Financial emergencies can strike anyone at any time, and having access to quick and convenient personal loans can provide much-needed relief. However, in the UAE, where the cost of living can be high, many individuals find it challenging to secure a personal loan with a 3000 salary

While it may seem nearly impossible to find a lender willing to extend credit under these circumstances, there is one notable exception: Dubai Islamic Bank and RAKBANK.

In this blog post, we will explore the current landscape of personal loans in the UAE and shed light on the options available for individuals with a modest monthly income of AED 3000. We will delve into the challenges faced by borrowers with such salary requirements, discuss the stringent eligibility criteria imposed by most banks, and ultimately reveal how Dubai Islamic Bank and RAKBANK stands out as a potential solution for those in need of financial assistance.

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Why is it hard to get a personal loan with 3000 AED salary

personal loan with 3000 AED salary


Getting a personal loan with an AED 3,000 salary requirement in the UAE can be challenging for several reasons:

  • Minimum Salary Requirements: Most banks in the UAE set a minimum salary requirement for personal loans, and it’s typically higher than AED 3,000. This minimum can range from AED 5,000 to AED 10,000, depending on the bank and the loan amount. So, even if you find a bank advertising loan for AED 3,000 salaries, they might have hidden requirements or higher eligibility criteria in practice.
  • Affordability Concerns: Lenders assess your ability to repay the loan based on your income and expenses. With a lower salary, there’s a higher risk that you might struggle with monthly repayments, making lenders hesitant to approve your application.
  • Debt-to-income Ratio: Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) compares your monthly debt obligations to your gross income. A higher DTI, even with a small loan amount, can raise red flags for lenders, indicating potential difficulty in managing additional debt.
  • Credit History: Having a good credit history demonstrates your responsible borrowing behavior and increases your chances of loan approval. If you have a limited or negative credit history, it can further decrease your chances with a lower salary.

Banks that Offer Personal Loan in UAE with 3000 AED Salary

But here’s the good news: despite the general perception that AED 3000 might be too low to qualify for a personal loan, certain banks in the UAE have recognized the need to support individuals with lower incomes. 

These banks understand that everyone deserves access to financial assistance when they need it the most. 

Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan in UAE with 3000 Salary

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is the largest Islamic bank in the United Arab Emirates by assets and a public joint stock company listed on the Dubai Financial Market. Established in 1975, DIB offers a wide range of Sharia-compliant financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and government entities.

They adhere to a strict set of guidelines that are periodically reviewed and approved by their Shariah Advisory Board. This ensures that the investments are solely made in Shariah-compliant companies, and they also conduct yearly Shariah audits to maintain compliance.

The best part is that they offer “interest-free” services and have loan offers for individuals with a minimum salary of 3000 AED.

DIB Personal Finance

DIB offers personal finance options with flexible terms and features. UAE Nationals can receive up to AED 4 million in financing, while expatriates can obtain up to AED 2 million. The profit rates range from 5.99% to 21.99% per annum reducing.

UAE Nationals may have the option to delay their first instalment for up to 120 days, while expatriates can have up to 90 days.  And yes, you’re reading it right: the minimum salary requirement starts from AED 3,000, and the loan tenure can be up to 48 months. The application process is also very quick and efficient.


  • Copy of Passport (with residence visa for expatriates)
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Salary and End of Service Benefit Transfer Letter/Certificate from the employer
  • Statement of Account for a minimum 3 months in case of salary transfer to another bank (6 months for self-employed professionals/ businessmen)
  • Copy of valid trade license (for self-employed professionals/businessmen)

Al Islami Personal Finance

Al Islami Personal Finance offers convenient services to assist with various financial needs. Whether it’s unexpected medical expenses, advance rent, or financing a wedding, they are there to support you. With a minimum salary requirement of AED 3,000 and a maximum tenure of 48 months, they provide high finance approvals for personal finance needs. 

Customers who transfer their salary to DIB can apply for installment postponement through DIB alt phone banking. The maximum finance amount is AED 4 million for UAE Nationals and AED 2 million for expatriates, with profit rates ranging from 5.99% to 21.99% per annum.


  • Quotation for the required services addressed to Dubai Islamic Bank***
  • Copy of Passport (with residence visa for expatriates)**
  • Copy of Emirates ID**
  • Salary and End of Service Benefit Transfer Letter/Certificate from the employer**
  • Statement of Account for a minimum of 3 months in case of salary transfer to another bank (6 months for self-employed professionals/ businessmen)
  • Copy of valid trade license (for self-employed professionals/businessmen)
  • For all Rent Ijarah services, proof of ownership of the premises financed or proof of right to manage premises is required.

