Dubai Car Insurance: A Comprehensive Checklist for Required Documents

Buying a new car? Congratulations. But wait, what about the car insurance? You can’t drive a car without having car insurance first in Dubai. If you are buying your car from a bank or a car dealer, chances are bank and car dealer will offer their services to find you a car insurance deal but is it wise to get their help? – Probably no because you can always find better and more tailored and customized deal if you look on your own.

Do you know how many insurance companies are working in Dubai and UAE overall? More than 60. Yes, more than 60 options that can help you find an affordable and customized car insurance deal. So the recommended course of action is to shop on your own. Hire an insurance consultant or use online comparison websites, but make sure you are buying on your own instead of depending on your car dealer or bank.

What Documents Do You Need?

To know beforehand about the required documents can save you a lot of time if you are buying car insurance on your own. Otherwise, you may have to visit the office of the insurance company multiple times to bring all documents.

Even though the requirements for the necessary documents may vary from company to company but in most cases, the documents required are same as listed below.

  • Proof of Name: For this, you need to submit the copy of Emirates ID if you are a national or copy of your passport and visa page if you are an expat working in Dubai.
  • Date of Birth: For this, above documents are sufficient.
  • Vehicle Details: All companies require a proof of vehicle details like year of manufacture, make and model. For this, you need a copy of vehicle registration document. Make sure you have the copy of the vehicle registration card of both sides. Some companies may also need RTA Certificate of Transfer.
  • You also need a copy of the driver’s license.
  • You also need a confirmation letter that proves your vehicle is GCC specified.
  • If you are renewing your car insurance, you also need to provide the details of the claims registered with your previous insurance companies. In case you have not registered any claims, you can submit the No Claim letter for the years you have not registered a claim. This can earn you a significant discount under no-claim bonus offered by most of the insurance companies in Dubai.

The good news is, most of the insurance companies allow clients to upload electronic copies of the required documents that make it easier for insurance buyers. If you are busy and have the right documents in front of you, you can easily submit the documents from your home or office.

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About Author

With over 34 years in the international insurance industry in a variety of senior management roles, and as holder of the Diploma in Insurance from the Chartered Insurance Institute, Rachel surely knows her insurance! With experience in London, continental Europe and the Middle East, Rachel is here to share her knowledge and help you understand more about insurance products in this easy-to-understand series of videos and blogs.