise Your Income: Put your earned income to good use. You can utilise it towards mortgage repayments, retirement planning, or reinvest it into another savings vehicle. 
  • Guaranteed Principal and Interest: Rest assured that your principal amount and the interest earned are guaranteed if you maintain the deposit until maturity. It provides peace of mind and security for your savings.

Interest Rates (Tenure/Interest Rates per annum)

  • 3 months- 4.00%
  • 6 months- 4.05%
  • 9 months- 4.10%
  • 12 months- 4.20%
  • 18 months- 4.50%

ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Bank Account

Enjoy a range of exclusive benefits when you open an Etihad Guest Aspire current or savings account. 

Please keep the following points in mind:

  • Aspire Relationship Balance Criteria: Failure to meet the Aspire relationship balance criteria will result in a monthly fee being applicable. It’s essential to maintain the required balance to avoid any additional charges.
  • Minimum Monthly Salary: Residents employed in the UAE must have a minimum monthly salary of AED 5,000 to be eligible for the Etihad Guest Aspire account. This ensures that the account is accessible to individuals meeting this salary criterion.
  • Additional Charges: Additional Etihad Guest Current Accounts cheque books may be subject to charges based on the Aspire segment criteria, as stated in the Schedule of Fees. Similarly, any cheque returns on Etihad Guest Current Accounts will also incur charges according to the Schedule of Fees
  • Statement of Account: Any requests for a statement of account outside the regular cycle will be subject to charges as per the Schedule of Fees. It’s advisable to adhere to the regular statement cycle to avoid any unnecessary fees.
  • Debit Card Usage: When using your debit card at Non-ADCB ATMs, charges may apply in line with the Aspire Segment criteria, as outlined in the Schedule of Fees. 

Key Features and Benefits of ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Bank Account

  • Effortless Mile Earning: Easily accumulate Etihad Guest Miles based on the balance you maintain in your account. For every AED 1,000 maintained monthly in your current or savings account, you can earn 4 Etihad Guest Miles. Please note that there is a minimum average balance requirement of AED 10,000 and a maximum average balance limit of AED 250,000.
  • Anniversary Bonus: Celebrate your first anniversary and enjoy a bonus of 500 Etihad Guest Miles. It’s their way of rewarding your loyalty and continued partnership.
  • ADCB Personal Internet Banking Bonus: When you register for ADCB Personal Internet Banking for the first time, you will receive an additional bonus of 500 Etihad Guest Miles.
  • ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Current Account Benefits: As a current account customer, you will receive a chequebook and a Debit Card. These features provide you with flexibility and convenience in managing your finances.
  • ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Savings Account Benefits: Savings account customers will receive a Debit Card. It offers easy access to your funds and enables seamless transactions.

Eligibility Criteria for ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Current and Savings Accounts

  • ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Current Account: To open a current account, you must be a UAE resident. The account is exclusively available for UAE residents meeting the Excellency relationship balance criteria outlined in the Schedule of Fees. Reviewing the specific requirements mentioned in the Schedule of Fees is important to ensure eligibility for the current account.
  • ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Savings Account:  The savings account is available for both residents and non-residents. Whether a resident or non-resident, you can open a savings account if you meet the Excellency relationship balance criteria stated in the Schedule of Fees. It’s essential to refer to the Schedule of Fees to understand the specific criteria and ensure eligibility for the savings account.

Required Documents for ADCB Etihad Guest Aspire Current and Savings Accounts

UAE Residents:

  • Original passport with a valid UAE residence visa (valid for more than 30 days).
  • Your original Emirates ID.
  • A salary certificate, which serves as proof of your income.


  • Your original passport.
  • A copy of your visit visa and entry stamp page or e-gate card, which confirms your legal entry into the UAE.
  • A three-month stamped bank statement from the bank to which funds will be transferred. This statement demonstrates your financial history and stability.
  • A letter of introduction from an existing ADCB customer who has been with the bank for over a year. This letter serves as a reference and recommendation from an established customer.