Note: Al Islami Personal Finance is provided under a Sharia-compliant framework and requires the completion of necessary documentation, including the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) consent form. This personal finance option is available to salaried customers, and it is important to note that transferring the salary to DIB is not mandatory for eligibility.

How to Apply for the DIB Loan 3000 Salary

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Personal Finance:

  • Step 1: Visit the DIB website or access the DIB mobile app.
  • Step 2: If you are an existing DIB customer, you can easily apply for Personal Finance through ALT MOBILE or ALT ONLINE. Log in to your DIB account using your credentials and navigate to the Personal Finance section.
  • Step 3: If you are new to DIB, fill in the required personal information. Provide your first name, last name, company name, email address, and mobile number. Make sure to enter accurate and valid information.
  • Step 4: Select your employment status – whether you are salaried or self-employed.
  • Step 5: Enter your date of birth in the DD / MM / YYYY format.
  • Step 6: Indicate your monthly income in AED. Choose the appropriate range from the options provided, such as 3,000 – 15,000, 15,000 – 25,000, 25,000 – 50,000, 50,000 – 75,000, or 75,000+.
  • Step 7: Ensure that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled in accurately, as they are mandatory. Review the information you have entered to ensure its accuracy.
  • Step 9: Submit the application form.
  • Step 10: Wait for DIB to review your application. They will get in touch with you using the contact information you provided.

RAKBANK Personal Loan in UAE with 3000 Salary

The Personal Loan for UAE Nationals offers attractive features to borrowers. With loan amounts of up to 20 times their salary and the option to delay the first instalment for up to 180 days, it is a beneficial loan option. And can you believe that this RAKBANK personal loan in UAE is offered to UAE nationals with a salary of 3000 AED? The interest rates start from 4.89%, reducing the rate per annum, making it a low-cost borrowing solution.

The loan allows for easy transfer of existing loans from other banks, consolidating them into a single Personal Loan. Additional advantages include the ability to top up the loan after one year of repayment and access to a salary advance for emergency funds.

There are some limitations and risks associated with the loan. Borrowers are allowed a maximum of two instalment deferrals per year. If the salary credited to the borrower’s account falls below 75% for three consecutive months or if there is no salary credit for three consecutive months, an additional interest rate of 2% per annum above the originally agreed rate will be charged until the loan is settled.

Residency Eligibility:

  • This loan is exclusively available to UAE nationals.

Employment and Salary Criteria:

  • To be eligible for this loan, the customer must be a salaried individual who meets the following requirements:
  • Minimum monthly salary of AED 3,000.
  • Minimum of 3 months of employment in the current job.
  • The customer’s employer must be listed among RAKBANK’s approved list of companies.

How to Apply

  • Step 1. Visit this link and be directed to request a callback. 
  • Step 2. Provide your name, email address, mobile number, and salary details.
  • Step 3. Provide your full name accurately as requested.
  • Step 4. Enter your valid email address where you can be contacted.
  • Step 5. Provide your mobile number, ensuring it is correct and active.
  • Step 6. Share your salary information as required. This typically includes your monthly salary amount.
  • Step 6. Double-check all the information you have provided for accuracy. Submit the form or request for a callback.

Once you have completed these steps, a loan provider representative will contact you to proceed with the application process.


Can I apply for a credit card with a 3000 AED salary?

Unfortunately, getting a credit card with a salary of 3000 AED in the UAE is highly unlikely due to the minimum salary requirements set by most banks. These requirements usually range from AED 5,000 to AED 10,000 depending on the bank and the card itself.

Is it possible to get a loan in the UAE with a 3000 AED salary?

It’s challenging, but not impossible. While many banks have higher minimum salary requirements, some institutions like Dubai Islamic Bank and RAKBANK offer personal loans starting from 3000 AED. However, loan amounts and terms will be stricter due to higher risk considerations.

What type of loan is most suitable with a 3000 AED salary?

Personal loans are an option but expect smaller amounts and potentially higher interest rates. Salary advance programs from your employer or secured loans with collateral could be alternatives.

What additional fees or charges could I incur with a 3000 AED salary loan?

Expect processing fees, late payment penalties, and potentially early settlement charges. Carefully review the loan agreement to understand all associated costs.

What happens if I lose my job while repaying a loan with a 3000 AED salary?

Lenders offer solutions like rescheduling payments, but it’s crucial to communicate quickly and explore options to avoid defaulting. Consider loan protection insurance if available.

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