The government of Sharjah has made strict rules for road safety and traffic to follow the law properly. The traffic police in Sharjah punish those who break these rules because it puts people’s lives at risk. 

To avoid extra punishments and clear all your traffic fines, it’s important to know how to check and pay them in Sharjah. This blog is your  helpful guide on knowing the different traffic fines in Sharjah, UAE.

Traffic Rules in Sharjah

In Sharjah, there are various rules for driving related to dangerous driving, traffic signals, how drivers should behave, speeding, and wearing seat belts, among others. You can find these rules on the Sharjah Police Headquarters website. 

The legal system in Sharjah takes traffic rules very seriously, and the fines for breaking these rules can range from AED 100 to AED 7000. To be well-prepared while driving in Sharjah, it’s essential to know the list of traffic fines and their corresponding amounts.

Aside from that, breaking traffic rules can lead to more than just fines; you may also receive black points on your driving record. Black points are like a punishment system for drivers who repeatedly violate traffic laws. If you get too many black points, your driving license could be taken away.

However, there’s some good news. If you pay your traffic fines within 30 days of the offense, you can get a 50% discount on the fine. This is a great incentive to pay on time and avoid paying a higher penalty.

Paying your fines is easy, and you have several options to choose from. You can pay online, by phone, or in person at a police station or traffic department. Just pick the method that suits you best.

Sharjah Traffic Fines List

Here are some significant Sharjah traffic fines you might face for breaking traffic laws in Sharjah. To prevent getting traffic fines in Sharjah, it’s essential to learn all the rules thoroughly and pay any fines you owe. Also, make sure to stay informed about any changes or updates to the regulations.

ViolationFinesBlack Points
Crossing red light on a bike100020
Not wearing a helmet as the rider5004
Driving without a driving license400
Driving a car with an expired license 5004
Driving under the influence of alcohol23
Cusing the death of a person23
Driving without number plates3,00023
Loading heavy vehicles that will danger the road and others2,0006
Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country (non-permitted)400
Allowing children shorter than 145 cm and those under ten years to sit in the front seat400
Not fixing child seats with children under four years old in the vehicle 400
Not fastening the seat belt for everyone in a car4004
Not fastening the driver’s seat belt 4004
Inappropriate Parking 500
Parking in front of the fire hydrant places 1,000
Parking in the places allocated for people with special needs 1,000
Running away from the traffic policeman 800 for light vehicles / 1000 for heavy vehicle 12 black points/ 16 for heavy vehicles 
Not stopping when causing a small accident 5008
Carrying inflammable or hazardous material without permission 3,00024
Driving in a way that jeopardizes the driver’s or other’s safety 2,000
Entering a vehicle into a  prohibited area 1,0008
Crossing a red light1,00012
Driving a vehicle that causes pollution1,0006
Throwing waste from the vehicle 1,0006
Using mobile while driving8004
Wrong overtaking6006
Driving at night without lights5004
Training on driving without permission5004
Driving with expired tires 5004
Using the alarm machine that annoys others4004

Where to Check Traffic Fines in Sharjah?

To check your Sharjah traffic fines and ensure timely payment, there are multiple convenient methods available. The Sharjah Police efficiently manages traffic fines in the emirate.

Here are several ways you can check the fines you need to pay:

  • Emirates vehicle gate: You can use the Emirates Vehicle Gate service to check your Sharjah traffic fines. This online platform allows you to access information related to your vehicle, including any outstanding fines.
  • Sharjah police website: The official website of the Sharjah Police Headquarters provides a dedicated section where you can inquire about your traffic fines. By entering your vehicle details or driver’s license information, you can find out if you have any pending fines.
  • Sharjah city municipality allotted stations: Some Sharjah City Municipality stations might also provide services to check and inquire about traffic fines. You can visit these designated stations for assistance in checking your fines.
  • The UAE ministry of interior website: The Ministry of Interior for the UAE offers an online service to check traffic fines across different emirates, including Sharjah. By accessing their website and providing necessary details, you can check if you have any fines to settle.
  • RTA centers in Dubai: While Dubai is a separate emirate, some RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) centers might also provide information about traffic fines from other emirates, including Sharjah. You can inquire at these centers for assistance.

By using these methods, you can easily check the status of your traffic fines in Sharjah. Staying informed about any pending fines will help you avoid additional penalties and ensure that your fines are paid on time.


In conclusion, it’s essential for all drivers in Sharjah to be aware of the must-know traffic fines. By understanding and obeying these rules, we can help create safer roads for everyone. Remember to always follow the speed limits, wear seat belts, avoid using mobile phones while driving, and respect the traffic signals. Being responsible behind the wheel not only saves you from costly fines but also protects lives. Let’s drive smart and make Sharjah’s roads a better place for everyone!

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