Got an annoying dent on your car you want removed? Wondering if insurance will cover that? Find out how and if you should go to your insurance for a tiny dent!

Getting a dent on your car can be frustrating, especially if you are all about those car selfies on Instagram. It doesn’t need to stay that way though. Let’s split the question into two separate ones and attempt to clarify both.

An incident caused a scratch or dent

Your car may be hit by a playful kid on a bicycle, or be on the worse end of a ball flying off in the wrong direction. Perhaps even a supermarket trolley backed up to it and dented one of its bumpers. Many scenarios may lead to the same result: something happened to your car and caused a dent, and there is no other party to hold liable.

If so, you will have to claim on your own insurance and lose that no claims streak you were having. And now you will also have to pay an excess (click to read What is the meaning of excess in car insurance). However, making a claim might not be the wisest option since many repair shops offer dent and scratch repair for less than your insurance excess.

If your car was hit in a parking lot with CCTV cameras installed, then it is definitely wise to report it to the police. They might be able to extract and analyze CCTV records and depending on the footage may be able to trace the car that caused the accident and help you claim their insurance for expenses.

Scratches or dents caused by wear and tear

The typical case in the UAE is that wear and tear are not covered by your insurance, even with comprehensive plans. Which makes fixing such damages at your expense the only viable option you have. Of course, such dents and scratches resulting from usage won’t break the bank and will probably cost less than paying an excess as we mentioned earlier anyway!

If you have any questions or perhaps found yourself in a situation where either answer doesn’t fulfill our expert team of car insurance advisors at would be delighted to hear from you. Happy Motoring!

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