The Roads and Transport Authority, or RTA for short, makes sure that Dubai’s transportation runs like clockwork. They are responsible for planning, building, and maintaining the city’s amazing roads, bridges, and public transport services. From buses and taxis to metro trains and trams, the RTA ensures you can travel around the city with ease.

There are many reasons why you might need to visit an RTA office, maybe if you need a NOL card for your travels or if you want to register your car. They are like one-stop shops for all your transportation-related needs. Visiting an RTA office can also be helpful if you have any questions or need assistance with public transportation routes, fares, or schedules.

In this blog, we will provide you with handy information about where you can find RTA offices in Dubai especially if you ever need to drop by and get things sorted for your travels around the city.

Different Types of RTA Offices in Dubai


Customer Happiness Centers

These centers are like the heart of the RTA magic! You’ll find them scattered all around the city, making it super easy for you to access their services. They offer a bunch of services like getting your wheels (cars, bikes, or whatever you roll in) registered or renewed.

Need to get that driver’s license to feel the thrill of the road? Yup, they handle that too! And hey, if you’re into public transportation, you can grab a Nol card from them for your metro and bus adventures. 

Oh, and don’t forget, if your NOL card runs low, you can recharge it there too! Customer Happiness Centers are all about making your transportation journey smooth and, well, happy.


The RTA headquarters is like the home base for all the planning and management stuff. You can find it in a place called Al Manara. It’s like the brain of Dubai’s transportation system, where all the genius ideas and strategies come to life. From making sure the buses and trains run on time to keeping the roads in tip-top shape, the headquarters team does it all. 

They’re the masterminds behind the scenes, and without them, Dubai’s transport game wouldn’t be half as awesome!

Specialized Centers

These offices focus on providing specific services that cater to different needs. For example, if you’re a business guru and want to start a venture related to transportation, the specialized centers can help you with the trade license you need. And hey, if you’re into massive trucks and want to get them registered, this is the place to go! 

These centers are like the specialists of the RTA world, making sure they’ve got all the expertise to handle those special tasks.

Addresses and Contact Information for RTA Offices

Here are the addresses and contact information for some of the RTA offices in Dubai:

  • Customer Happiness Center- Al Manara: Address- Dubai Municipality, Al Manara Center, Sheikh Zayed Rd Near Noor Bank Metro Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates |Tel: +971 800 9090.
  • Customer Happiness Center – Deira: Behind Dubai Police General H.Q – Al Quds St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates |Tel: +971 800 9090.
  • RTA Customer Happiness Center – Al Barsha: Address: Al Barsha 1, Opposite to Dubai World Trade Centre Hours: 8am to 7:30pm, Monday to Thursday |Phone: +971 800 9090
  • RTA Customer Happiness Center – Al Kifaf: Address: Al Kifaf, Near Grand Hyatt Hotel Hours: 8am to 7:30pm, Monday to Thursday| Phone: +971 800 9090
  • RTA Customer Happiness Center – Al Twar: Address: Al Twar, Near Dubai International Airport Hours: 8am to 7:30pm, Monday to Thursday| Phone: +971 800 9090
  • RTA Headquarters – Al Garhoud: Address: Street – 5 Marrakech St – next to Emirates Metro Station – Dubai – United Arab Emirates |Tel: +971 800 9090.

The hours of operation for RTA offices vary depending on the type of office. Customer Happiness Centers are typically open from 8:00am to 7:30pm, Monday to Thursday. The RTA headquarters is open from 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday to Thursday.


Services Offered by RTA Offices

  • Vehicle registration and renewal: You can register your vehicle or renew your vehicle registration at an RTA office.
  • Driver’s license issuance and renewal: You can apply for a driver’s license or renew your driver’s license at an RTA office.
  • NOL card recharge and purchase: You can purchase a Nol card or top-up your Nol card at an RTA office.
  • Issuance of trade licenses: You can apply for a trade license at an RTA office.
  • Registration of heavy vehicles: You can register a heavy vehicle at an RTA office.
  • Payment of traffic fines: You can pay your traffic fines at an RTA office.
  • Issuance of parking permits: You can apply for a parking permit at an RTA office.
  • Other services: RTA offices also offer a variety of other services, such as issuing travel documents, providing information about public transportation, and resolving customer complaints.

Tips When Finding RTA Offices in Dubai

If you need to find the RTA offices in Dubai, there are a few easy ways to do it. First, you can use a search engine like Google and type in ‘RTA offices in Dubai’ or ‘RTA Dubai locations.’ This will give you a list of all the RTA offices with their addresses and contact details.

Another option is to visit the official RTA website, which is Look for a section called ‘Contact Us’ and click on ‘Find Us,’ and you’ll find a list of all the RTA offices in Dubai.

You can also use Google Maps on your phone or computer. Just search for ‘RTA offices’ or ‘RTA Dubai,’ and it will show you where all the RTA offices are located on the map.

Most RTA offices are near public transport stations like metro stations or bus stops. So, if you check the map for nearby public transport stations, you can easily find the closest RTA office.

If you’re in Dubai or know someone who lives there, don’t hesitate to ask locals or friends for directions. People are usually friendly and happy to help.

Lastly, check if there’s an official mobile app for RTA, like ‘RTA Dubai,’ on your app store. These apps often provide information about their services and office locations.”


In conclusion, locating RTA offices in Dubai is now a breeze! Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, finding the nearest RTA office is essential for all your transportation-related needs in this bustling city.

So, there you have it! Finding RTA offices in Dubai is not a big deal at all. Just use the resources around you, and you’ll be all set for your transportation-related needs. Good luck with your travels, and remember to stay safe on the roads!

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