Wondering what buying full coverage insurance protects you against? Read this blog to find out!

You may have heard the term “Full Coverage” here or there and now you’re wondering if such an insurance type exists and what it covers you against. And maybe you’re keen to know how it differs from your existing Comprehensive Insurance policy? We will attempt and clear this up!

What is “Full Coverage”?

Contrary to what you’re led to believe, there is no “Full Coverage” insurance as a product by itself. Full Coverage Insurance is a term used by some people to explain the combination of extra covers added to your Comprehensive insurance policy to help protect you in the most commonly occurring scenarios.

A decent “Full Coverage” insurance should cover your liabilities towards other parties, your own damages, and any medical expenses towards injury sustained by you and/or any passengers.

Should I ask for “Full Coverage” insurance when purchasing?

As we mentioned earlier, Full Coverage insurance isn’t a standalone product. You should therefore ask your insurer or insurance broker to assist you with arranging a Comprehensive Insurance policy with the possibility to extend or add covers as per your requirements: allowing you to only pay extra for some covers you might need as opposed to a range of covers you might not

Your insurance agent or broker can advise you on the different additional covers available, and leave the decision to you on which covers you wish to add. For example, if you never take road trips to any GCC countries, then it wouldn’t be wise to pay for GCC coverage. The same applies if you own more than one car and therefore wouldn’t need to utilize a replacement or hire car cover.

A good insurance agent or broker should always help you figure out the ideal covers for your needs and help you avoid spending any money on any that are probably unnecessary. Furthermore, they will try and get you different insurance policies to compare that ensure you’re getting the best value for your money! Luckily we know the company you should try!

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