ADCB Business & Commercial Banking Accounts in UAE

ADCB Business & Commercial Banking Accounts in UAE


ADCB Sustainable Call Account

The ADCB Sustainable Call Account provides a seamless and convenient solution for managing your cash. Enjoy the ease of accessing your funds while driving positive environmental and social change through sustainable banking practices.

This innovative banking solution lets you align your finances with your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. By opening a Sustainable Call Account, you actively contribute to sustainable initiatives and positively impact the environment and society.

Plus, you can seamlessly manage your account with 24/7 access. Receive payments, check your balances, and access your statements in real-time, providing up-to-date information about your account activity.

Please note the following considerations:

  • No Cheque Issuance
  • The account currency for the ADCB Sustainable Call Account is available in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham). 
  • No Physical Instructions or Branch Visits

Key Features and Benefits of ADCB Sustainable Call Account

  • Effortless Digital Experience: Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly digital experience with ADCB ProCash. Conduct your transactions conveniently and efficiently through digital channels.
  • Transparent Reporting: Access transparent reporting consolidated within the ADCB portfolio. 
  • Real-Time Account Balances: Stay updated with real-time account balance information through online channels. Monitor your account balances at any time.
  • Contribute to ESG Goals: Align your financial decisions with your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. By utilising ProCash, you actively contribute to sustainability initiatives.
  • Safety and Trust: Rely on ADCB’s extensive experience and solid market reputation for absolute peace of mind. 
  • Market Recognition. Benefit from being associated with a bank that values and supports sustainable practices.

ADCB Current Account in UAE

Experience a new standard in everyday business banking with ADCB’s current account, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business:

Features of the ADCB Current Account

  • Multi-Currency Flexibility: Enjoy the convenience of multi-currency accounts available in AED, USD, EUR, and GBP. 
  • Preferential Pricing: Benefit from preferential pricing on payment transactions and Internet banking services. ADCB offers competitive rates and cost-effective solutions to support your business’s financial operations.
  • Special Discounts on Online Payment Transactions: As an ADCB customer, you receive special discounts on your online payment transactions through ProCash. This enables you to save on transaction costs while securely managing your payments digitally
  • Personalised Teller Transactions: ADCB’s dedicated tellers personally handle all your transactions at ADCB bank branches. 
  • Chequebook Facility: Access chequebooks in AED currency, providing you with a flexible payment method for your business transactions. 
  • Debit Card/ATM Access: The ADCB Easy Pay Card offers you easy access to your funds 24/7. With this debit card, you can conveniently make withdrawals and payments at ATMs and merchants worldwide, ensuring quick and hassle-free transactions.
  • Shari’ah-Compliant Products: ADCB offers Shari’ah-compliant banking products for businesses seeking Islamic banking solutions. These products align with Islamic principles and cater to the specific requirements of businesses looking for ethical financial options.

To view the fees and charges, please click here.

ADCB Call Account

Elevate your business banking experience with the ADCB Call Account, offering a range of benefits that give your business a boost:

Benefits of the ADCB Call Account

  • Instant Access to Funds: Enjoy instant access to your money whenever and wherever you need it. 
  • Tiered Interest Rates: Earn interest on your account balance, with higher balances yielding higher interest rates.
  • Daily Calculation and Monthly Credit: Your interest is calculated daily and credited to your account on a monthly basis. 
  • Currency Options: Choose from a variety of currency options for more flexible transactions. ADCB offers AED, EUR, USD, and GBP accounts, allowing you to manage your finances in the currency that best suits your business needs.
  • Free Online Banking: Access your ADCB Call Account conveniently through free online banking services. 
  • Shari’ah-Compliant Products: ADCB provides Shari’ah-compliant products for businesses seeking Islamic banking solutions. 

ADCB Commercial Active Saver Account

The Commercial Active Saver Account offers a seamless and straightforward online application process. Enjoy the convenience of applying for the account from anywhere, at any time, without the need for lengthy paperwork. The interest rates are calculated daily and paid out monthly, allowing your savings to grow consistently over time.

