Finding a country as enthusiastic about shopping is easier than the UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is also home to luxury hotels, malls, restaurants and many more. In this vibrant city, shopping malls play diverse roles. They’re not only about buying things. They’re also social hubs where friends and colleagues gather.

Moreover, the malls provide a much-needed escape from the scorching desert heat. As you step into the shopping malls in Abu Dhabi, you’ll immediately grasp why both locals and tourists are drawn back time and again.

Abu Dhabi boasts a range of attractions. Each with its distinct charm. Whether you’re craving fresh fruits or savoring ground beef, indulging in seafood, or even taking a spin on a Ferris wheel, there’s something for everyone. Check out our curated list of the finest shopping malls. These malls aren’t just about shopping. They’re about creating lasting memories in a place that values retail therapy.

1. Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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If you’re eager for a fantastic shopping adventure right by the ocean, the Abu Dhabi Mall is the perfect place! It’s one of the coolest malls in Abu Dhabi, and let me tell you, you’re in for a delight. Imagine having more than 150 stores waiting for you – you won’t believe the awesome things you can find there! And guess what? There’s so much more to enjoy too.

Here are some important things about the Abu Dhabi Mall:

  • Loads of Choices: With over 150 stores, you’ll find many things to explore and buy. From clothes to gadgets, they’ve got it all!
  • Diverse Restaurants: The mall is full of restaurants and cafes, so you can grab a tasty bite or a refreshing drink whenever you want.
  • Fun for Everyone: If you’re with your family or friends, there’s a bunch of stuff to do. Kids can have a blast in the play areas, and there are even cool movie theaters and supermarkets.
  • Beach Adventure: Want to hit the beach? The Beach Rotana Hotel is close to the mall, and you can walk straight to the beach. Imagine shopping and then having a chill time on the sandy shores – how incredible is that?
  • Cool Style: The mall looks amazing – modern and Arabic designs coming together to create something special. You’ll be wowed by how it all sparkles and shines.
  • Awesome Events: The fun doesn’t stop! They’ve got lots of events happening at the mall, so you’ll always have something exciting to do.

So, whether you’re with your family or friends, the Abu Dhabi Mall is the place to be. It’s not just shopping – a day of adventure, delicious food, and good times with your loved ones. You won’t want to miss it!

2. The Galleria

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Prepare to be amazed by the wonderful shopping experience at The Galleria. It is one of the most elegant and captivating malls in Abu Dhabi. This place is truly special, with more than 350 stores waiting just for you! You’ll find all sorts of cool things here, from stylish clothes to lovely items for your home. It’s like a shopper’s paradise, and you won’t believe the choices!

Here are the important highlights of The Galleria:

  • A Shopper’s Dream: With over 350 stores, this place is a treasure trove of both local and international brands. From trendy fashion to home décor, you can explore it all.
  • Luxury Galore: Get ready to be wowed by luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier. But there’s something for everyone – Zara, Dior, Kendall + Kylie have their spots here.
  • Tasty Treats: When hunger strikes, don’t worry! The Galleria has amazing restaurants to fill you up. Imagine savoring French delicacies at LPM Restaurant & Bar, trying out Japanese delights at Zuma, or going on a culinary journey through South America with COYA.

The Galleria isn’t just a mall – it’s a world of shopping and dining adventures waiting for you. You’ll feel like you’re in a charmed place, surrounded by awesome things to buy and delicious food to taste. So, suppose you’re looking for a day of shopping excitement and mouth watering eats. In that case, The Galleria is your go-to spot in Abu Dhabi!

3. Yas Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Prepare for a superb shopping and entertainment experience at Yas Mall – the second-largest mall in Abu Dhabi, spanning a whopping 2.5 million square feet! This incredible shopping haven is situated right on Yas Island. It is home to over 370 global brands, a massive 20-screen cinema, and loads of fun stuff to do. It’s like a dream come true for all the shoppers out there!

Here are some key things to know about Yas Mall:

  • Big and Beautiful: Covering a huge area, Yas Mall is a shopper’s paradise with tons of space to explore and enjoy.
  • International Brands: With over 370 brands, you’ll find everything you can ever want – from clothes to gadgets.
  • Nighttime Magic: The mall is especially stunning at night, lit up and creating a magical atmosphere.
  • Yas Island Wonders: You’re in for a treat, as Yas Mall is on Yas Island. And guess what? You can even combine your visit with a trip to Ferrari World, making it an awesome day out.
  • Easy Access: Getting to Yas Mall is a breeze since it’s just 15 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport.
  • Stunning Views: Remember the breathtaking views you’ll get from the mall. It’s like a bonus treat for your eyes!

