A few tips, tricks and wise words from Alfred

Insurance is a must, there’s not really any two ways around it. The UAE has one of the highest levels of fatality on the road per head of population, which is hardly surprising with a multicultural, expat community all importing the bad driving habits from their home countries. It’s something the governments are taking very seriously, with investment in roads and an evident crackdown on bad drivers.

Here’s a few tips for keeping the cost of driving down:

Car insurance here is a competitive business for the insurance companies, so it’s really important you look at what you need. Cover will vary massively, with some companies offering fantastic benefit packages, whilst some will offer the bare minimum. Do you really need a hire car? But equally, what if? Would you really be able to survive without one?

No Claims

Building up your no claims discount can sometimes just be down to luck. But once you have them, get hold of your insurance company and ask for the certificate. It’s your gateway to cheaper insurance, as discounts of up to 15% can be obtained.

Young drivers

Statistically, new and/or young drivers are highly likely to be involved in an accident. If it is their fault, they will have to pay up to 10% of the claim, which can be quite a lot if it’s a total loss!


Sure, it’s fantastic to drive around in a nice car, but with the rapidly increasing fuel costs, you’d save a fortune by switching down an engine size.
From an insurance point of view, ask which companies are best for 4x4s, saloons or coupés. Each company has their preference. Thinking about buying a coupé? Along with high performance cars, they tend to be more expensive to insure.

International licence

If you’re sending your son or daughter away for education, it’s worth encouraging them to learn to drive there too. Transferable licences from places such as the UK and the US might well be entitled to cheaper insurance here.

Voluntary excess

Some companies will give you the option of increasing the excess, bringing the cost of your overall premium down. Ask Alfred which companies can do this for you.

Multiple car discounts

Insurance companies love it if you have more than one car. You’re probably not going to be driving them both at the same time, after all. Request for a loyalty discount. 

Online car insurance in Dubai

If you are looking for car insurance quotes online where you can compare and buy instantly, try InsuranceMarket.