Dubai has one of the world’s top-notch road networks, making it a top destination for drivers. Dubai enforces strict traffic rules to maintain safety and order, and breaking these rules can result in severe outcomes, such as hefty fines or black points.

Do you have a car in Dubai? If so, it’s important to understand the black points system and how to manage it. This system is essential for keeping Dubai’s roads safe, and knowing how it works is vital. This article aims to explain how to check and remove black points from license in Dubai.

What are Black Points?

Black points are penalties given to drivers in Dubai for breaking traffic rules. Each violation adds a specific number of black points, depending on how serious it is. These points are added to your driving license and can build up over time.

Why is it Important?

Accumulating too many black points can lead to severe consequences, such as:

How Black Points Are Issued in Dubai?

In Dubai, drivers get black points as penalties for traffic violations, from minor offenses like parking in restricted areas to serious ones like speeding or reckless driving. Each violation is assigned a specific number of points based on its severity. These points are added to the driver’s license and can accumulate over time with multiple violations. Understanding these violations helps drivers avoid them and keep a clean driving record.

Accumulating Black Points in Dubai:

Getting black points on your driving license in Dubai can have serious consequences. These penalties can lead to your license being suspended or cancelled, which means you won’t be allowed to drive.

Additionally, having too many points can increase your car insurance costs and make it harder to renew your vehicle registration. These issues affect your driving ability, finances, and convenience.

If you accumulate 24 black points, the RTA will suspend your license for a certain period. The suspension length depends on how many times you have reached 24 points:

  • First time: Three-month license suspension
  • Second time: Six-month license suspension
  • Third time: Your license will be suspended for one year, and you will need to retake the driving test and take driving lessons from an accredited driving school in Dubai.

How to Remove Black Points from License in Dubai?

Here are some important points that you can follow to remove black points on license in Dubai:

1. Check Your Black Points:

  • Find out how many black points you have by visiting the Dubai Police website or using their mobile app.

2. Attend Traffic Awareness Courses:

  • Sign up for a traffic awareness course approved by the Dubai Police. These courses teach you about road safety and traffic laws. Completing the course can reduce up to 8 black points from your record.

3. Maintain Good Driving Behavior:

  • Drive safely and avoid traffic violations for a year. The black points may be removed automatically if you do this.

4. Participate in Community Service:

  • Sometimes, the court may let you do community service instead of paying fines and getting black points. Complete the required hours to remove the black points.

5. Pay Fines on Time:

6. Apply for a Good Conduct Certificate:

  • After driving well and paying all fines, you can apply for a good conduct certificate from the Dubai Police. This might help reduce or remove black points.

7. Fine Discounts on Special Occasions

  • On special occasions like Eid and the holy month of Ramadan, the traffic police department and the Dubai Road and Transport Authority sometimes offer discounts on traffic fines. 

8. Contact Dubai Police:

  • For specific help, contact the Dubai Police customer service or visit a police station or any smart police station.

By Registering Yourself in the Day Without Accident Initiative By Dubai Police:

Day Without Accident Initiative

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  • Visit this link and click “I Pledge” and “Register”.
  • Fill in the details like your Emirates ID, email and user type.
  • Select the captcha and click on “Next”.
  • You will get the message of successful registration on the screen.
  • Your registration with a participation certification will be sent to your email address.
  • This may help in the removal of some black points from your license.

Important note:  You can wait for the points to expire, as they are valid for one year. You can appeal them if you believe you were unfairly given black points. However, you must not accumulate more points while you wait for the black points to expire. Managing the black points from your license is important to keep a clean driving record and ensure a safer driving experience in Dubai.

How to Check Black Points on Your License in Dubai Online?

How to Check Black Points on Your License in Dubai Online?

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To check the black points on your Dubai driving license online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Dubai Police Website.
  2. Hover over the “Services” tab and select “Traffic services.”
  3. Click on “Fines Inquiry and Payment
  4. Click on “Access this service.
  5. Enter your details (license number or number plate information).
  6. Check the black points on your license in Dubai.

Final Takeaway:

Now that you know how to remove black points from license in Dubai, it’s important to manage them to keep a clean driving record and stay safe on Dubai’s roads. The black points system discourages traffic violations and promotes responsible driving. By keeping track of your black points, attending traffic courses, paying fines on time, and driving safely, you can avoid serious consequences like license suspension, higher insurance costs, and trouble renewing your vehicle registration. Remember, maintaining a clean record helps you and keeps Dubai’s roads safe and orderly. Stay alert, drive carefully, and use the resources from Dubai Police to manage your black points.

Wondering how to pay traffic fines in Dubai? Check out our guide to learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How Long Do Black Points Stay on Your License in Dubai?

Black points remain on your driving record for 1 year. However, ensuring that your accumulated black points do not exceed 24 within that year is crucial. If they do exceed 24, your license will be revoked. The suspension period can range from 3 to 6 months.

Q. How to get a discount on Dubai Police fines?

Dubai’s traffic authorities often provide significant discounts for those who pay their fines promptly. Pay your fine within 60 days of receiving the violation ticket for the best savings. This can give you a 35% reduction in your traffic fine amount, making it a very cost-effective option.

Q. Where can I pay black point fines in Dubai?

Certain violations result in fines or black points that can only be paid at a police station. Due to Dubai’s strict traffic laws, these non-payable fines cannot be settled online or through other means.

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