Health insurance is like a special plan that helps us when we need to go to the doctor or hospital. Sometimes we get sick or hurt, and health insurance can make it easier to pay for the treatment. There is a “cashless claim” where we don’t have to give money immediately. This blog post will show you how to use your health insurance without paying money upfront.

Step 1: Pick a Good Insurance Provider: First, we must choose a good health insurance company that lets us use the cashless claim service. We can look at different companies and see which one is the best. We want to find a company with many hospitals where we can go without paying immediately.

Step 2: Understand Your Insurance: Before using our health insurance, we need to understand how it’s important to understand what our insurance policy covers, how much it will pay for, and what it doesn’t. Sometimes there are special rules, like waiting times or things we must pay ourselves before the insurance pays. If we’re unsure about something, we can always ask our parents for help or look at the paperwork that came with the insurance. It might seem like a lot, but it’s important to understand our insurance so we know how it can help us if we need it

Step 3: Go to the Right Hospital: To use the cashless claim, we must go to a hospital that works with our insurance company. These are called “network hospitals.”Our parents can help us find a list of special hospitals that work with our insurance. We should go to one of these hospitals when we need a doctor. That way, we won’t have to pay any money immediately because our insurance will cover it. Easy peasy! 😊

Step 4: Tell the Insurance Company: When we know we must go to the hospital, we must tell our insurance company beforehand. We can call them or use their website or app to let them know we are going. This step is important so everything goes easily when we get to the hospital.

Step 5: Show Your Insurance Card: When we go to the hospital, we should bring our insurance card or the paper that says we have insurance. The hospital will ask for this information at the billing desk. We also need to get some identification, like our Emirates ID card or a copy of our birth certificate, so they can make sure it’s us.

Step 6: Get Permission from the Insurance Company: After the hospital checks our insurance information, they will ask the insurance company if we can use the cashless claim. The hospital will tell the insurance company how much the treatment will cost. The insurance company will decide if they can pay for it or not.

Step 7: Get Treated and Don’t Pay: If the insurance company says yes, we can go ahead and get the treatment we need. The hospital will take care of us, and we won’t have to give them money immediately. The insurance company will pay the hospital directly, but we have to remember that some things might not be covered, and we might have to pay for those.

Step 8: Ask for Reimbursement (If Needed): Sometimes, there are extra expenses after we leave the hospital, like more doctor visits or medicine. We can keep the bills and prescriptions if our insurance covers these things. We have to give these to the insurance company, and they will give us back the money we spent or pay for them directly.


Using health insurance without paying money upfront is a great way to get the medical help we need. We just have to pick a good insurance company, understand our insurance, go to the right hospital, and let the insurance company know when we are going. Then, we can get treated without paying right away. It’s important to remember that only some things might be covered, but using the cashless claim can make it easier for us and our families.

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