One of the first things you notice about Dubai when you enter the city for the first time is the high number of luxury cars on the road. This is even a surprise for many expats from West and offers them a real opportunity to buy a luxury car for themselves.

When everyone around you owns one, what is holding you back?

But wait, buying a luxury car is a huge investment and you must not take a hefty decision. If you are buying planning to buy a luxury car in Dubai, here is the list of some important things that you must think of before your final decision.

1. The Insurance Cost

You can’t drive a car in Dubai without having car insurance. Even when there are cheaper options available like third party insurance, but for luxury cars, your only viable option is expensive comprehensive insurance. In most cases, the premium cost is equal to a percentage of total cost of the car. This is critical to calculate the cost of yearly premium before buying a car.

2. Look for Residual Value Rating

Make sure you have access to the Residual Value Rating of the car. It provides insights about the value retention, actual worth and quality of the vehicle. With the help of Residual Value Rating, you can also have an idea about the car’s reliability and durability.

3. Usage

Ask yourself, why are you buying your luxury car? Is it for the only commute or for a desert safari? When Dubai has some outstanding roads to enjoy your rides, you can also drive your vehicle into the desert and other natural terrains around the country. So make sure you are buying the right fit for your needs. If you are planning to enjoy some natural lifestyle into the desert on weekends, you must look for cars that are built for a desert drive. And yes, don’t forget to include off-the-road insurance policy into your plan if you are planning for desert drives.

4. Warranty

It is always better to buy a car with an extended warranty from the manufacturer for repairs and maintenance. Check the available warranty for rust protection, car’s powertrain, and aspects. The longer the warranty is, the better it is for you.

5. Fuel Economy

Even though fuel is very cheap in UAE, but luxury cars can consume a lot more than ordinary cars. But you can also find some brands with the latest technology like a hybrid that can significantly reduce the fuel consumption and can save you some money.

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About Author

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