Whether you’re a shopping enthusiast or just looking for a fantastic place to hang out, Yas Mall covers you. Take here if you’re traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to enjoy your travel experience fully. Imagine wandering through endless stores, catching a movie, and soaking in the island’s beauty. It’s a must-visit spot in Abu Dhabi – an absolute gem you won’t miss!

4. Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Get amazed at Marina Mall – one of the biggest shopping malls in Abu Dhabi and the whole world! This place is like a big, warm welcome for any reason you can think of. Marina Mall has covered you whether you’re a shopping fanatic, food lover, or adventure seeker.

Here are some important things to know about Marina Mall:

  • Big and Diverse: Marina Mall has everything you could imagine, from famous designer stores like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent to local gems like YAS.
  • Yummy Choices: You’ll find a mix of affordable and fancy places to eat here. So it’s all here whether you’re craving a comforting meal at McDonald’s, KFC, or Baskin Robbins or up for a special dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • Adventure Zone: If you’re an adventure lover, get excited! A giant trampoline and even a bungee jumping simulator are waiting just for you.
  • Romantic Vibes: Planning a special evening? Marina Mall has you covered with its romantic ambience and Michelin-starred dining options – perfect for making memories.
  • Fun for Everyone: Whether alone or with friends and family, Marina Mall promises a day full of excitement and enjoyment.

So, whether you’re all about shopping, dining, or having an action-packed day, Marina Mall is your place!

5. Mushrif Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Welcome to Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi, a shopping haven that has been delighting shoppers for quite a while now! This mall is a real gem, spreading across three floors and covering 56,000 square meters. There’s something for everyone here, making it a must-visit spot.

Here are some key things to know about Mushrif Mall:

  • Shopping Wonderland: With over 200 stores, you’ll find everything you need and more. From trendy clothes to dazzling jewelry, this mall has it all.
  • Famous Brands: Get ready to be spoiled for choice with well-known brands like Max, Aldo, Ecco, M.A.C, and many more. There’s also a mix of local brands, adding a unique touch.
  • Food Galore: The Middle East’s largest food court is at Mushrif Mall! From tasty treats to delicious meals, you won’t go hungry.
  • Park Perk: Why not head to Mushrif Park nearby after your shopping spree? It’s the perfect place to take a relaxing stroll and enjoy nature.

Mushrif Mall isn’t just a shopping destination – it’s a place to unwind, shop, and explore. So, if you’re in the mood for a fantastic shopping experience followed by a leisurely park walk, Mushrif Mall is the place to be. Get ready for a day filled with satisfaction and discovery!

6. Deerfields Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Step into the wonderful world of Deerfields Mall in Abu Dhabi – a paradise for shopaholics! This mall is a true gem, offering a blend of fancy stores, yummy eateries, cozy coffee spots, and exciting places for fun.

Important points about Deerfields Mall:

  • Retail Heaven: Deerfields Mall is a top shopping destination in Abu Dhabi, where you’ll find ritzy shops with everything from trendy fashion to cool electronics.
  • Convenient Location: Situated near the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border, this mall is perfect for folks living in Al Raha Beach, Khalifa City, and other nearby communities. It’s a must-visit spot during your Abu Dhabi tour.
  • Shop Til You Drop: From fashion and accessories to cosmetics, shoes, and even home decor, the mall has it all. Brands like Victoria’s Secret, Aldo, and Reebok are ready to impress.
  • Global Brand Hub: Deerfields Mall is known for hosting famous brands like H&M, The Body Shop, and Bath and Body Works. It’s a place to explore global trends and find your favorites.

So, suppose you’re eager to indulge in some retail therapy, enjoy delicious meals, or simply have a fun day out. In that case, Deerfields Mall is an ideal destination. It’s a haven for fashionistas, tech enthusiasts, and anyone looking to have a great time in Abu Dhabi!

7. Dalma Mall 

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Kick-off to explore the grandness of Dalma Mall! It is one of the biggest and most famous shopping destinations in Abu Dhabi! This place is a paradise for local Emiratis and well-off residents of Abu Dhabi. It covers a massive area of 151,000 square meters. 

