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Golf insurance with Alfred

Golf and Dubai go hand in hand. With many beautiful courses and facilities, spending time on the golf course can be a perfect way to spend your weekend.

However, it's not the cheapest hobby, and if you get your clubs stolen or hit a person whilst driving down the range, you'd be looking at a considerable expenditure.

Insurers such as AXA provide very cheap, but excellent policies to make sure you can walk around the course with complete peace of mind.

AXA's golf mulligan policy can be instantly issued, and works on a new for old basis. The policy includes:

Legal liability up to AED 1,000,000,

because you don't know who or what your slice might hit

Personal Accident benefits up to AED 100,000,

in case you're hurt in an accident

Cover for golfing equipment up to AED 7,500,

in case of accidental loss or damage to clubs and bags.

Personal effects covered up to AED 5,000