Earn up to 2.25% per annum on AED Accounts and up to 2.00% per annum on USD Accounts. These competitive interest rates provide you with the opportunity to maximise the growth of your savings and generate returns on your investment.

You can access your Commercial Active Saver Account online, providing you with the flexibility to manage your savings anytime and anywhere. 

AED Commercial Active Saver Account Interest Rates (Thresholds (AED)-Interest rates % P.A.)

  • 0 – 50 K- 0.40%
  • 50 K – 200 K- 1.00%
  • 200 K – 2 MM- 1.75%
  • 2 MM – 10 MM- 2.25%
  • 10 MM – 20 MM- 2.00%
  • 20 MM + 0.20%

USD Commercial Active Saver Account Interest Rates (Thresholds (USD)- Interest rates % P.A.)

  • 0 – 15 K 0.20%
  • 15K – 50 K 0.60%
  • 50 K – 500 K 1.00%
  • 500 K – 3 MM 1.50%
  • 3 MM – 6 MM 2.00%
  • 6 MM + 0.20%

ADCB Commercial Active Saver Account Eligibility

To be eligible for opening a Commercial Active Saver Account, you need to provide a valid copy of your Trade License. Additionally, the account is available for UAE nationals and residents with a valid visa. It is important to have an existing ADCB business Current or Call Account in the same currency (AED or USD) before opening a Commercial Active Saver Account.

To qualify for the monthly pay-out, a minimum interest accrual of AED 15 or USD 4.11 per month is required. The monthly savings are calculated using the ADCB Commercial Active Saver Calculator, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your interest earnings.

For existing customers, please note that only one Commercial Active Saver Account per currency offered per Customer Identification (CID) is allowed.

ADCB Banking Services

While offering a wide range of bank accounts, ADCB also provides an extensive suite of comprehensive banking services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Check out the following:

ADCB Safe Deposit Lockers

Rest assured that your valuables and important documents are protected with ADCB’s 

24-hour Safe Deposit Locker facilities. They prioritise the security of your items and maintain a high level of security at ADCB-designated branches.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Minor Access: For safe deposit lockers, a minor can only operate the locker through their legal guardian, subject to the bank’s policy. This ensures that the locker access is managed responsibly and in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Key Deposit: Upon availing of a safe deposit locker, there is a one-time deposit of AED 1,000. It’s important to note that this deposit is non-refundable if the keys are not returned upon termination or closure of the locker.
  • Lost Keys: In the event that the locker keys are lost, a fee of AED 1,050 (including 5% VAT) is payable. This fee covers the cost of replacing the lost keys and ensuring the security of the locker.
  • Rental Charges: If you decide to discontinue the locker facility before the agreed-upon rental period, the rental charges for the remaining period are non-refundable. It’s advisable to carefully consider the duration of the locker facility to optimise the value of your rental charges.

Key Features and Benefits of ADCB Safe Deposit Lockers

  • Discounted Rental Charges: ADCB offers attractive discounts on the rental charges of Safe Deposit Lockers for different customer segments. ADCB Private, Emirati Excellency, and Excellency Customers can enjoy a 75% discount, while Emirati and Privilege Club Customers are eligible for a 25% discount. 
  • Range of Locker Sizes: ADCB provides lockers in various sizes to meet your specific storage requirements. Whether you need a small locker for important documents or a larger locker for storing valuables, you can choose the size that suits your needs.
  • Convenient Branch Selection: Renting a locker is made easy with ADCB, as you can select a branch closest to you for accessing the locker facility. This ensures that you can conveniently visit the branch and access your belongings whenever needed.
  • Extended Banking Hours: ADCB offers extended banking hours for accessing the lockers. This means you have more flexibility in managing your valuable possessions, as you can visit the branch outside regular working hours.
  • Flexible Rental Options: The lockers are available on both short-term and long-term rental basis, providing you with the flexibility to choose the duration that suits your requirements. Additionally, the rental charges are nominal, making it a cost-effective solution for securing your items.

