In the busy world of paperwork and government tasks, finding an easy and fast way to handle your needs is like discovering a rare gem. This is where the Tasheel system comes into play, shining brightly as a source of help amidst the confusion of rules and forms. Imagine it as a helpful guide in a maze of office work, making everything from submitting applications to getting approvals more straightforward. The Tasheel system is designed to make your interactions with government services as smooth as possible, saving you time and effort. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend by your side, guiding you through the process and offering advice to ensure you find what you need quickly and without hassle. This guide aims to illuminate the path through the Tasheel system, ensuring you can navigate its services easily and confidently.

What is Tasheel?

Tasheel is a clever system created to make handling work and job-related tasks easier and faster in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Imagine Tasheel as a helpful friend that connects people and companies with government services. This friend ensures that dealing with paperwork and official processes is as easy as walking in the park. Whether you’re an individual looking for a job or a business managing employment details, Tasheel is there to guide you every step of the way. It takes the complicated stuff and simplifies it, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the maze of administrative tasks. Think of it as your go-to for making the journey through government requirements smooth, quick, and worry-free. It’s all about making your life easier and letting you focus on what’s important.

What Does Tasheel Do and Its Services?

Tasheel provides a comprehensive range of online services that cover the full spectrum of Ministry of Labor (MOL) application processes and more. Here’s a detailed list of services offered by Tasheel:

1. Transactions: Tasheel facilitates various transactions, which are categorised as follows:

  • Labour card: Services related to issuing, renewing, and managing Labour Cards.
  • Establishments: Services aimed at establishments covering a range of administrative and regulatory requirements.
  • Work permit: Services for applying, renewing, and managing work permits.
  • Miscellaneous: Various other services that fall outside the above mentioned categories. These include Nawakas Scanning Documents, Cancelling a New Labor Application, Cancelling Online, and obtaining a Salary Certificate.

2. Transaction reports: Provides detailed reports on transactions processed through Tasheel.

  • Company employee list report:
    • Generates a concise list of all employees in any UAE company.
    • Includes crucial details: passport number, Labour card number, and its expiry date.
    • Accessible using the company code.
  • Expired labour card list report:
    • Focuses on employees with expired Labour Cards in a company.
    • Shows basic employee information and the status of their Labour Cards.
    • Cards can be renewed or cancelled based on the employee’s status.
    • Accessed with the company code.
  • National list report:
    • Lists national employees in UAE companies.
    • Details include: person number, Labour card number, issue and expiry dates, and salary.
    • Use the company code to access.
  • Person information report:
    • Provides basic information on a single employee.
    • Accessed by entering the employee’s code.
  • Owner role information report:
    • Details about the company’s owner/sponsor.
    • Includes trade licences registered under the owner, their expiry dates, and status.
    • Access this report with the owner’s number.
  • PRO details report:
    • Offers basic information about the Public Relations Officer (PRO).
  • Labour card information report:
    • Gives both basic and detailed information on an employee’s Labour Card.
    • Accessed by entering the Labour Card number.

3. Reprint Batch

Don’t worry if you can’t print your batches right after preparing them or just need an extra copy, don’t worry. This feature is here for you. As soon as you prepare your batches, they’re saved automatically. You can easily find and print them anytime by searching the Transaction Number. It’s a handy way to keep track and ensure you always have the necessary information.

4. Prepare Batch: 

When you have many documents, you group them in batches and send them to your Tas’Heel agent. Your agent’s job is to take care of these documents for you. They process each transaction and ensure everything gets correctly entered into the system. It’s like having a helper who organises and records all your important paperwork, ensuring nothing gets missed, and everything is in order.

5. Other Services:

  • Reprint receipt:
    • If you can’t print a receipt right after finishing a transaction, or if you need another copy, this option is for you. Simply use it to reprint the receipt anytime.
  • View statement:
    • Generates a summary of all your transactions. You can even pick the specific dates you want to look at. It’s a great way to keep track of what’s been done.
  • Pending transactions:
    • Shows any transactions that need to be completed on your side. You have ten days to wrap these up. After that, the system locks, and you will need to finish them before you can proceed.
  • Pending payments:
    • If you have any transactions that have yet to go through because the payment still needs to be completed, you’ll find them here. Remember, new transactions can only be started once these are settled.

