If you’re planning to rent a car monthly in Dubai, you might be worried about the cost. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! 

In this guide, we’ll show you some easy ways to save money when renting a car for a whole month. Let’s get started!

Assessing Your Needs

dubai car rental monthly


Before you rent a car, think about how long you’ll be in Dubai. Are you staying for a month or even longer? Knowing the exact duration will help you find the best rental deal. If it’s just you or a small group, a compact or economy car might be enough. But if you’re traveling with family or friends, consider renting a larger car or an SUV for more comfort and space.

Also, think about how often you’ll use the car and how far you’ll drive. Some rental companies have mileage limits, and if you go over them, you might have to pay extra fees. So, choose a rental plan that suits your travel needs.

Researching Rental Companies

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to find the right car rental company. Dubai has many options, so compare prices from different companies to get the best deal. Look for special discounts or promotions on monthly rentals, as some companies offer better rates for longer durations.

Apart from the price, read customer reviews and ratings online to learn about the experiences of other people with these rental companies. Good reviews are a sign that the company is reliable and will take good care of you during your rental period.

Negotiating Rental Terms

When you find a rental company that fits your budget and needs, don’t be afraid to negotiate the rental terms. Ask if they can be flexible with the rental period. Sometimes, you might need the car for a few more days or want to return it earlier, and it’s good to know your options.

Additionally, inquire about discounts for renting a car for a whole month. Many rental companies appreciate long-term customers and are willing to offer special rates for extended rentals.

Membership and Loyalty Programs

dubai car rental monthly


Some car rental companies in Dubai have membership or loyalty programs that can save you money. These programs offer benefits like discounts, free upgrades, or even reward points that you can redeem for future rentals. Check with the rental companies if they have any such programs and consider joining them for extra savings.

Furthermore, if you have a credit card, check if it offers any benefits when renting a car. Some credit cards provide rental insurance coverage or cashback rewards for car rentals, which can add to your savings.

Off-Peak Rental Benefits

Dubai experiences busy tourist seasons and quieter times throughout the year. These busy times, known as peak seasons, usually have higher rental prices. However, during the quieter periods, known as off-peak seasons, rental prices are lower. Try to rent the car during these off-peak times to save money on your monthly rental.

Fuel Efficiency and Vehicle Choice

dubai car rental monthly


Fuel costs can be a significant expense when renting a car for a whole month. To save money on fuel, choose a car that is fuel-efficient. Look for vehicles with good mileage ratings, as they use less petrol and can save you money in the long run.

However, while considering fuel efficiency, also ensure that the car is suitable for your needs. For example, if you’re traveling with a family and have luggage, a smaller car might not provide enough space. Balance your requirements with fuel economy to get the best car for your needs.

Avoiding Extra Charges

dubai car rental monthly


Nobody likes surprises when it comes to extra charges. Before signing the rental agreement, read it carefully and understand the terms. Be mindful of mileage limits, which are the number of kilometers you’re allowed to drive during the rental period. If you exceed these limits, you might have to pay additional fees, so plan your trips accordingly.

Also, make sure to return the car on time to avoid late fees. Keep the car clean and in good condition during your rental to avoid penalties for damages.

Car Insurance Options

Car insurance is important to keep you safe, but it can also add to the cost. Check what insurance options the rental company offers. Most rental companies provide basic insurance coverage, but it may come with a deductible, meaning you have to pay a certain amount in case of an accident. You might already have insurance that covers rental cars through your personal car insurance or credit card. If you do, you can save money by not getting extra insurance from the rental company. Just make sure to confirm the coverage details with your insurance provider beforehand.

Utilizing public transportation and ride-sharing

When you don’t need the car, try using public transportation or ride-sharing services instead. Dubai has an extensive and efficient public transportation system, including buses, metro, and trams. These options can be much cheaper than renting a car for short trips within the city.

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Careem are also widely available in Dubai. They offer a convenient and cost-effective way to get around, especially if you’re traveling alone or with a small group.

By utilizing public transportation and ride-sharing services on days when you don’t need a rental car, you can save money on transportation expenses during your stay in Dubai.


Saving money on monthly car rentals in Dubai is possible! Just remember to plan ahead, do your research, and negotiate with the rental companies. Choose the right car for your needs, be mindful of extra charges, and explore other transportation options when possible. By following these simple tips, you can have an affordable and enjoyable stay in Dubai while still having the convenience of a rented car at your disposal. Happy driving!

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