If you’re planning a trip to Dubai and want to save money on your trip, you’ve come to the right place. Renting a car in Dubai can be an excellent option for getting around and experiencing the city’s attractions conveniently.

Now, you might wonder what “cheap car rental” means. When we say “cheap,” we are talking about finding affordable car rental options that won’t cost you too much money. This way, you can use your savings for other exciting activities during your trip. So make sure to stick to this article until the end.

Average Cost of Renting a Car in Dubai

car renting cost


The cost of renting a car in Dubai can vary depending on the type of car you choose. There are different car sizes to consider, from economy cars to luxurious ones.

 Here’s a simple breakdown to help you understand the average cost per day for each type:

  • Economy Car Rent: AED 100-300
  • Mid-Size Car Rent: AED 300-500
  • Full-Size Car Rent: AED 500-700
  • Luxury Car Rent: AED 700-1,000

If you’re planning to explore Dubai for several days, renting the car for a more extended period might save you some money. Many rental companies offer better daily rates for longer rentals, so it’s worth considering if your trip is for more than a day or two.

Documents Require to Rent a Car in Dubai?

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To rent a car in Dubai, you’ll need some essential documents. Don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A valid passport: This is like your special travel ID, and you should always keep it safe.
  • A valid driver’s license: This card lets you drive the car legally, so make sure it’s up-to-date.
  • International Driving Permit (IDP): If your driver’s license is not in English, the IDP helps translate it, making it easier for everyone to understand.

Prove Your Age and Address

The rental company might also ask for some other papers. It’s just to make sure you’re old enough to drive and to know where to find you. 

Here’s what you can show them:

  • Proof of age: This can be your birth certificate or any official document that shows how old you are.
  • Proof of address: They might want to know where you live, so you can show them something like a utility bill or a letter with your address on it.
  • Bring a Credit Card: Now, this part might be for the grown-ups, but it’s essential. The rental company might ask for a credit card to make sure they can trust you. It’s like a promise that you’ll take care of their car.

What are the Benefits of Renting a Car in Dubai?

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Renting a car in Dubai can be a super cool idea! There are many benefits to doing it. You can go wherever you like in Dubai. You’re not stuck in only one place. Imagine driving around the city and seeing all the awesome sights!

Having your own car gives you the freedom to choose your schedule. You don’t have to rely on buses or taxis; you can stop wherever you want to take photos or explore new places. Additionally, renting a car can be cheaper than taking taxis everywhere, especially if traveling with family or friends. Plus, you can split the cost among all of you.

It’s like having your own private space on wheels! You can relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about strangers sharing the space with you. And you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. The rental company takes care of all that stuff.

Dubai is fantastic, but there’s more to see outside the city too! You can take road trips to beautiful places nearby with a rental car. The best thing about renting is that it gives you a chance to try out different types of cars. You can go for a small, a big, or even a fancy one – it’s like having a new adventure each time!

Top Car Rental Companies in Dubai


OneClickDrive is a well-known and popular car rental website in Dubai. They offer a wide range of cars to choose from, which means you can find the perfect car for your needs and budget. They have a fleet of over 2,000 cars, including economy cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and vans. 

What makes OneClickDrive a great option for cheap car rentals is its competitive pricing. They work with multiple car rental companies, encouraging them to offer attractive deals to stay ahead in the market. So, you can often find great discounts and special offers on their website, making it an excellent choice for a budget-friendly car rental experience.

Moosa Rent a Car

Moosa Rent a Car is a local car rental company that knows Dubai like the back of their hand. Since they operate solely in Dubai, they understand the local market and offer good value for money. They have a fleet of over 1,000 cars, including economy cars, family cars, and SUVs.You can expect affordable rental rates without compromising on quality service. 

Their fleet may not be as extensive as some bigger companies. Still, they make up for it with personalized attention and straightforward pricing, making it an excellent option for budget-friendly yet reliable car rentals.

Speedy Drive Car Rental

Another local gem, Speedy Drive Car Rental, provides competitive prices for car rentals in Dubai. Being a smaller company, they have low overheads, allowing them to pass on the savings to their customers. Their fleet may not be as extensive as larger international companies, but you’ll find a decent selection of cars suitable for various needs. 

Speedy Drive Car Rental also offers a variety of add-on services, such as GPS navigation and child seats. With a focus on affordability and attentive customer service, Speedy Drive Car Rental is a fantastic option for those seeking a pocket-friendly car rental experience.

