Does your car insurance cover mechanical repairs? Allow us to shed some light on this and whether your insurance would cover you.

To clearly answer this question, it’s important to differentiate between mechanical issues caused by the deterioration of the vehicle (age/condition), mechanical issues following an accident, or a breakdown that might interrupt your journey! Allow us to try and clarify this so that it’s crystal clear.

Mechanical problems in the absence of any accidents

First of all, let’s be clear on what risks insurance will protect you for. Unfortunately, a straightforward mechanical malfunction is not one of them! These days, vehicles offer fault-free motoring for tens of thousands of miles with regular servicing but, inevitably, they reach a point where they either breakdown and/or parts need replacing due to wear and tear.

The repair costs are associated with car ownership and not a specific insured risk (ie. linked to a sudden and unforeseen event). So whether you have a Comprehensive or a Third Party Motor insurance policy, you’ll not be covered in this situation.

However, don’t despair, help may be at hand if you have a new vehicle and are facing some mechanical problem with your engine, for example. The party that should be there for you when this happens is a manufacturer warranty, not an insurance provider!

Mechanical problems following an accident

If you have encountered some mechanical problems with your car after an accident, then your insurance (if you have Comprehensive cover); or the Third Party’s insurance (if they caused the accident);  would pay for these problems to be repaired. After all,  that’s the purpose of having insurance so that in the event of an accident, it will help return your car to the condition it was in before the accident.

  • Top tip:

Sometimes in a minor accident, the attending police officer may forgo checking the box for potential mechanical damage when completing the accident report. Make sure to ask the police officer to record this information, especially if you noticed any issues while pulling the vehicle to the side of the road!

Mechanical problems following a breakdown

One of the most invaluable benefits of a Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy is the roadside assistance or breakdown option. If you elected to add this cover to your policy; or if you were fortunate enough to have it as a standard inclusion; you can rest easy, knowing that an unexpected, inconvenient vehicle breakdown is covered.

With roadside assistance cover, you may be eligible for getting the car fixed on-site or towed to the nearest garage and put back on the road, You should note, however, that your insurance policy will only cover emergency recovery and/or minor repairs: typically the costs of parts and labour (the work undertaken by the repairer) will be your responsibility, or could be passed on to the dealership/warranty provider is still covered under a manufacturer’s/mechanical warranty.

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