Lastly, ADCB provides hassle-free payment options for the rental charges of the lockers. You can choose a convenient payment method that suits your preferences, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

ADCB Money Transfer

With the ADCB Mobile Banking App, you can transfer money quickly and effortlessly. Whether you need to send funds urgently or make regular international transfers, the app provides a user-friendly platform to carry out your transactions. Simply download the app and follow the easy steps to initiate your transfers.

ADCB offers transfers in 41 different currencies, providing you with flexibility and convenience for international money transfers. You can easily send funds in the desired currency, ensuring smooth transactions across borders.

With 24/7 availability, you have the flexibility to initiate transfers at your own convenience without being restricted by banking hours. Benefit from favourable rates and optimise your transfers.

Please note the following:

For transfers routed using SWIFT, an additional fee may apply. SWIFT transfers are commonly used for international transfers and may involve intermediary banks. It’s important to be aware of any applicable fees when opting for this transfer method.

How to Transfer Money With ADCB Money Transfer

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transfer your money using ADCB Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App:

  1. Log in: Access your ADCB account through either the Internet Banking portal or the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Add Payee: Navigate to the ‘Transfer Money’ section and add the recipient as a payee. Provide the necessary details, such as the recipient’s name, account number, and any additional information required for the transfer.
  3. Payee Confirmation: In some cases, a customer service representative may reach out to you to verify and confirm the payee registration. This step ensures the security of your transaction and helps prevent unauthorised transfers.
  4. Select Payee and Enter Amount: Select the intended recipient from your list of added payees once the payee is confirmed. Enter the transfer amount accurately to ensure the correct funds are sent.
  5. Initiate the Transfer: Proceed with the transfer by confirming the transaction details. You may be prompted to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) or use ADCB FacePass for additional verification and security.
  6. Verify Transaction: Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number or use ADCB FacePass to authenticate and finalise the transaction. This step adds an extra layer of security to ensure that only authorised transfers are processed.

Fixed Deposits

ADCB’s fixed deposit options empower you to make your money work harder for your business. 

Start saving with a minimum deposit of AED 5,000 or the equivalent in other currencies. Remember that this applies to business accounts only. This affordable entry point ensures accessibility for businesses of various sizes. ADCB fixed deposits are available in AED, USD, EUR, and GBP. This allows you to choose the currency that best suits your business needs.

Choose from a range of flexible savings terms to suit your financial goals. ADCB offers terms of 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, allowing you to align your savings strategy with your business requirements.


  • Convenient Online Booking: Easily book your fixed deposits online with a simple click of a button. Enjoy the convenience of managing your deposits from anywhere, at any time, without the need for in-person visits to the bank.
  • Tailored Tenor and Maturity: Choose the duration that suits your financial goals, whether short-term or long-term, to optimise returns on your savings.
  • Competitive Rates for Higher Returns: Benefit from higher returns on your savings with ADCB’s competitive interest rates. 
  • Multiple Currency Options: ADCB offers fixed deposits in all major currencies, including AED, USD, GBP, and EUR. 
  • Conventional and Islamic Options: Choose between conventional fixed deposits and Islamic fixed deposits, catering to your specific preferences and adherence to financial principles. 
  • Flexible Maturity Options with Auto Renewal: Decide whether to renew your deposit automatically or withdraw the funds upon maturity based on your evolving financial plans and objectives.
  • Real-Time Interest Rate Facility: Stay updated with real-time interest rates through the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) or EBOR (Emirates Interbank Offered Rate). 
  • Informational Reporting: Access comprehensive informational reporting on all your booked deposits. Gain insights into the details and performance of your fixed deposits.