Budget Rent a Car

Budget Rent a Car is an international car rental company that operates in Dubai. Being a global player, they have the advantage of economies of scale, which often translates to cost-effective rental options. Despite being an international brand, they understand the importance of catering to the local market. 

Budget Rent a Car offers a mix of economy and mid-range cars, perfect for those looking for reasonable rates without compromising on the reliability and quality of service.


Avis is another well-known international car rental company with a branch in Dubai. As an established brand, they have a reputation for providing reliable service and a diverse fleet of vehicles. Although they might not always be the absolute cheapest option, Avis makes up for it with their commitment to customer satisfaction. You can often find special deals and promotions on their website, making them an attractive choice.

Tips for Renting a Cheap Car in Dubai

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Special Perks for Early Birds

Booking your car in advance is like being a super-smart planner! Not only will you secure your rental car, but some car rental companies love early birds and reward them with special perks. You might get additional discounts or cool upgrades to a fancier car! So, remember to plan ahead and book your car as early as possible to enjoy these exciting benefits.

Secrets of Bargaining

When you’re super friendly and polite, you might unlock the secret power of bargaining. Sometimes, if you ask the car rental company nicely, they might be willing to give you an even better deal on the rental price. So, don’t be afraid to use your polite words and ask if there’s any chance of a discount.

Friends Save Together

If you’re going on an adventure with your loved ones, you can all be together by sharing the car rental cost. Imagine your trip with cousins, siblings, or best friends – splitting the rental cost means everyone pays less! So, team up with your travel buddies and make your journey a memorable one.

Membership Cards

Have you ever received a special membership card that gives you benefits? Well, some car rental companies have their own membership programs too! If you become a member, you might get discounts, rewards, and even exclusive offers. So, check with the car rental companies if they have a membership program.

Avoid Peak Season to Save Money

Car rentals can be more expensive during this busy time so, if you can, try to rent your car during the off-season when it’s less crowded and prices are lower. 

Choose an Economy Car for Affordable Fun

Just like there are different sizes of ice cream, there are different types of cars too! Economy cars are like the smaller ones– they’re the cheapest option for car rentals in Dubai. They might not be as fancy as the big cars, but they’ll still take you to all the cool places!

Consider the Insurance Costs

Insurance can add to the cost of your rental. So, when you’re comparing prices, don’t forget to check what the car insurance covers and how much it costs.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Before you sign anything, read the terms and conditions carefully! It will tell you important stuff, like how long you can keep the car, what to do if there’s a problem and any extra fees you might have to pay. So, be smart and know what you’re agreeing to!

Look Out for Coupons and Promotions

Keep your eyes open for these special paper slips or online codes that car rental companies offer. You can find them in magazines, travel websites, or the rental company’s website. These coupons can give you big discounts or bonus add-ons to your rental. So, before you book, search for these coupons and make your adventure even more budget-friendly!

Fuel-saving Tips

To save money, before you return the car, try to fill up the car’s tank with fuel. It’s like ensuring your car is all charged up for the next adventure! If you return the car with an empty tank, the car rental company might charge you extra for refilling it. So, be wise and keep an eye on the fuel gauge!

Helpful GPS

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is like having a map that shows you the way to your destination. Using GPS can save you time, money, and any arguments about getting lost with your family or friends. You won’t need to ask for directions or make wrong turns; it can help you find the best routes with less traffic and save on fuel. 

Keep the Car Neat and Tidy

During your journey, try to avoid eating messy snacks or leaving toys and wrappers behind in the car. You want to return the car in the same clean and neat condition as when you received it. This way, you can avoid any extra fees that the car rental company might charge for cleaning up.

Compare Prices From Different Companies

Remember to be a smart shopper when looking for a car to rent! There are lots of car rental companies in Dubai, and each one might have different prices. So, before you make a decision, take some time to compare prices from different companies. 


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In conclusion, renting a cheap car in Dubai can be straightforward when you follow these simple tips and explore the best options available. Start by planning ahead and comparing prices from different providers online. Consider traveling during off-peak seasons for better deals and opt for more budget-friendly economy cars. Take the time to review rental policies, and keep an eye out for promotions and discounts to save even more. If possible, book directly through the car rental company’s website for potential exclusive offers.

Staying flexible with your dates and pickup/drop-off locations can also lead to better prices. By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy an affordable car rental experience while exploring the roads of Dubai. Happy and budget-friendly travels!

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