As per the UAE traffic authorities, Car Insurance is mandatory for every car driven in the UAE. Having the best car insurance might be on your mind if you own a car. Whether you are a new car owner or are renewing your existing car insurance, you should always opt for the best car insurance policy in Dubai to protect your car and get the maximum coverage depending on your needs. A valid car insurance policy not only protects your car from unforeseen events but it also eliminates the chances of any legal liabilities arising out of any unexpected events, like an accident causing casualties or damages to a third party.

A good comprehensive car insurance policy covers such third-party liabilities. If you’ve been a car owner for some time now, you know exactly what we are talking about, and if you are a new car owner you must be prepared with a checklist that will help you through the facts stated above. With the number of car insurance plans available in UAE, you would probably be quite confused to decide which plan suits you best to help you make the right decision! If you’ve already purchased insurance for your car, you can still learn from the below-stated secrets to trim down your car insurance premium on your renewal. Here they are… Some Important Points You Need to Know When Buying Car Insurance In Dubai Check for Inclusions like 24×7 Roadside Assistance cover There could be emergency situations that arise when driving on the road for which immediate assistance from technical experts would be needed. An emergency (toll-free ) number is always provided that is usually imprinted on the motor policy document or on the insurance card – which you should carry at all times while driving.

Most insurance companies have tie-ups with the companies that help you in emergency situations like a sudden requirement of mechanical repairs due to breakdown, car towing, battery boost, flat tyres, lockout, emergency fuel delivery, and similar incidents. When choosing your car insurance in Dubai, you must always make a choice of having roadside assistance in your policy. Agency vs. Non-Agency Coverage Agency repair coverage ensures that the manufacturer’s authorized dealer would repair your car in the event of a claim. This also means that you are guaranteed to get genuine and brand new parts for your vehicle. Choosing this option allows you to get quality agency repairs by qualified professionals who are experts in dealing with that specific car brand. This tends to be a more expensive option as compared to non-agency repairs.  Non-Agency Repairs The benefit of choosing non-agency repairs with a well-known insurance company is that your car is fixed by workshops that have been pre-tested and approved by your insurance provider. If you do not want to spend extra bucks, this tends to be a more cost-effective alternative to include in your car insurance in Dubai. 

No-claims Bonus As a car insurance policyholder in the UAE, you get a discount (No-claims bonus) on the premium for the next year, provided you do not lodge any claim during your policy term. This means, if you do not file a claim in the first year of your policy, you are eligible to get a discount on your next year’s policy premium. Also, if you are migrating to the UAE, we recommend you to bring your no-claims bonus certification with you. This might help you in securing some additional discounts. Choose a suitable plan: Comprehensive Insurance Versus Third-party Liability If you are buying insurance just so you can drive a car, then you will require a third-party liability insurance as per the UAE law. However, you will not get any kind of damage coverages unless there is another party involved and has caused the damage. So if they are insured, a claim can be made against them. But it does cover death or bodily injury to any third party as well as property damage caused by the insured’s car. On the contrary, if you buy a comprehensive car insurance plan in Dubai, you will be covered against your losses or damages as well as third-party property damages caused. This kind of insurance gives you the choice of customizing your car insurance with the exact features you want as per your needs.

Typically, this policy does offer emergency medical expenses and insures against theft, fire and other natural disasters like earthquakes, etc. If you are looking for car insurance and would like some pro tips that will help you select the best insurance in Dubai, then visit Top Car Insurance Plans in the UAE With, you have many car insurance plans to choose from. InsuranceMarket works only with the top insurance providers to bring you the best car insurance plans in the UAE. To choose which car insurance plan works best for you, our insurance advisors provide a tailor-made comparison that can help you choose the perfect insurance for your car and makes sure you get the maximum coverage.

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