The process of reporting a claim with car insurance companies in the UAE involves far more than filling in a form, and sending it to your insurance company. It starts at the scene of the accident and continues until the payout is made. To ensure that the payback received is the best one possible involves gathering information regarding exactly what happened, who was involved, and what damage and injuries it caused and establishing a timeline for these events.

During this process, there are steps you will have to take and there are others you should avoid.

The DO’S of Preparing Car Insurance Claims in the UAE:

1. Call the Police
This must be done immediately. The first information report gives a clear picture of the situation at the accident site before anything has changed. This report and the information in it could be vital to support your insurance claim.

2. Take Pictures
If you are physically able to, take pictures of everything connected with the accident – the damage to the vehicles involved, any injuries suffered, and the overall accident scene.

3. Take Down Names and Numbers
Be sure to take down the names and numbers of those involved in the accident, and their car registration numbers. And make sure you include contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident or its consequences.

4. Inform Your UAE Insurance Company
Report the accident to your insurance provider as soon as possible. Failure to let them know within the first few days could be used as grounds for turning down your claim. Be sure to include all the necessary information. This includes how, where and at what time the accident happened, and how many vehicles were involved in it.

5. Go Through Your Policy Document
As soon as you can, go through your insurance policy documents to see where you stand as to what it includes and excludes, the excess you will need to pay, and the other terms and conditions.

6. Be Honest
The truth is always the best option when speaking to the police or your insurance agent. Hiding information, or changing your story to suit yourself (or because you think it will help your case), is a bad route to take.

7. Save All Receipts
Keep a record of all expenses related to your claim from the time of the accident until the claim is settled, and make sure you keep the receipts to back up the record entries.

8. Collect Case Documents
Having a copy of the police case record can back you up should any dispute arise over the payout.


The DON’TS When In A Car Accident in the UAE:

1. Don’t Run or Drive Away From the Scene
This is the biggest ‘don’t’ of them all. Even if you do so purely out of shock, or simply because you don’t think there has been significant damage, it could cause your claim to be rejected, and could also land you in legal trouble, especially if you were at fault.

2. Do Not Lose Control or Speculate
It’s to be expected that you will be angry or emotional after being in an accident. But losing control of the situation could lead to aggression, false accusations or even confessions that you will regret later.
So stick to the facts, don’t get into arguments with the other drivers and, above all, do not accept the blame.

3. Don’t Negotiate With Other Drivers Involved
Be sure to take down the names and numbers of those involved in the accident, and their car registration numbers. And make sure you include contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident or its consequences.

4. Don’t Accept an Immediate Settlement or Sign a Waiver
The insurance company is a business, so don’t be in a rush to accept their first offer, or agree to sign a waiver or release. Rather get it checked out by an expert first.

While it puts extra pressure on you when you’d rather take a break to calm down and to get over the shock and trauma of being in an accident, or deal with any injuries sustained in it, time is not on your side when it comes to lodging a claim with your car insurance company in UAE. It’s best to do it as soon as possible.

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