The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is more than just a country of tall buildings and deserts. It’s a lively center for business, arts, and new ideas. If you live here or have come from another country, knowing how the mail system works is important. Why? Well, sending letters or packages, or even getting them, can be a breeze if you know the ins and outs. 

The UAE uses something called postal codes. These special codes help sort and deliver mail to the right places. Think of them as addresses for your mail. If you’re new to this or need clarification, don’t worry! This guide will help. We’ll break down the UAE’s postal codes and give you some handy tips to make things easier. Remember, every new place has its ways, and with some advice and knowledge, you’ll master the UAE’s mail system in no time!

About UAE Zip Code

UAE Zip Code

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When discussing postal codes, one might ask: What is a zip or postal code? A postal code is typically a series of digits or letters (and sometimes additional characters like spaces or hyphens) for sorting and collecting mail. In the context of the UAE, and Dubai in particular, the situation is a bit unique.

The general perception is that the United Arab Emirates has no zip code. However, if you ever need one, the postal or zip code to use is the 00000 code. This means that the Dubai postal code is simply five zeros.

But there’s a twist. Every building in Dubai has its unique identifier known as the Makani Number. This is in line with the UAE postal system’s approach. The Makani Number directs you to a specific house or building to ensure accurate mail delivery. If, for some reason, you need to include a Dubai zip code, you can simply write the five zeros. Here are some examples of these postal codes:

  • Bur Dubai postal: 00000
  • Deira Dubai postal: 00000
  • Al Nahda postal: 98623
  • Abu hail postal: 125212

Dubai Central Post Office

Dubai Central Post Office

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The Dubai Central Post Office plays a pivotal role in the region’s postal or zip code system. Instead of traditional postal codes, the emphasis is on using P.O. Box numbers for posts and business addresses. Companies or individuals can obtain a P.O. Box to receive their mail securely. The registration fee for this service is AED 70, with an annual cost of AED 300.

How to Obtain a Postal Number in the UAE?

While the Makani Number is unique to each building, many in Dubai prefer using a P.O. BOX over postal or zip codes. To get your own P.O. BOX number, you can:

  1. Apply online via the official website of Emirates Post.
  2. Alternatively, fill out the prescribed form at the Dubai central post office.
  3. Attach a copy of your passport and Emirates ID.
  4. Provide two passport-sized photos.

Postal and Zip Codes for Businesses in the UAE

Zip Codes for Businesses

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Since UAE doesn’t have a traditional postal or Zip Code, using the default 00000 as your zip is common when required. For companies like Amazon or AliExpress, what should they write? Here are some guidelines:

  • Start with the default zip 00000 for any location in the UAE.
  • You can write “N.A.” or leave the postal or zip code section blank.
  • Alternatively, use your UAE mobile number, starting with 05, as the postal code. This can be handy as the post center might call this number for delivery clarifications.
  • Always include the number for your area of origin to ensure accurate delivery.

The UAE Emirates and Their PO BOX Numbers

Each emirate in the UAE has its own unique P.O. Box number. Here are some of them:

  • Abu Dhabi:
    • P.O. Box 3838 or 111188
    • Collection location: Madinat Zayed CPO
  • Ajman:
    • P.O. Box 6263
    • Collection location: Al Bustan CPO
  • Al Ain:
    • P.O. Box 88888
    • Collection location: Central P.O.
  • Dubai, Bur Dubai:
    • P.O. Box 111311
    • Collection location: Karama CPO
  • Dubai, Deira:
    • P.O. Box 88878
    • Collection location: Deira Main P.O., Hor Al Anz East
  • Fujairah:
    • P.O. Box 3999
    • Collection location: Central P.O.
  • Ras Al Khaimah:
    • P.O. Box 30999
    • Collection location: Central P.O.
  • Sharjah:
    • P.O. Box 32223
    • Collection location: Central P.O.
  • Umm Al Quwain:
    • P.O. Box 660
    • Collection location: Al Ras CPO

Please note that these are public P.O. Boxes, which means anyone can use them for mail delivery to or in the UAE. If you plan to use any of these addresses, follow the correct address format and include your name as it appears on your Emirates I.D. or any valid I.D. you’ll use for collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Abu Dhabi Postal Code?

A: Just like Dubai, you can use “N.A.” or 00000 as your zip or postal code for Abu Dhabi.

Q: What is the Sharjah Postal Code?

A: In the UAE, no state has a specific postal or zip code. However, for Sharjah, you can use the five-digit code 00000.


While the United Arab Emirates doesn’t have traditional postal codes or zip codes, the system in place is efficient and easy to navigate. Whether you’re using the five zero-digit code (00000) or the unique Makani Number, the UAE postal system ensures timely and accurate mail delivery. For added convenience, consider applying for a PO BOX number, especially if you’re a business or a frequent recipient of mail and packages.

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