How to Open an ADCB Bank Account Online in UAE

Opening an Active Saver account with ADCB is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Step 1. Log in to ADCB Personal Internet Banking: Access your ADCB Personal Internet Banking account using your login credentials.
  • Step 2. Navigate to ‘Open New Account’: Once logged in, locate the ‘Open New Account’ option on the left navigation bar. Click on it to proceed.
  • Step 3. Select the Account Type: From the options presented, choose either ‘Active Saver AED’ or ‘Active Saver USD’ based on your preferred currency for the account. Click on the appropriate option to proceed.
  • Step 4. Complete the Online Application Form: Fill out the Online Active Saver application form with the necessary information. You will be prompted to provide details such as your personal information, contact details, and any other required information. Double-check the accuracy of the provided information before submitting the form.
  • Step 5. Generate Your Account Number: Once you have completed the online application form, the system will generate your Active Saver account number online. This account number will serve as your unique identifier for your Active Saver account.

You may also directly navigate here and scroll to the bottom to see a short application form where you’ll be asked to enter your personal information to get started with the application.

ADCB Bank Account Online in UAE


Other Ways for ADCB Bank Account Opening

Apply through the Contact Centre

  • Dial ADCB’s 24-hour contact centre number at 600 50 2030.
  • Follow the prompts to connect with a customer service representative.
  • Inform the representative of your interest in opening an account.
  • Provide the necessary information and documentation as requested by the representative.
  • Review the details provided for accuracy and completeness.
  • Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive your Active Saver account details.

Apply through SMS

  • Ensure that your mobile number is registered with ADCB.
  • From your registered mobile number, compose an SMS.
  • Type ‘CASA’’ and send it to the shortcode 2626.
  • You will receive an automated response with further instructions.
  • Follow the instructions to provide the required information and documentation.
  • Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive your Active Saver account details.

Visit an ADCB Branch

  • Locate the nearest ADCB branch to you. You may check the nearest ADCB branch near you.
  • Visit the branch during their business hours.
  • Inform the branch staff of your intention to open an account.
  • Complete the necessary application form provided by the branch staff. You may also download the forms relevant to your account here. Make sure to fill it with the required information.
  • Submit the form along with any required documentation.
  • The branch staff will process your application, and once approved, you will receive your account details.


What is the minimum balance each month for the Active Saver Account?

The Active Saver account offers the advantage of not having a minimum balance requirement or monthly fees, providing you with the flexibility to save without any obligations or additional charges.

What is the limit for opening Active Saver Accounts through ADCB Personal Internet Banking?

Through ADCB Personal Internet Banking, there is a limit of one Active Saver account per currency. This means that you can open and maintain a maximum of one Active Saver account for each currency offered, such as AED, USD, EUR, or GBP.

Can business customers hold an Active Saver Account?

No, the Active Saver Account is exclusively offered to individual customers. ADCB’s Active Saver Account is designed specifically for personal banking needs and is not available for business customers.

Can I have my salary directly deposited into the Active Saver Account?

No, salary transfers into the Active Saver Account are not permitted. The Active Saver Account is not designed to receive salary deposits. It is specifically structured for savings purposes

Wil financial data be reported to the tax administration in the UAE?

If you are a tax resident in any of the participating countries outside of the UAE, ADCB may report information about your financial account(s) held with them to the tax administration in the UAE. It is important to note that this reporting excludes any information related to accounts maintained by ADCB in other branches.

Is it possible to open a Zero Balance account in ADCB?

To open a Zero Balance account in ADCB Hayyak, certain eligibility requirements must be met. The applicant must be a minimum of 21 years old and a resident of the UAE. Additionally, it is essential to note that the ADCB Hayyak Zero Balance Account can only be opened by the customer directly and cannot be initiated by a third party.

Who is eligible for ADCB private banking services?

To be eligible for ADCB Private Banking, individuals are required to maintain a Total Relationship Balance of USD 1 Million. This balance can be distributed across various financial products such as Current accounts, Savings accounts, Call accounts, Fixed Term Deposits, and Investments at their market value.

Can I use my ADCB debit card outside the UAE?

Absolutely! Your ADCB Chip and PIN Debit Card can be used outside of the UAE. You can use IT for making purchases at merchants as well as for cash withdrawals from ATMs whether you are in the Philippines or other countries.

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