Here’s what you need to know about Dalma Mall:

  • Giant Shopping Haven: With almost 450 global and top regional brands, Dalma Mall is a dream come true for shoppers. You’ll find everything from fancy international names to local gems.
  • Central Location: Situated right in the city’s heart, Dalma Mall is easy to reach for people with middle to upper incomes. It’s a favorite among the locals.
  • Retail Bliss: From trendy chain stores to a Carrefour hypermarket, this place is a shopper’s delight. You can find everything you need and even more!
  • Food Galore: When your tummy rumbles, head to the food court or any amazing eateries. Delicious food is waiting to treat your taste buds.
  • Unique Services: Besides shopping and dining, lifestyle stores and special services make Dalma Mall a go-to spot.

Dalma Mall is more than just a shopping place. It’s a hub of excitement, variety, and satisfaction. Whether looking for the trendiest clothes or a relaxing place to hang out, this mall got you. If you’re an Abu Dhabi local, it’s likely your top pick, and if you’re visiting, it’s a must-experience destination. Get ready for a day filled with shopping, eating, and enjoying!

8. Al Jimi Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Step into Al Jimi Mall, a famous shopping haven that’s a must-visit for everyone! With over 150 stores from both near and far, plus some delicious restaurants, you’re in for a pleasure. 

Here’s what you need to know about Al Jimi Mall:

  • Variety Galore: From trendy clothes and cool accessories to gadgets and even groceries, this mall has everything you could wish for.
  • Entertainment Delight: It’s not just about shopping. You can have loads of fun too! Al Jimi Mall offers entertainment options that will keep you smiling.
  • Foodie Paradise: You can enjoy flavorful meals in many cafes and dining spots.
  • Retail Park Bonus: Imagine having about ten big box stores right in the exterior retail park – talk about convenience!
  • Famous Stores: You’ll find awesome brands like Inglot, Brush, and Blush, along with a Carrefour Hypermarket and Centre Point department store.

Whether you’re in the spirit for retail therapy, tasty treats, or some good ol’ fun, this mall has everything. So, whether you’re a local or just passing by, take advantage of Al Jimi Mall’s excitement!

9. Shams Boutik Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Get ready to be astonished by the beauty and excitement of this mall in Abu Dhabi, located on Al Reem Island. This place is a true modern masterpiece, offering a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment that will blow you away. 

Here’s what makes this mall special:

  • Stunning Architecture: The mall’s design is breathtaking, showcasing modern architecture at its finest.
  • Quiet Ambiance: Unlike some busy malls, this one provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere while giving you all the necessary facilities.
  • Convenient Connection: It’s like a bridge connecting the Sun and Sky Towers – a perfect blend of convenience and elegance.
  • Fashion and Lifestyle: With local and international stores, you’ll find a wide range of fashion and lifestyle items.
  • Tasty Delights: If you’re a food lover, restaurants offer various cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.
  • Shams Boutik: Looking for a quiet spot with delicious food? Shams Boutik is the place for a peaceful evening and tasty meals.

Whether you’re here to shop, dine, or simply unwind, this mall on Al Reem Island has it all. Don’t miss out on the unique experience it has to offer!

10. Mazyad Mall

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

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Welcome to the Mazyad Mall, the first shopping hub in Mohammed Bin Zayed City! It’s also known as the “New Downtown” of Abu Dhabi. And there’s so much to discover here. 

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Pioneer in the City: Mazyad Mall is honored to be the first shopping complex in Mohammed Bin Zayed City. It’s a go-to spot for shopping and more!
  • Fashion and More: This place has everything from modern fashion stores to cozy bookshops and department stores. There’s something for everyone.
  • Lulu Department Store: Mazyad Mall is owned by LuLu Group International and even has its own Lulu Department Store.
  • Local Hangout: This mall is a favorite among locals. You’ll see people from the community coming here for business, leisure, and everything in between.
  • Banks Galore: If you’re into banking, you’re in luck. The mall is surrounded by local banks, making it convenient for your financial needs. And if you are using FAB bank, please read one of our helpful articles on how to check your FAB bank balance online. It will help you to shop for things you need and check your balance on time. 
  • Relaxing Atmosphere: While it might not have entertainment options like other malls, the restaurants and shopping experiences here make up for it.

Mazyad Mall is a hub of local life, business, and leisure. Whether you’re a shopper, a food lover, or looking for a laid-back spot, this mall covers you. Enjoy the unique charm of Abu Dhabi’s “New Downtown” and make the most of your visit!

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