How to Navigate Tasheel Website

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  1. Homepage overview: Upon visiting Tasheel’s website, you’ll be greeted with an overview of their services. These services include Emirates ID, Tasheel, Agent, DED, and Tawjeeh services.
  2. Service selection: Each service category, such as Emirates ID, Tasheel, Agent services, etc., provides a brief description and a “Register” and “Learn More” option. You can click on “Learn More” for detailed information about the specific service or “Register” to start the application process for that service.
  3. Navigation and accessibility: The website’s layout is designed for easy navigation, allowing users to find and access the services they need quickly. Look for navigation menus, buttons for services, and contact information prominently displayed on the homepage.

For specific tasks or detailed processes, it’s recommended to use the “Register” or “Learn More” buttons provided for each service. This will guide you through the necessary steps, whether you’re applying for a service, seeking more information, or needing assistance.

VFS Tasheel

VFS Tasheel specialises in handling visa and immigration-related services. It’s particularly useful for those looking to travel or work abroad, offering services like visa application processing and biometric enrollment. VFS Tasheel centres have state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a smooth and efficient service experience.

Location of Tasheel Regional Centers

Tasheel’s regional centres are strategically located across the UAE, ensuring easy access for individuals and businesses. Whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any other emirate, a Tasheel centre is always close. You can find the nearest centre by visiting the Tasheel website. 


Service Fee: AED 83.72

Mode of Payment: Cash or Card

Exact location: WAFI Mall, Level 2 & 3, Falcon Phase 2, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai UAE.

Abu Dhabi

This Visa Application Centre has an additional fee requirement

Service Fee: AED 104

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Exact location: Joint Joint Visa Application Centre

Level B2,The Mall, World Trade Centre, 

Khalifa Bin Zayed The 1st Street (Airport Road), Abu Dhabi UAE.

Additional Services and Benefits of Tasheel

Beyond the primary services, Tasheel offers additional benefits that enhance the user experience:

  • Online services: Many of Tasheel’s services are available online, allowing you to complete necessary procedures from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Customer support: Tasheel provides robust customer support, offering assistance through various channels, including phone, email, and in-person visits.
  • Efficiency and convenience: The system is designed for speed and convenience, significantly reducing the time and effort required to complete labour and employment-related tasks.

How to Make the Most of Tasheel Services

To fully benefit from what Tasheel has to offer, consider the following tips:

  • Stay informed: Keep up to date with any changes or updates to Tasheel’s services and procedures. This can save you time and prevent any unnecessary complications.
  • Prepare your documents: Before initiating any service, ensure you have all the documents prepared and in order. This will streamline the process and reduce delays.
  • Use online services: Take advantage of Tasheel’s online services whenever possible. Not only does this save you a trip to the regional centres, but it also allows for quicker processing times.

How to Contact Tasheel?

Tasheel Email Support

For those who prefer to communicate via email, Tasheel offers two primary email addresses to cater to different needs:

  • Inquiries: If you have questions or require further information about Tasheel’s services, email them at [email protected]. This email address is best suited for general inquiries and obtaining more information about Tasheel’s offerings.
  • Support: For support-related concerns, such as issues with services or needing assistance with any problems, you can contact Tasheel at [email protected]. This email is dedicated to providing you with the help you need to resolve your issues promptly.

Phone Support

Tasheel also provides phone support for direct and immediate assistance. You can reach them at the following numbers:

  • General inquiries: Call Tasheel at (+971) 545-860055 for all inquiries. This line is open for questions, information requests, and other general inquiries.
  • Customer support: For support-related queries or assistance with Tasheel’s services, dial (+971) 4 3449 222. This number is dedicated to helping you solve any problems or issues with their services.


Navigating the Tasheel system doesn’t have to be daunting. With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to utilise Tasheel’s services effectively, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Tasheel is your ally in managing labour and employment-related procedures in the UAE, whether you’re an employer, employee, or job seeker. Embrace the convenience and efficiency that Tasheel brings to your administrative tasks, and you’ll find that managing government services can be a hassle-free experience.

Remember, the key to a seamless Tasheel experience is preparation, awareness, and using the resources available. With these tools at your disposal, you’re well on your way to mastering the Tasheel system and its benefits.

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