Can you buy temporary or short-term car insurance?

Whether you’re undecided on an insurance policy just yet and trying to buy more time to check more insurance plans; or if you want to ease the expenses and pay a slightly lesser premium; you want to know if buying a short-term insurance policy is a real option, and we are here to try and clarify that.

Not a popular option

To get right into it, short-term insurance plans are not commonplace in the UAE and therefore quite rarely offered. So does that mean you should go for whatever deal you’re offered? Definitely not! You may find our previous blog of interest: How to find the most competitively-priced car insurance.

You can make a speedy yet informed decision

We assume you asked the question due to different factors: timing and money, so we’ll address both concerns. When it comes to timing, even if you have left your insurance buying to the last minute, you don’t need to feel rushed. All it takes is a few minutes to get the best deal for your car on an insurance comparison website: hopefully one with a dedicated personal shopper. We know just the place!

Short-term insurance wouldn’t necessarily save you money

If, however, it’s the financial side of the matter you’re concerned about you really don’t have to worry. With a short-term insurance policy, you might not be saving as much as you may have hoped, as certain minimum limits need to be met anyway. But there’s definitely an easier way! Most credit cards offer monthly installment plans on your insurance policy; some insurance providers would even process the application with the bank for you.

However, if you make the smart choice and choose, you’ll have a dedicated personal shopper helping you to find the best deal and assisting in setting up the monthly payment plan with our great “insure now pay later option“.  As always, our insurance advisors will do their best to transform the insurance buying into a smooth process, Check out now or Call us on our Toll-free number 800 ALFRED!

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